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Hey what's up everybody i just want to make a quick video um for everybody who's out there maybe seeing these ads for um this morning supplement called early bird morning cocktail um i got this uh would have been i guess yesterday came in the mail And i signed up for the uh the vip so i i ended up getting both they have also a early bird night cap which is a drink that you take a supplement you take before you go to bed so i'm not going to get into a ton of detail into the ingredients and Everything if you're curious about that you can just go onto the website and take a look and study it for yourself just want to give personal experience i used it for the first time yesterday and this morning so i would have started with the the night cap last night so mix this up As far as the flavor goes flavor is really good it's a honey lemon a long island so i love long island iced teas to begin with so nice soothing flavor and you take this about 30 to 60 minutes before you go to bed and it's supposed to help with um just Falling asleep and the quality of sleep that you get so um i could definitely tell a difference um i took a shower before going to bed this probably would have been about maybe 30 minutes after i had taken and i could tell just you know closing my eyes the Shower that i was starting to kind of feel a little bit something in my head and everything so i knew it was starting to take a bit of an effect um i didn't get like overly drowsy but i definitely could tell that it um was was doing something and so then This past night um slept slept pretty well um woke up this morning feel pretty good i definitely dreamed a lot last night that's something i could tell so uh the point of this is to get you into a deeper deeper sleep so um so it does have effects this is of Course just day one i just want to give initial thoughts and i might do an update you know maybe a week two weeks month in or something like that um so as far as the early bird um had that this morning so this you mix up the Night before you shake it up and either it says i think just put on your nightstand i liked it you know cold so i put in my refrigerator um and i can say again the flavor here is a blood orange mimosa um tastes pretty good i'm used to pre-workout stuff like That so this tastes significantly better than some of those and i can say pretty quickly uh it sets in your system pretty fast and i definitely did feel this kind of boost of energy and as i said you know i'm used to taking pre-workouts and stuff so that is definitely saying something now I will say i took this on an empty stomach i was just kind of sipping on it though i didn't even finish my full bottle of it um and just from sipping on it and having some of it i could already tell this kind of like energy boost so overall i'm Definitely impressed with it so far it does feel like a cleaner energy not this just raw caffeine high where you're shaking and you feel nauseous um so feels really good so far i i'm happy with it i'm impressed with it um it's not the cheapest thing in the world Like i said i got the stack of both of these here for it was i forget exactly i think it might have been about 40 45 bucks a pop so around maybe 90 dollars when all is said and done so now this is 45 servings so it Technically is more than 30 days so about a month and a half so you're looking about for three months you'd be looking around maybe 200 180 or something like that which isn't really too bad comes out to about 66 dollars per month then so that's for both of these Um so yeah that's pretty much my initial thoughts like i said um flavors are good i can definitely tell the effects i just wanted to make a video to allow anybody who's genuinely wondering um you know what the effects are is it worth it seeing the ads around so that's Kind of what i'm trying to do here so um i like it so far like i said i'll make an update but i would recommend giving a shot if you're interested thanks

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