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Video Transcript:
Hi everyone how's it going welcome to this video  review guys my name is Elaine and today I'm here   to talk to you about hearing about your hearing  Health in particular so if you are realizing   that your hearing is not doing so good and you  might be asking people to repeat what they're   Saying speak up louder or maybe you're always  suffering some sort of like hearing ache you   know that earache when we get sometimes that's  so annoying guys either way today I want to talk   to you about cortexy cortexy is a supplement  that was created to help you fix up any hearing   Damages but there is so much more to it so stay  right there where where you are right now don't   go away from this video I want to share with  you every single benefit every single alert   precaution regarding cortexy and so much more  plus did you know that the only place where you   Can purchase cortexy is on their official website  if you didn't you're knowing that now so that is   why I went to the official website I I got the  link for you guys and I copied it and left it   Below this video in the description box that is  the only place you're going to find the original   cortexy on so just make sure you redirect  yourself to the official website afterwards   get to know a little bit more about um cortex's  story its ingredients people's feedbacks and so   Much more so check it out afterwards alright guys  now core taxi right what is cortexy what does it   do those are just some of the many questions  that people ask about it and it is actually   Pretty simple core taxi is a natural supplement  and it is derived from nature when I say that I   mean that every single ingredient that goes into  creating cortexy is things like vitamins it's   minerals it's herbs plants you see these sort of  ingredients making it completely safe for usage   Making it have no GMOs no allergens no dairies no  side effects and most of course no contradictions   so core taxi is a natural supplement that is here  to promote the health of your hearing now if you   Realize that you are starting to face some sort  of hearing loss and you can't listen to people   you can't hear them clearly you know or it's very  hard for you to hear and you always realize that   Your ears are like hurting or they have some sort  of like buzzing or ticking sound you know that's   where cortexy comes in you see Court taxi it will  basically go to the root cause of any problems   That's going on in your hearing in your ears and  it will fix that up for you from the inside out   basically saying it's going to restore the health  of your hearing so you're going to be able to hear   Everything much more clearer without many like  without um any ringing or ticking sounds not to   mention that you will not fear feel any more ear  pain earache you know so core taxi it's very good   into helping you prevent hearing loss as well in  cases where you realize that you might be having   Some sort of inflammation it's going to get rid  of that inflammation so cortexy is the number one   supplement that you need into helping you regain  your hearing prevent hearing loss and take care   of any damages in there as well this supplement is  also super great and potent for helping you focus   More regain your memory of things that happen  in the past that you can't even remember anymore   and help you to think more clearer guys I mean  core taxi is like the full package right so why   Not give it a shot you know cortexy is actually  in a liquid form so you either just like place   it directly in your tongue with a small glass  dropper or you mix it into a huge glass of water   Either way it doesn't matter how you take it it's  just very very powerful however it is very very   important that like if you want to get results out  of cortexy you want to really see it working you   Have to be committed to your treatment you have  to use it every single day and you have to finish   your treatment like all of it correctly all right  and what I personally found very interesting is   That they give you a 60 day money back guarantee  so from the very first day of your purchase   you have 60 days to test it out which is more  than enough time for you to get great results out   Of it and if you need your money back you just  request it on the official website so what are   you waiting for guys visit their official website  learn a little bit more about cortexy and give it   A shot okay I can guarantee you that you're going  to have excellent results with it your hearing and   your cognitive functions will be very very 100  thanks for watching y'all have a great day bye

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