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Hey you guys it's Shruti welcome back to live like louvers today we are doing a quick product review again for you guys but before that if you are new to this channel my name is Shruti I make travel excellent dance content over here if you like it make sure that you subscribe to My channel hit that Bell icon so you do not miss out any of my content so let's get into this without any further Ado so we all have problems like digestion and we sometimes lose a lot of weight or we sometimes gain a lot of weight due to Junk food or many other causes as well and it all happens due to what we eat and what we intake in our body and also sometimes our body does not feel that the detox they have a lot of ups and downs in our health as well so do cure Or to really uh reduce this problems in a better way we are here with satin ACV gummies if you don't know about Saturn Saturn is India's number one Healthcare and well-being for women so if you see the packaging of a CV gummies is so cool I really like the pastel color which They have used on the bottle and this ACV gummies are known as apple cider vinegar gummies and it has five percent acetic acid in it and it is also having my favorite flavor that is cranberry in it and it comes with a quantity of 30 Supplements and if I say that it has a good benefit of detoxifying your body you can really have a good healthy weight loss and also improve your metabolism and it relieves bloating so this curves your hunger pumps as well these ACV gummies have vitamins in it which improves the metabolism and Immunity and it is vegan friendly I'll see ACB gummies really helps to better control your diet and digestion it aids in reducing your appetite ACV gummies also helps in balancing your and it improves your gut health have to take one gummy a day for a good result and you all know that consistency Is the key so it says that it is for the healthy gut and weight loss which is written here at the front side of the bottle okay and it is purely Made in India and it is vegetarian so all can really have these gummies in their bags Gummies are approved by fssai and also it is allergen free and and let's open this bottle so this is how the packaging looks like it is closed from outside and this is their lid let's open this so if you see the gummies are packed like this I have seen this for the first Time that gummies comes with such packaging as well inside the bottle and I really like the uh idea behind it that the gummies do not stick with each other and we can have it like just putting our hands inside like this and our hands also don't get sticky at the end so if You want to order this satin ACV Guppies you just have to go on this website and don't forget to use my coupon code for a special discount so what are you waiting for go grab your ACV gummies now so if this video was knowledgeable for you do Hit a like button and share it with any person who really wants these kind of gummies in their Lifestyles and comment down below if you want such videos more children keep proving keep dancing and stay safe signing off bye Thank you

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