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Hi guys welcome to this video my name is Larissa and I'm here today to talk about court taxi before you actually buy this product so stay with me if you want to know how is the treatment what are the ingredients few alerts and much more I promise I'm gonna be really brief with This video uh so watch until the end I'm gonna give you really important uh information in here and let's start okay so let's start off the most important thing it's where you're gonna find core taxi to purchase keep in mind there is only one place that sells this product Today which is the official website so to help you out guys I'm leaving the link under the description of my video this is important it may seem silly but when you're trying to find the official website you can maybe mislead uh by other websites that are trying to look Alike the official one this is why I left here to make your life easy you click there and go directly second thing is because I want you to purchase and to be in a safe environment because you may purchase in another website and you won't have the guarantee that whatever Is inside it's what have been sold by the producer the producer has an authorization to sell this product by FDA facility which makes this product be okay to be sold so if you buy it from another seller that is not authorized you cannot guarantee that you can get a Product that would be maybe a placebo and frustrate yourself because you're so focused and uh have improvements in your life and you won't get any results you may not get this product in your home also getting frustrated and the worst thing that can happen is that maybe there's something inside of this product That can harm your body so just be careful with that okay also an official website you can see uh uh truly reviews you can see bonus and promos that they are offering and you also have the return policy that I'm gonna tell you at the end of this video okay so let's go To the point because I know if you click in this video you were suffering with hearing problems and you are tired you need your ears to rest and cortex is something that you've never seen before in the market uh it's a 360 year support and more than that it's an all-day Energy helper cortexy has not even one single complaint everybody that has tried has seen improvements you just need to get used to the ingredients and then you're gonna start like listening less noise and gonna have a ear Health to your life so let me explain how um Core Taxi Works first of all cortex is a hundred percent natural so you can be sure that won't give you any side effects or harm your body okay unless you're buying from other marketplaces that we can all guarantee but if you're in the safe platform purchasing your Cortex you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that um this natural formula will bring to your life it's being tested and approved by FDA facility also has no stimulants or habit forming it's totally made of plant ingredients so I know you want to hear your loved ones Better with Clarity without any noise or interference and this is what court taxi it's here for and more than that will help to sharpen your uh mental acuity and also to help to form memory I always like to talk about those natural ingredients because we can just say like Out loud that they are natural ingredients but the ingredients that you're going to find in cortexy are also very common in our lives so I want to mention to you some of those ingredients that you're going to find and some of the benefits you can get with those Ingredients okay so you're gonna find grape seeds that it's a antioxidant that protects the year you're gonna find green tea that improves improves blood flow to the years you're gonna find maca root that boasts your energy and other natural ingredients that we have with inflammation uh with immunity so check It out the official website so then you can be sure about all the ingredients that it's part of the cortex okay so let's go to the treatment I want to share with you that this treatment is pretty easy there's no reason to not do it correct I see a lot of people Complaining they don't see results when they're not trying to do their part uh it's not only necessary to purchase but you gotta do it and correct so don't never skip a day for faster better results okay let me tell you how's the treatment you gotta take one full Dropper uh before breakfast and one full dropper before uh lunch keep in mind that you can either put like place under your tongue to observe like faster but it can also dissolve into water or your preferable juice whatever you're gonna feel it's gonna be throughout your day And you're just gonna start like feeling even better and with your ears uh being able to hear properly without any interferences or any discomfort and just so you know the full dropper it's equivalent to 15 drops okay but let's go to something that we all think what if I Feel that core taxi is not for me guys that's totally fine core taxi has 60 days money back guarantee which means that you have plenty of time to try see how it works with your body if you don't like if you don't see results no questions are asked and you can have Your money back okay pretty easy even if you used partially of your bottle or if you use it completely Italy that's totally fine but do it consistently for at least three weeks to really see the the Improvement in your body because if you don't do it of course nothing will Change if you are in a hurry to purchase cortex you keep in mind that it takes approximately five to ten days for domestic shipments uh probably a little bit more if it's International um but it it's not like too long be patient that soon you can start to hear Better for your the rest of your life and before I go I just want to tell you that in the official website you can see uh promos if you get more bottles uh so I highly recommend you to check it out and see if it can fit in your budget if Not just do one that's totally fine too you're gonna start seeing the results and you're gonna be more uh optimistic to make the new purchases okay so guys I really hope I helped of this video I really hope that core taxi can help improve your life I know how bad is to Um to be bothered that you cannot hear loved ones you cannot listen your favorite song um and I know that core taxi will make a totally difference in your life so that's it guys bye

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