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Product Name: Septifix

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Video Transcript:
Hello everyone my name is christopher and if you are in this video it is because you want to know more about the septifix tabs so you are in the right place before recording this video i did a lot of research in the market and verified several testimonials from consumers who buy this tabs So stay until the end of the video because i will give you super important guidelines before i start talking about what really matters i want to give you a super important warning if you are thinking of buying septifix never buy from unofficial websites i'm saying this because i know there are A lot of guys out there trying to sell this program on unofficial sites running the risk of the not consumer receive the access so to help you i left the link to the official website in the description of this video so what is septifix as the name indicates it is the Formulation made to fix the problems associated with the septic tank it is the simple and more accessible method discovered by richard v to help fix the septic tank problems through a solid environmentally safe and oxygen releasing formula the method is appropriate to solve every problem with the sewage when the user Flushes the septifix tablet into their tank this septifix formula is claimed as the easy way to solve the issues and make it run smoothly without worrying about the plumbing cost it also helps protect the environment by releasing 100 clean water free from harmful gases and pollutants from the tank The product doesn't possess any harsh chemicals does not involve special handling methods and is 100 percent safe to use the septifix tablet formulation is made of potent compounds that help offer expected results effectively and economically each tablet is 55 grams and the user can opt one three as per their choice and The tank's volume each septific solid dosage contains 14 strains of aerobic bacteria it means over 10 billion bacteria strains per gram oxygenation and ph regulating compounds are included with the strains which helps in boosting the good bacterial colonies inside the tank and allows them to stay sustained for up to 90 days There's something really important that you need to know before buying it you can actually test for 60 days and if you don't see results if you don't like it for any reason they will give you your money back think with me if they give you 60 days guarantee it means they guarantee that Their septifix tabs is very good and people probably don't ask for a refund i really hope this video helped you thank you for watching this video till the end and if you want to know more about the training just access the official website

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