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Ultimate Omega 3-6-9 HealthyCare ชื่อสินค้า : Ultimate Omega 3-6-9 HealthyCare
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Ultimate Omega 3-6-9 200 softgel capsules
โอเมก้า 3-6-9 บำรุงผิวพรรณ บำรุงหัวใจ บำรุงข้อเข่า และบำรุงสมอง ยี่ห้อ Healthy Care ออสเตรเลีย

Healthy Care Ultimate Omega 3-6-9 combines Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids from a combination of Flaxseed, Evening primrose and Fish oils.
Assists in the relief of minor skin conditions and irritations.
Can be used in the management of dry skin.
Aids in the temporary relief of the pain of osteoarthritis.
Helps to reduce joint inflammation and swelling associated with arthritis.
Assists peripheral blood circulation to the hands, feet and legs.
Offers relief to the symptoms of eczema.
Provides relief of premenstrual symptoms.
Assists in the improvement of general well-being.

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                                    หรือ เมล์มาที่  :

Active Ingredient:
Each capsule contains:
Evening primrose oil                            333mg
     equiv. gamma-linolenic acid            33.3mg
Linseed oil (Flaxseed)                         333mg
     equiv. Oleic acid                            40mg
     equiv. Linoleic acid                         40mg
     equiv. Linolenic acid                       165mg
Fish oil (Natural)                                  333mg
     equiv. eicosapentaenoic acid           60mg
     equiv. docosahexaenoic acid           40mg
     equiv. omega-3 marine triglycerides 100mg
Does not contain added egg, milk, peanut, corn, tree nut, gluten, lactose, artificial colourings or flavourings

Suggested Dose:

Adults: For the management of psoriasis, dermatitis and dry skin and to help in the relief of symptoms of arthritis and premenstrual symptoms, take 3 capsules three times daily. 
For the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system, nervous system and brain function and to assist in the healing and repair of the skin, take 2 capsules 2-3 times daily.


Do not use if cap seal is broken.
Store Below 30oC.
If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.


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