A Nurse’s Review on GOLI Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies // Weight Loss & Clear Skin?!

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Hey guys and welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is marie and i'm so glad that you clicked on today's video today we are doing a review on the one and only goalie apple cider vinegar gummies goalie actually did send me this jar to try out for you guys This video is not sponsored by them but i did want to do a review on them everybody is talking about these everyone wants to know if they actually work so of course i had to make a video and share with you guys my thoughts and I think if i think they are really worth it if you like this video please don't forget to give it a big thumbs up and of course subscribe to my channel to see all my future videos i do post twice a week on mondays and on thursdays And i post so many different videos all on health and wellness so if you are interested in knowing my review on goalie apple cider vinegar gummies then just go ahead and keep on watching let's start off by explaining to you what is apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar is made by Fermenting the sugar from the apples and what's really important is that when you are going to be purchasing this you want to make sure that it is written with the mother the mother consists of strands of enzymes protein and good bacteria which is really good for your gut health and just Your overall digestive system so the mother is that thing at the bottom of the bottle that has a murky appearance i know it might not look very appetizing but that is where all the health benefits are at common dosage of apple cider vinegar ranges from one to two tablespoons every single Day and you can just you know use that when you're cooking or you can just have it with some water now the thing is that it really doesn't taste good i mean just think of it it's vinegar so a couple years back i used to have a shot of apple cider vinegar with Water every single morning and i just stopped doing it because of the taste even though i knew i was getting those healthy benefits it just didn't become worth it for me because it started to become a little bit of torture drinking that every single morning it's just i I just did not like it i was just not a fan so i was so excited when goalie did come out with these gummies because that meant that i can have that dosage of apple cider vinegar without having that strong taste of the vinegar when you take these gummies you are tasting The apple and not the vinegar of course every single gummy does have one gram of sugar which does help you know make it a little bit of sweet but i mean it's one gram one gram will not hurt so two gummies equals one shot of apple cider vinegar So what i like to do is i will take two in the morning and then two at night you can take up to six of these per day i have been taking them religiously i don't know if you can tell like it was up to here it is down to here now Now i'll explain to you what are the benefits of taking apple cider vinegar and after that i'll give you guys my final review and let you know if i really did see a difference taking these and if i do recommend it to you guys so the first one is that the vinegar can Help kill bacteria i'm sure you have already heard of people using vinegar when cleaning their floors and that is because vinegar is just a natural disinfectant so why this is so good for you is that it will kill those bad bacterias in your gut so then you will be left with more good Bacteria than bad bacteria which promotes good gut health i have spoken to you guys here on my channel so much about gut health and why it is just so important to me i actually did make a full video on it so make sure to go ahead and check that out I will have it linked in the description box below that is just the biggest reason why i do love taking apple cider vinegar another reason so many people take apple cider vinegar is that it improves the insulin sensitivity and helps lower the blood sugar which has been proven to help With diabetes and high blood pressure now i don't have those two things but it's always good to take something that will help prevent them and of course i do eat very healthy on a daily basis so this is just like a little boost that will help prevent those even more Now why i'm more interested in this is the fact that it does lower that blood sugar that will help increase the feeling of being full which can lead to you um eating fewer calories in the day that is why you have heard so many times how taking apple cider Vinegar can help you lose weight now do not expect to take feeds and lose 20 pounds in a couple of weeks that is just not going to happen what this will help you do in order to lose weight is taking these you will notice how you are just less hungry during the day And i'll just say this right away that is one thing that i did notice the most out of all the benefits that it does offer i did notice that when i was taking these i was less hungry during the day so i do take these in the morning And normally i do have breakfast at around 10 30 11 and i started having breakfast at around 11 30 and even past 12 sometimes now no since taking these i have not lost 20 pounds and i knew that would happen already because there is no quick fix when it Does come to losing weight you really need to be patient and consistent with it but i won't speak too much about that in today's video because i have just made so many here on my channel on that well one thing i can tell you is that it is a myth that taking apple Cider vinegar will make you lose weight another benefit is that taking apple cider vinegar will help improve your skin quality and that is because of the disinfectant properties that it does have because apple cider vinegar is naturally acidic it can help improve the skin barrier and prevent Infections which is how you do get breakouts is when there's just so much bacteria on your skin which causes you to break out now this is something that more studies need to be done on they haven't been able to fully prove that it is just something that people have Noticed is that their skin quality is better now i must say that since taking this two weeks ago i have not been having new breakouts but that's also because my time of the month also passed when i started taking these so it could also just be related to that So i'm not able to tell you if that is true for me so now for my official review yes i do recommend taking these just because of those gut health benefits that these do offer you i would not suggest taking these if you think that you are going to lose weight Because that is just not going to happen it can help you out because it will help you know lower your appetite throughout the day which will make you consume less calories so for that yes it will help you but if you're planning on getting this and trying to lose weight Within a couple weeks that is just not going to happen and what's great is that you don't have to take those shots that i just really don't like i honestly loved taking apple cider vinegar back in the day but i just had to stop because of how not a fan i Was of the taste so i'm just so glad that goalie did come out with these gummies because now i can really get those benefits if you look at the nutrition facts you will also see that there is folic acid and vitamin b12 in every gummy which is also amazing and Those things alone have their own healthy benefits that i won't get too into but yeah if you are interested in these gummies i do have a coupon code that will get you five percent off if you do want to try them out um it is marie c5 and i will have a link Down below that will take you right to them last thing that i will quickly mention is that they are gluten free vegan non-gmo organic and unfiltered what is which is just amazing so that's it for today's video i really hope it helped you out and maybe cleared your mind on what is Apple cider vinegar and if the things that people say about them is true like this video if you did enjoy it and let me know in the comments below if you have ever tried apple cider vinegar gummies or if you are still taking those shots every morning i am really interested to know Subscribe to my channel to see all my future videos and that's it thank you so much for watching and i'll just catch you guys in the next one Bye You

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