Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies vs. Liquid | One is Better For Weight Loss?

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Apple cider vinegar versus apple cider vinegar pills do they actually do the same thing and do you get the same benefits from the pills as the apple cider vinegar itself I'm going to be giving you all that information in today's video alright guys if you need My channel and you don't know who I am my name is autumn and I'm a certified clinical nutritionist with my master's nutrition human performance on my channel I'm typically talking about the science back and holistic methods that you can use in order to feel amazing again and part of that is making sure That the supplements you use actually works now I've talked about how apple cider vinegar in general can have some really amazing benefits and in fact there's a lot of really great study benefits of apple cider vinegar itself one of the main ones is that it's really great for blood glucose control in fact A meta-analysis which is basically a type of study that reviews a ton of studies found that apple cider vinegar is actually effective at lowering postprandial meaning after eating blood glucose but why does that even matter high post prandial blood glucose so high blood glucose after eating a meal is Typically an early sign of type-2 diabetes it can essentially mean that your body isn't effectively storing the glucose that you have in your blood supply now this is why you've probably seen some articles about apple cider vinegar being really great for helping with diabetes mainly because this bug Glucose control point and a lower post prandial blood glucose will also result in a lower insulin which is the storing hormone so weight loss is a concern that's where it's been hypothesized that apple cider vinegar can actually be really helpful for that as well because when insulin levels are high but is Going to mean that your and more that storing mode and shift it out of fat-burning rather when insulin is lower it allows your body to tap more effectively into fat-burning mechanisms nots a meta-analysis also found that apple cider vinegar is really helpful for it's really helpful for insulin Reduction so like I mentioned decreased blood glucose means that you have less insulin that needs to be secreted and as a result not only could that help with insulin resistance and any issues with hyperinsulinemia aka high insulin but it also could help with those weight loss Goals too and of course this all leads to the fact that if you can address insulin and blood glucose oh you can also address weight loss now there's actually study that use 30 milliliters of apple cider vinegar as one of the test groups versus those just following The same diet as the test group but - a CD that study actually found that the test group with the apple cider addition lost more weight at decreased body fat percentage and even how to improve cardiovascular disease risk factors such as triglycerides and even cholesterol levels the likely reason for Why this happened again is probably because that lowered postprandial blood glucose level and lowered insulin at least in regards to the weight loss and for the lower triglycerides those are formed through carbohydrate consumption and higher amounts of carbohydrates so if you're able to lower your blood Glucose and that could lead to a lower triglyceride - and specifically apple cider vinegar can be really great to use in conjunction with intermittent fasting especially because with intermittent fasting one of the main goals of that is to improve insulin sensitivity and that's one of the main things that apple Cider vinegar has been studied to do with that in mind it's only natural to want to combine these two in order to compound those results now those studies are done on apple cider vinegar itself not the pill form so meaning like the actual liquid form of apple cider Vinegar such as this so the question comes in what about the pills or the supplements now I've seen these in capsules I've even recently seen them come up in gummies form and when I asked you guys about this on Instagram and YouTube you guys told me that the gummy Form is something that you have repeatedly seen - so do they work as well and the truth of that matter we don't know all the studies that have been done to promote the health benefits of apple cider vinegar and all those amazing traits that I talked about earlier are done with apple cider Vinegar itself not the pills so this is kind of a Wild West when it comes to you apple cider vinegar pills and if you look at the microbiology and the biochemistry the form really matters now to give an example on this apple cider vinegar has also been found to be a Great antimicrobial the vinegar and if a microbe is essentially absorbed in this environment as it would be with the apple cider vinegar it completely changes the atmosphere for that microbe and can make it so that it's completely inhabitable and kill off that microbe which is probably what's happening for Why apple cider vinegar does help with that however with the supplement or the pill form of apple cider vinegar it won't have that same medium of being surrounded by that apple cider vinegar and therefore the outcome could be and very likely is completely different to put this into perspective it's sort of Like you being in a pool completely submerged by water versus being completely surrounded by a bunch of water bottles yeah might not be a comfortable experience being surrounded by a bunch of water bottles but you'll be able to breathe versus being underwater you can't now there's no real research That shows that the supplements actually are helpful or even have the same benefits as the apple cider vinegar itself doesn't mean that it has no benefit but it also doesn't mean that it does have the benefit we just don't know I think it's a little shady for Different companies to say that has the same benefit because it's not it's a completely different product plus the supplement version is way more expensive I mean 132 ounce of apple cider vinegar is going to be about six dollars and because you really only need one to two Tablespoons a day this could last you a couple months whereas one month's worth of these supplements could range between eight to twenty dollars for just one month and again that's without the studies actually proving that it's going to work the same way as the apple cider vinegar itself now if you use apple Cider vinegar I recommend just being state and going with the apple cider vinegar itself diluting it with water about one to two tablespoons at most is all you really need so you could do one to two tablespoons with eight ounces or more of water I've even had aimed peeps Say that they dilute it with sparkling water which makes it taste sort of like a kombucha and you could even work your way up by even just starting with a teaspoon and then going up from there especially if the taste is something that you don't love but you want to get The benefits of the apple cider vinegar and regarding the supplements because of the lack of research and because of the cost of those unstudied supplements I wouldn't necessarily recommend it I highly recommend that you guys check out my original video on apple cider vinegar and intermittent fasting right here also If you're doing in my channel and you love this science fact information on how you can feel amazing again make sure you subscribe right here come on new videos every Tuesday and Thursday hey guys thanks so much for tuning in and I'll see you my next video

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