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Hi friends how's it going I'm Malene today I'm here to help everyone out to have better hearing and better cognitive functions and I want to talk to you about core taxi core taxi is the supplement you need to get your hands on if you want to have better hearing Better cognitive functions think better focus more have better memory but most important of all regain your hearing and prevent hearing loss so stay right there let's talk about cortexy for a few minutes there is so much we have to talk about and I want to make sure that you Know everything about it I don't want you to lose your money I don't want you to be frustrated so if you are dealing with being a little bit deaf and you can't hear properly you have to learn more about cortexy okay guys um before you go ahead and purchase it From any place uh let me just tell you that it's only available for purchase on their very unofficial website so I got the link for you guys I left it here in the description box of this video so once you click there you'll be redirected straight to the official Website and you can learn a little bit more about core taxi over there if you want to as well but now let me just tell you that you know poor taxi it's a really cool supplement it comes in the liquid form and it comes with a little Glass dropper so you can either place it directly on your tongue or mix it into a huge glass of water but either way you know for taxi it's here to support your hearing regain your hearing and basically repair any damages that may be inflammation or toxins have caused your Hearing to come bad or completely vanish guys also if you um let's say maybe you're always having like some sort of earache like ear pain it could be because maybe your eardrum like has lost its elasticity and it might be facing some inflammation as well but that is how cortexy is going to Help you it will go straight to the root cause of any problem that your auditory system may be facing and it will fix it from the inside out so it's going to repair any internal damages and restore that so you're gonna regain your hearing hear better and also prevent future Hearing loss and about your cognitive functions it's very good because it's going to like strengthen your memory it will bring back like your sharpness mental acuity it will help you to focus more it will help you to basically you know uh be a sharp thinker that's what I Like to call it sharp thinkers like someone who when someone asks you a question you can answer right away without having to like think about it so cortex it brings you a lot of awesome benefits and it will help you with your immune system and give you more energy Levels as well so as I was saying you know Court taxi it's a liquid form and you have to take your treatment seriously once you do like begin to use it it's very important that you do so because you see core taxi it's natural so your body does need like a little bit Of time to adapt to it it will not give you results like overnight but making constant use of it you should start to see great results in no time that's why it's recommended that you begin with like three or six months treatment okay so some of the awesome ingredients You're going to get with cortexy is grape seed green tea maca root um chromium and all of these ingredients go together in creating this awesome formula that has absolutely no side effects and no contradictions so use it every day right do not interrupt your treatment And if you need a refund you are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee as well where you just like redirect yourself to the official website talk to customer service and they will help you get every single penny that you spent on your treatment back so that's how legit they are that's how Um confident you know they are that their formula is going to work as well and guys you don't need to worry about taking cortexy because it's FDA approved in a GMP certified facility so you're getting like the best of all qualities the best of all standards as well so What are you waiting for the official website is here check it out right now thanks for watching this video I hope you have enjoyed it take care and I will see you guys next time bye

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