Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies – Easy Fat Loss Or A Scam?

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Acv you know i love it you know it has a ton of health benefits like improving blood glucose control insulin resistance reducing visceral fat improving safety and more but a lot of people ask me hey what about acv gummies and acv pills do those work just as good and that's a Really really good question so in this video we're going to talk about it and i'm going to answer that for you so let's get started so the short answer is no acv gummies and acv pills just don't have the same benefits not even close really to apple Cider vinegar in liquid form even to other fermented vinegars like red wine vinegar one of the biggest benefits of apple cider vinegar is that it reduces your overall blood glucose levels in fact multiple trials have been done comparing the effects of insulin resistance and blood glucose levels and ultimately those just confirmed again And again that vinegar pills are not as effective and that still held true even when the acidic acid levels of the apple cider vinegar pills exceeded that of the liquid apple cider vinegar now there was a little bit more effectiveness if you took those pills and you crushed them And diluted them in water but still they weren't as effective as just regular old liquid apple cider vinegar so my thought on apple cider vinegar pills is really just save your money and get the apple cider vinegar in liquid form and actually when you consume apple cider Vinegar with the mother not only do you get the acidic acid that is in the most effective form you also get a ton of micronutrients and powerful antioxidants and that has a ton of health benefits so now you might be thinking okay well that's just apple cider vinegar pills What about acv gummies will those be as effective all these health companies say that they're really good for you and they're just as good well i looked into acv gummies because i considered making them for cleanish because i thought some people really don't like the taste of Apple cider vinegar and gummies might be a better option for them but unfortunately it's just not as good either most acv gummies are loaded with artificial sugars and added sugars so first off that's not gonna make them work any better than the pills and there actually hasn't been any trials done Looking at the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar gummies they just haven't been done so anytime you see that grab these acv gummies they're just as good those are not based in science at all when you think about it it's really just the same processed pill that isn't as Effective as acv put into a gummy form with added sugars you're actually undercutting the effectiveness of acv so adding something that has added sugar into your diet to try to get acv to reduce the blood glucose levels when you're actually increasing your blood glucose levels is really not an Effective way to do it and on top of that apple cider vinegar is pretty cheap especially when you compare it to acv gummies in order to market them better manufacturers are adding other ingredients and additives like b vitamins minerals beet root and pomegranate powder etc and while that Might help them boost their marketing and make it seem more appealing it's really not doing much of a benefit for you so for vitamins and minerals if you're already following a cleanish diet that's rich in whole foods and lean proteins you're already getting the vitamins and minerals that your body Needs so adding in those in supplement form is kind of a waste of money and unnecessary and can either be harmful if you overdo it or your body just won't use it and so it'll excrete it if you are looking to add in vitamins and minerals into your diet i recommend Seeing a doctor seeing what you might be low in so you can actually attack that intentionally rather than just randomly adding in new vitamins and minerals because of a marketing scheme ultimately we want your body to function optimally and so we want to make sure it's unique To you and what you need and so i know a lot of those acv gummies are touting that they have those added benefits with the beetroot and the pomegranate powders and such but the amounts that are getting added into the acv gummies are in such small portions that it actually Doesn't have an effect on your body and then on top of that you have that added processing which is probably going to remove even extra benefits you're going to get from it so overall i'm sorry to disappoint but those acv gummies are just not a good choice so where do we go From here if you absolutely hate the taste of apple cider vinegar even when it's diluted with water even if you have to add some raw honey to it i recommend just maybe adding it to a salad dressing mixing it with some olive oil slowly incorporating it throughout the day just Overall getting a maximum of about two tablespoons in the day is completely fine it does not have to be in a drink that you hate every day that's not part of a healthy lifestyle that you're going to enjoy also i want to talk about acv as a miracle food so if you're expecting Acv to be a magic bullet if you have a sedentary lifestyle if you're eating ultra processed foods it really isn't going to neutralize all of the negative effects that that's causing it's just an additional part of an overall healthy lifestyle and there are so many benefits that you'll also see from cutting out Those really processed foods which you can see in my video on what happens when you stop eating processed foods if you have any questions let me know below if you're looking for some help on how to start eating whole foods and how to incorporate more of that into your diet Check out my 30-day healthy plan which has it all laid out for you with meal plans and a daily email to get you started and i will see you in the next video

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