Apple Cider Vinegar VS Goli ACV Gummies Review

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In this video I'm gonna be comparing apple cider vinegar to the bully apple cider vinegar coming hey guys welcome back to my channel I just want to start off by saying that all of these are just my opinions I'm not a dietitian or anything I'm not recommending that you Take these I've been drinking apple cider vinegar consistently for about the last three years and I've seen really great benefits from it so I was just excited to try the goalie gummies because they've been popping up everywhere so I just was intrigued and I wanted to see if they would be similar To just having the og apple cider vinegar so the first thing I was curious about was the taste so when I first started thinking the vinegar I did not like the taste at all but after about a week I actually started to like it and Got used to it and now I actually crave it and if they go Lee gummies when I first tried them the taste was really awful honestly but then kind of like the same thing with the vinegar I started to like it and now I don't mind the taste Of them so that's just something to consider maybe it's like that you have to use your palate has to get used to the taste of it I didn't does have vinegar in so it's a little tart the Gauley gummies do have other ingredients in them like beetroot pomegranate carrot Apple so there is you know a different taste to it than just having the vinegar so if you've tasted the vinegar itself and you just cannot stand it you even if you try it with lemon or something you cannot stand it maybe like I mean it Would be a good option for you so the next thing I wanted to compare was the ingredients apple cider vinegar is just classic there's nothing else in it of course it has you want to get the one with the mother because it has the prebiotics that's like the main benefit From it and I like the vinegar because it has zero calories so if I'm intermittent fasting it I can drink it in the morning and it won't break my fast so that's like a main plus for me the goalie gummies that do have other ingredients they do have sugar in them So if that's something that it's important to you might want to consider that and it has carrot-apple be pomegranate like I was saying and a few other things so and they do have 15 calories per one gummy so you need two gummies to have a serving of apple cider Vinegar so the next thing I wanted to consider it was the price I just got this new bottle of apple cider vinegar for six dollars and I just drink a capful every day so this lasts me a really long time and you can use this in salad dressings and Other cooking things so I think it's obviously a really good value for six dollars and then the gummies are $19 and you get sixty gummies and you want to take two person per day for a serving and so you know of course you have other ingredients it is in a more convenient Way to consume it though and it's all organic so you know that does add to the price so if that's something for you to consider as well the next thing I wanted to consider is convenience of course I've been drinking the vinegar for a few Years like I said so now I'm just in the habit of having it first thing in the morning but let's say I forgot to in the morning or something and I really wanted to take it I could have the gummies in my locker to have with me the bottle is A little big to like carry around with you but I think that's like the main benefit that I really enjoy these before is that I can keep them at work in my locker or something like that or like if you wanted to maybe like your gym bag I don't know So it is nice that they're coming coming for him so I think that they work the same the main benefit I see from the apple cider vinegar is that it helps with my sugar cravings throughout the day and with my appetite and with the gummies I get the same benefit but I Feel like the I personally find it more effective to drink the apple cider vinegar so I can really only speak on those benefits even though there are so many other better - apple cider vinegar I just know tried-and-true that's like the main reason I like to drink it is because it Helps with my sugar cravings and of course with weight loss so as far as the other benefits I'm not sure exactly if the goalie gummies compare I've also only had one bottle so I'm not sure it's a you know long term or anything um I don't know how well they would help with Sugar if they do help with sugar cravings I think my theory behind that is that there is sugar already in them and I feel like when I have sugar I tend to crave sugar more so my final thoughts um what I personally will be repurchasing as the apple cider vinegar I have a few gummies left so you know I'm gonna finish this bottle and I might repurchase a bottle to keep in my locker because I do would like that convenience but it is you know about $20 with shipping and everything so it's like this is so much better i think i think Overall - like for the ingredients just like the classic apple cider vinegar and there's sugar in the gummies so let me know your thoughts on how the two products compare and which one you will probably try or if you've tried both in which one you prefer as well i'll give The video like if you got any value or if it was helpful to you and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos like this bye

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