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Hello everyone my name is Rafael and I'm here to talk to you about an incredible product that can change your life you just suffer from hearing loss or vertigo or know someone who does pay close attention to this video because I'm going to show you however taxi can help Solve this hearing relating problems first of all you can only buy her taxi from the official website which you can find the link here below okay so I will explain how vertex Works how to use it and what the real benefits are I'm sure you are asking for text Really works and the answer yes it works extremely well cortex is a natural supplement developed by hearing health expert to treat the root cause of hearing loss and other relating problems it contains powerful ingredients that act directly on the hair cells in your ear responsible for capturing interest meeting sounds to your brain Over time the cells can be damaged by factors such as age disease medication or exposure to loud moists this can lead to symptoms such as hearing loss vertigo and difficulty concentrating in remembering things protection works by repairing and protecting these hair cells restoring their normal functioning and improving their communication with The brain it helps you hear the sounds better uh reduce vertical and dizziness and increase your cognitive ability in memory all this without causing any unwanted side effects escort taxi is made only with natural and safe ingredients cortex is very easy to use just take one drop of the product per Day preferably in the morning uh you can expect to see the first results in a few weeks of regular use now imagine how your life would be if you could hear the people around you the sound of the nature the music you love be able to have balance more energy and More focus in your daily life all this is possible with cortex we know that hearing difficulty can be hard can cause problems such as difficulty communicating with people and understand what they're saying it can bring social isolation and low self-esteem the oppression anxiety stress but your taxi was created precisely to eliminate those Problems and provide you with a better quality of life by restoring your hearing it's very important that you use cortexy correctly and for a minimum of three months after a few weeks you will already have a significant Improvement but do not stop there okay complete the whole treatment to get the best results I recommend you use it for about six months or so another advantage of this product is they offer a hundred percent money back guarantee but that is only possible buying from the official website which you can find here below they guarantee you a hundred percent your money back if you don't see results In the first 60 days it's a risk-free and such a guarantee only exists when the product really deliver results as promised I can tell you the cortex will help you and bring in the results you are looking for to improve your hearing and the problem that have been causing You I hope you enjoyed my video and then you use screw text correctly see you next time bye guys

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