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My name is christiana and i'm going to be reviewing the early birth morning cocktail it's supposed to be a coffee replacement so basically how it works is you take a scoop and you put it in your shaker that you get when you make your order and then you leave it overnight and in The morning as soon as you wake up you can drink that and it's supposed to give you energy so i'm gonna be drinking this and test out how it works i decided to put it in a glass so you can see what it looks like um so you can see it's separated here Overnight i'm just gonna mix it a little bit and then i'll drink it so the flavor is pretty interesting i actually like it it's it's sort of sweet it has a citrusy uh taste so i think it's pretty good so we'll see how how it works So i'm back for an update about the morning cocktail um and i'm very impressed with it because it's been a few hours since i drank it and it's dark out right now and i'm feeling very energetic uh usually if i don't have any coffee by now i feel super sleepy and tired but I'm very high energy so i'm loving how this works um i didn't get any um jitters when i originally drank it which was nice i'll test it again tomorrow and another time the day after just so i can see if it actually works but today it seems very good i'll update you tomorrow Hello i'm back for an update today um i'm going to be drinking the morning cocktail again and we'll see if it works again hello i'm back for an update about the morning cocktail um so it's working really well again uh today i decided not to have any food After drinking it to see if it works if you don't have um food energy and i'm feeling pretty energetic not as energetic as yesterday but i'm still high energy so it's working very nicely today as well and i'll try it again tomorrow for a third third test but it's it seems very good Hello so i'm back for my final day of testing the morning cocktail i'm gonna drink it later today uh so it's actually already dark out right now and i'm gonna drink it and see how long it kicks in i just want to see what what the difference is between this drinking Caffeine um usually i feel coffee giving the energy pretty quickly and i'm curious how fast this would work um when you need uh to have extra energy so i'll test it and i'll come back to say all my thoughts about it i forgot to mix it Hi i'm back so it's been 30 minutes since i drank the morning cocktail and i feel much more focused and energetic so now i'm going to share a few thoughts that i have about it um so i think it works super well because the energy i have from it lasts for hours Um i check the ingredients and it does have caffeine but unlike coffee um you don't get jittery or anxious from it which is super nice and usually with coffee i get a boost of energy right away and then my energy drops with this it actually lasts for hours so it's super nice and You should also keep in mind that you shouldn't have it super late during the day because um from my experience last night i was having a hard time falling asleep after having it in the afternoon so just follow the instructions and have it early in the day um like it says And you'll be energetic the whole day also it's really good if you have indigestion from coffee because this will not give you that it's also nice if you don't like to have breakfast um because you're not gonna have your coffee with milk or sugar or cream i really like the type of energy That it gives me um it's a very focused and not jittery it's a calm kind of energy so yeah i'm super impressed with it i think it's a great coffee alternative if you're not a huge fan of coffee or if you want to switch things up and alternate between the two i really Recommend it for taste and how it works these are my thoughts about it i recommend you try it and see for yourself if you love it bye

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