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Video Transcript:
Hey what's up y'all if you come to this video it's because you really want to know more about programs right and guys if this soft candy Really Gonna help you with your oral health I'm gonna answer this and a lot of more questions on this video because this is a program to Review and I'm going to be very honest with you guys and deliver everything that I collect on the internet on the customer reviews about this product to give to you guys in a simple and easy way to understand right I am Brian I am 33 years old and this is my code Interview first of all guys I have to point out that if you really want to purchase this by the end of this video check the official website and only purchase to the official website and I mean because a lot of people are going on the internet seeing these in other Marketing places such in Amazon eBay and other e-commerce is India are buying this and get an update delivered to their home so guys it's just because the reseller the official reseller is only the manufacturer the manufacturer good development to guarantee you the best price for quality and bonusing of the Product all right so if you buy this phone anywhere else you're probably not going to receive the original proteins in the link to the home and this could make you lose so much money and time and also even worse uh harm your health okay so guys talking about productivity uh Or Worse harm your health and guys like I said the link is right here on the description in the first comment don't go anywhere else if you decide to purchase this in another time come back to this video get your link right here to be safe all right so uh going on with The video guys what is preventing product you guys it's just a probiotic can that has a compound of natural and nutrients that all together in the perfect camels will Aid your problems with your oral health by restoring and repopulating your good bacterias in your mouth and we all know that we have good And bad bacterias in our mouth and when we go to the dentist and tell you that you just have to brush your teeth and use mouthwashes but those products are responsible to kill them every single good in that eventually Jamal right so guys this is not gonna make your teeth Healthy he might die whitening but he will not be helpful so you actually have to get good bacterias in your mouth and repopulate your miles between probiotics and that's when productive comes in it's just a chewable gum that you use once in a day before and after your breakfast And this will repopulate your mouth with 3.5 million probiotic strains and by doing this you're going to have your oral health up to date and you're going to prevent Tartar and bad breath rotting tools swallow and uh swallowing gums and stuff like that so that's the studies that they discovered that's the reason Of the most people that have bad or health or even kind of those problems that I just mentioned right here and guys it's very important to pay attention because productive is a supplement and it's natural it's made on empty airplane is low it's vegan he's a GMP certified land it's not having Farming and easy to use so all of this comes with the fact that it's a treatment and you have to use it every single day and correctly you're not going to have the results if you use them once or twice or you're not going To have results if you use it for a week and stop so pay very close attention to this do the correct treatment in the correct way like I said and you guys gonna have results because 97 of the people that you use this for three to six months got incredible Results and they are everywhere on the world right we can check the visual side to find out more about the nutrients and all those people that are using preventing for more time and they have great results with that all right and this is like in my Science Guy you can Trust in that and this is capsicum you can get your money back under two months 60 days that's the time the company gives you to try the supplement and if you don't like it for any reason you just contact them and get your money back and it's as simple as that right I Am Brian like I said in the beginning I was here to try to clarify everything for you in the fastest easiest and the more uncomplexing way as possible alright guys if you guys want leave it a comment right here I'll be glad to answer all your comments and if you guys Doesn't have anything to say just give this like button right here to make this video reach more people that have to know about broadening all right I I really appreciate you guys here see you guys around in peace

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