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Hey y'all so real quick yesterday I mentioned some apple cider vinegar gummies that I take when I don't have time or when I don't feel like doing the apple cider vinegar although that apple juice mixed with cider vinegar very good but these are the ones I take this is Goalie goalie goalie I don't know how you properly say it but that's how I say it goalie I mean this apple cider vinegar does include the mother these are gummies they are 100% vegan and gluten-free organic non-gmo all that stuff it is just a little gummy I'll Show y'all real quick hold on cuz I need to take some anyway how they look I take two of them and you can take two at a time they like this you take it twice a day if you want to or you just take it once a day it's equivalent it like if You were taking a shot apple cider vinegar but you can do this on the go okay turn an igloo mmm mmm it's like candy got a look sweetness but I like just a little bit of sourness I mean it like that you know the apple cider vinegar get you In the chest but that's what I say so look like 1999 for 60 of them my last you a month I'll be checking it you know twice - up to a day for 30 day so yeah apple cider vinegar gummy you can use my link they give me a discount like 5% and Use my promo code alright very good now go about your business have a good day but baby even if you can't have a good don't you dare go messing up nobody else's here talk to you later back

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