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Apple cider vinegar gummies weightloss apple cider vinegar gummies are receiving a great deal of attention as the hot new weight-loss product a lot of money is being spent on marketing to convince buyers they are safe tasty and effective however are these claims actually true in this video we look at The scientific evidence to assess whether apple cider vinegar gummies really are safe and effective what are apple cider vinegar gummies apple cider vinegar in liquid form has long been used as a health supplement however taking even a sip of the liquid tastes extremely sharp and bitter apple Cider vinegar gummies take the same key ingredients and dehydrate it the resulting powder is used to create sweet flavored gummies the theory being that you will receive all the health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar who without burning your throat are they effective for weight loss to answer this We need to look at the proven properties of apple cider vinegar according to medical researchers it's the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar that allows people to lose weight the theory is that it can prevent fat deposits from forming in the body and improve metabolism which speeds fat burning this was reinforced By a small Japanese study which showed that participants who consumed apple cider vinegar daily have lower body rate visceral fat and waist circumference after 12 weeks than those who did not the same study also showed apple cider vinegar could lower your risk of heart disease by bringing down triglyceride Levels several small studies have linked apple cider vinegar to improve blood sugar control and lower insulin levels so we can see that there is some evidence for apple cider vinegars effectiveness in promoting health and controlling weight are the gummy safe to take here's where you need to be Cautious all of the studies done on apple cider vinegar so far have only studied the liquid so no one knows at this point if the gummies are effective what's more because apple cider vinegar liquid comes under the food and beverage category it is strictly regulated for safety by National Health bodies however The gummies are considered health supplements which exist in a gray legal area and are not regulated we simply have no idea what the gummies can or cannot do or whether they actually contain the amount of ingredients that is listed on the container what's the bottom line it's tempting to believe that losing Weight is as simple as popping a few nice tasting supplements but in reality there is no magic pill because apple cider vinegar gummies are unregulated they cannot be recommended at this time if you still want to try apple cider vinegar then the liquid form is the safe and potentially more effective option if You liked this video please subscribe to better days where we deliver fun and informative videos that help you become the best version of you till next time have a great day

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