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Hello welcome to the channel my name is Zane and if you are looking for solution to your problems with septic tanks that unpleasant smell in this video I will present you a solution that is number one in the market the septifix so I ask you to watch this video Until The End so as not to miss any important information what is the septifix septifix is a septic cleaning tablet that provides a new approach to residential and Commercial septic cleaning the tablets are available in tablets of 55 grams that carry about 14 different microorganisms they also have over 10 billion bacterial Strains that oxygenate and regulate the pH of the tank leaving it clean for about three months does septifix work and the answer is yes septifix tablets have been developed by experts who have invested in research to create the most effective formulation the tablets contain more than 10 billion Strains of bacteria per gram and oxygenation and pH regulating compounds that promote the growth of bacterial colonies in your septic tank the septifix tablet is available for purchase only on its official website on the official website you have the guarantee of an original product a warranty for 60 days This security is valid only on the official website to help you I will leave here in the description of this video the link to the official website how does septifix work when you flush three tablets of septifix into the toilet they dissolve in water releasing soda ash and about 10 liters Of oxygen per tablet oxygen spreads throughout the septic tank and reacts with waste compounds reducing them and eliminating odors sodium carbonate acts as a buffer in water maintaining pH balance finally live bacteria react with all other residues inside the tank including toilet paper grease and other compounds As a result they remove all waste and leave the tank clean and fresh in just three to five days its oxygen release technology makes septifix stand out from other septic tank treatments other treatments use anaerobic bacteria which can produce unpleasant odors and cause clogging septifix on the other hand uses live Aerobic bacteria that break down waste more efficiently and release oxygen which helps maintain a healthy septic tank environment septifix tablets have also been tested and proven effective in various scenarios large companies and the U.S government have used it in larger projects such as Lake cleaning in addition consumers who experienced Other septic tank treatments reported switching to septifix due to its Superior performance in conclusion septifix treatment tablets are a safe and effective solution for treating septic tanks a team of experts develop the tablets and proved to be effective in various scenarios its oxygen release technology and high concentration of live aerobic bacteria Make it the right choice to maintain a healthy septic tank environment no matter how you clean and maintain your septic tank and sewage system you may still need to spend more on repairs the monthly cost incurred in repairing the tanks due to clogging and corrosion can reach hundreds of dollars Therefore to avoid such stressful calculations switch to septifix and reduce your maintenance costs to about 50 percent septifix tablets are easy to use safe and clean your septic tank twice as fast as other alternatives you only need to throw one tablet into the toilet and allow the bacteria oxygen Releasing compounds and pH regulating compounds to keep your tank fresh and clean for the next three months I hope this video has helped you if you like this review leave your comments thank you and until the next video

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