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Good afternoon friends how are you guys doing today welcome to this video review my name is Elaine and guess what today I want to talk to you about your hearing like you know what's going on in there are you hearing properly are you suffering with hearing loss either way You know today I want to talk to you actually about the supplemental cortexy um core taxi brings you a lot of benefits it really takes care of your whole hearing but there's like so much more to it so stay right there watch this video Until the End because there's So much you guys have to know about cortexy okay and I want you to fully understand what you're getting yourselves into so before you purchase like before you even think about using it just make sure you listen up guys because there's so much you need to know And also if you want to purchase it I'm going to leave cortaxi's official website just here below this video in the description box okay like that's the only place on the internet you have to go to get it so just make sure that's very very clear in your minds now Court Taxi um you know this is a supplement that is like green like it's natural it has absolutely no chemical compounds in it what makes it so safe and it's really great because it comes in a liquid form with a little glass dropper so you're going to either like place it directly On your tongue or you're going to mix it with water or tea or coffee either way you know but basically saying like core taxi it will go straight to the root cause of your hearing problem so if you can't hear people properly and it's so annoying because you have to be like What I can't hear you you know um like if you're facing hearing loss and it's so sad because you can't hear the voice of your loved ones properly and you can't like you know understand what they're saying it's fine guys don't worry about that anymore cortexy has got You covered so poor taxi it will go basically to end to the root of any inflammation any damages that might be going on in there and it will fix it from the inside out so it's going to cut the inflammation off cleanse it out you know detoxify your whole ear and start Repairing the tissues you know repairing everything and regain your hearing and then it's going to help you prevent any future hearing loss secret actually has a lot of great benefits right and you know what it's also going to help you with your cognitive abilities like I'm pointing here because that's where the Nervous system is but um it's going to help you have better focus more mental Clarity and remember things like you're going to be able to remember things you did in the past so think about that how awesome it is that you're going to be able to hear properly and remember Things more not to mention guys that you know you're going to have more immune system more energy levels so core taxi gives you a lot of great benefits and all of that in a liquid that is natural so isn't that just awesome like what is technology nowadays right guys Um you have to remember to be committed to cortexy so you have to use it every day make sure you just remember to take your treatment seriously be determined because the results that you're going to get out of it if you do your treatment correctly are simply astonishing like They are fantastic a lot of people are using cortexy and they're pointing out that this is the legit supplement to help you regain your hearing okay and if you need a refund Court taxi offers you a whole 60 day money back guarantee so what are you waiting for you know visit The official website learn more about it and make your very own purchase okay but for now that's what I wanted to share with you guys thanks for watching this video I hope you have enjoyed it I will see you beautiful people next time bye oh and if you have any questions or Doubts leave them in the comments below for me to help you out okay see you guys bye

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