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Foreign Community today I'm back with Dr Chris every day we get tons of reviews and some of my favorite ones are from nurses and doctors and surgeons everybody in the medical field so we brought Dr Chris on to actually talk with him more specifically about the ingredients and whatnot So welcome in thank you thank you for having me yeah can you just talk a little bit about you know your background and whatnot yeah so I'm a doctor of Pharmacy I published researcher focusing on infectious disease rapid Diagnostics all kinds of fun things and I I also design products Like this I did not design this one I was just brought on to review how well they did and they knocked it out of the park awesome one quick question is just out of curiosity how much does it cost to become a doctor too much that's it yeah yeah more than You'll be able to pay back over four to eight years after you're out of school gotcha that's what I figured yeah everybody thinks doctors just make a killing nope it's all student loan debt so yeah we created you know the early bird morning cocktail kind of be a cheat Code to waking up early so I was wondering if you could explain just like why is waking up in the morning so freaking hard most people just don't get enough sleep like that's that's what it boils down to um if you're if you're in a good routine And you go to bed at the same time you wake up at the same time then waking up will suck for those first two weeks but as soon as it is a habit as soon as it's a routine then it gets a whole lot easier most people these days are always On society we just can't do it and it's impacting everything from you know just errors that we're making while we're at work because of our inability to focus to our immune function we're getting sick more often we're missing days at work so not only can't we not focused at Work but we're not even in the office when we need to be and so one of the things we we focus on with early bird morning cocktail is you know the hydration side of things yeah we wake up super dehydrated so again can you explain like why are electrolytes so Important and are they even more important in the morning yeah so what's happening is uh it takes a very small amount of weight loss due to water loss to start impacting your cognitive function it's pretty well researched typically in the military a lot of the Stuff came out of the UK and then the US started looking at it and we realized that people were just making errors they just weren't able to function at that peak level that we wanted right it is going to be bad in the morning because what's happening while you're sleeping Are you drinking do you have any water going into your system no but you it is still needed for all the metabolic processes that are going on so if we wake up partially dehydrated gotcha awesome and is there a certain Electro electrolytes that you think are more important than others or what electrites Would you recommend that are imperative for somebody yes so sodium potassium and calcium are going to be the the top three that I would recommend and the one that can be um worrisome is going to be potassium when people do supplement it they typically do too much right I've Reviewed what you guys have in there you guys have a perfect amount in there but you know in today's society everybody thinks more is better uh this is just the right amount gotcha it's a Goldilocks awesome yeah so I like to hear so um one of the uh key ingredients I think You know when we're formulating that when we were testing I really kind of fell in love with was ashwagandha yes um so can you talk about like what is ashwagando what is its primary benefits and um one of the things that you know we kind of went down the rabbit hole of is The different forms of ashwagandha that's when we kind of settled on KSM 66 yep so if you could talk about that a little bit yeah absolutely so ashwagandha if you read 10 articles it's going to tell you 10 different things it does it does a little bit of everything But the most important thing is it helps modulate your stress response it helps normalize cortisol levels the way that I like explaining it to people the simplest way is if you're driving into work on Monday you're you get cut off you're like okay you know it's part of life Tuesday Oh I am not happy by Wednesday you're you know hitting the steering wheel you're yelling at the person and that is not a normal stress response now one day after you had the entire weekend to kind of recharge and reset then you have that stress response on Monday ashwagandha Who have consistent use is a way to maintain that throughout every day gotcha I love the analogies yeah yeah I try I was going to be a teacher so it's uh you gotta you gotta connect with this yeah that's the only way I can figure things out especially when we're talking Kind of science stuff yeah yeah so it's I mean in KSM 66 specifically is one of the best forms there are a handful of patented trademark forms and that doesn't mean it's a bad thing right A lot of people say oh it's patented big Pharma and no what that means is that There is a reliable supply chain where you get exactly what you expect 100 of the time and it's standardized you're not going to take KSM 66 one day and you're going to feel great and the next day it's completely off which is what can happen with a lot of ingredients That don't have that little TM up in the corner that's it cool yeah they're standardized it's cool I mean just kind of lose question you know if you're looking at our formula what ingredients kind of stand out to you is like most beneficial and what you would uh what You kind of are surprised by I guess so the the KSM 66 was one of my favorites right that's just in and of itself it helps with a little bit of everything not only the stress side of things and it's going to balance out any stimulants That are in here but I really like the fact that you guys include a tiracy right here so tier seen is an amino acid it's the precursor to catecholamines which are uh adrenaline right that's how everybody looks at it so the thing that turns into adrenaline in your body is Tyrosine and if you take caffeine which just has a decent amount of caffeine a healthy amount of caffeine in it you can deplete that and that's something that a lot of people don't think about so long term people end up with adrenal fatigue and all these other things you're Getting the building block so that you never run out of that Supply it's it's genius awesome yeah love that all right and then the other one that I really love that's in here is going to be elf theanine so l-theanine is it I mean it comes from tea it's natural and This is one that actually had to go through the whole grass process and for anybody who doesn't know it's the fda's way of uh approving but not approving supplements so it is one of the first ones that had to go through this lengthy thing to prove that not only did It work but it was also incredibly safe so I love the Indian as an ingredient and what it does is it doesn't relax you like a normal sedative or anything like that um it gets in you have a gas pedal in your brain and it just gets under the Gas pedal so that you can't push it all the way down to the floor so when you should be just jittery or or something like that you're just if you have to let's say you drink five of these you're going to be a little jittery yeah Anybody is but the theanine is going to be in there to help balance it out and keep you know a steady hand and not make you a thing so for people that are even you know that are watching this that never have been able to take caffeine Because of you know Jitters and the side effects if they combine it without theanine that might be a option for them it could be an option that could be the thing that allows them to enjoy caffeine like the other 50 of the world gotcha awesome so I guess what's your just Overall opinion on coffee versus energy drinks versus the morning cocktail so I I have an unpopular opinion I'm not a big fan of top I really am not because it's it's not consistent one cup of coffee is supposed to have 90 milligrams of caffeine then the next one that I get Might have 150s one after that might have 200 so I'm not a fan I do like vanilla chai lattes they're delicious especially when it's cold outside I like a warm one but that's that's pretty much where I draw the line energy drinks um I don't I don't think we say names no you Can say names okay yeah for sure call them out oh so bang is the absolute worst they're in a bit of trouble now as well um but bang energy I tried one when I was studying for bone marrow transplant for oncology and I was seeing White like in in the corners of my eyes it was too much caffeine in something that tasted like candy so they got the taste down they overdid it though something like that a horrible experience so I avoided caffeine for a very long time until I started just Taking it in capsule form caffeine with the Indian to help balance it out now I've tried this again I I didn't Design This I had no input on any of the formula I've tried this and I drink it most mornings now it tastes delicious so it tastes better than coffee it has a Similar function but it's improved on traditional coffee so I'm a fan plus the hydration piece awesome appreciate that awesome if you want to check out the early bird morning cocktail right now if you join today you can get a 45 serving tub our cocktail shaker cup for free Free shipping and our eBook The Early Bird morning routine also pretty um so yeah go to clubreliber.com or click the link below peace I also love the orange when you wake up in the morning you're super dehydrated you lose over a pound of water overnight this Makes it super hard to wake up in the morning we've always wanted that ability to easily wake up early and get it done the early bird morning cocktail is your secret to waking up early and being Ultra productive setting you up for a kick-ass day

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