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My name is Vernon Brown and I'm going to be reviewing the early bird morning cocktail now I'm really curious about this because I'm always looking for energy right and you know I'm a big early guy I get up at 4 30 in the morning I've got a family I have an Entrepreneur and with business and family and just life in general I need energy and that's what this product is intended to do so it claims but we're going to find out together how legit this really is so you know thank you for watching this and let's you know let's Dive Right into this I did um go ahead and do this earlier what you're supposed to do according to the product is you mix this with water and you leave it in your nightstand so I took this not too long ago and we're going to be kind of Going through this together so we can talk about my energy levels and how it's affecting me and honestly like all the good stuff that's in here so let's get into this it's been a few hours since uh you know take this and it comes with this beautiful Shaker here but you're so Kind I think it's you know it's Nifty it's nice um but I do want to talk because smell talk about that the smell smell taste these things are big concerns for me 5 a.m 4 30 in the morning you want to make sure the things taste great and I can tell you this it does taste great it's got this really smooth Citrus flavor to it I'm impressed with the results so far I really have to say that I can feel my energy peeking up just a little bit initially when I first started doing it recording but now I can See it's like oh I'm really starting to get this and I have to say I can really do again fill my energy levels are definitely going up right so it's like okay win win but I'm gonna continue to do this I'm going to continue checking on this and I'm going to follow up Because you never know right and I've just tried so many different products I'm a big Health guy and we all know that just because something starts off great you know what's it going to feel like after a few days of kind of going back into it one thing I do have to note Because if you've ever taken the Clapping a lot of coffee or maybe you've had different experience with other energy drinks you worry about the Jitters so far there are no Jitters and it's been a few hours so I think we are in the clear but I definitely again Notice that my energy has gone up but I will say this I am slightly cautious so I'm still going to be a little skeptical about it I'm still hopeful but a little skeptical about it but so far I feel great no Jitters and yeah and I think Another thing is I want to mention that there is no funky aftertaste that you tend to get sometimes I do want to note that I've taken this without food and I haven't had any side of weird side effects because it's been super early anymore all right so I'm gonna continue Taking this for a few more days because I want to be sure and I want to make sure that I'm telling you something that is accurate all right so we're in the day two I'm Feeling High Energy I'm still feeling really good and I wanted To get a few days but I wanted to also kind of check back in now thinking about it about some different Trends and you can tell I'm a little skeptical about it because I'm like is this real is this going to stick is this going to stay and So far it has I'm gonna try it again tomorrow I want to see how things are going but so far day two is rocking out really well I'm liking the way that I am feeling I mean I haven't noticed in any crash but in fact you know there hasn't Been a crash I'm gonna check back a little bit later to let you know how the day three four are going so we are in day four I'm feeling higher energy after I've taken it but not as high energy as yesterday but it's not bad still no Jitter still no grogginess you know I'm feeling good because I feel more optimistic so I'm really liking this so far I've been able to get more things done and the last couple few days I haven't had that midday crash that sometimes happens maybe we need that cup Of coffee or you need to kind of get out I'm not feeling any of that so that's freaking phenomenal so this has been a really great update things are looking great right so fingers crossed that things are going to continue this way I'm going to be sharing some more Thoughts on this later as like my thoughts right now are racing because I got this energy and I want to get out there and just do things and it's super early and I don't want to wake anybody up so I'll be checking back in with you All later and a verdict is in over these last five days and let's just start before I thought the solid recommendation let's just look at you know how this is really working well for me I love it that it's got electrolytes I love if anybody's curious about nootropics you know this is something That I can honestly say that I feel my brain chemistry functioning better if that makes sense the way I translate it is I feel more optimistic I'm a pretty optimistic person as it is but I definitely I'm noticing that I I I'm ready to get some things done right and I know there are big phrases you know get things done and that's not the way they say it but I have to say that I feel wonderful but there was you know this initial I have to be honest here after the first day it wasn't quite as high But it was still insanely higher even coming from Natural Energy and I wasn't using coffee but I feel more focused than when I did have coffee so I gotta say you know if you are a person who's having maybe some digestion issues with coffee I think this is a phenomenal Alternative maybe you might not your stomach doesn't agree well with dairy maybe it's just some of the the other things that might be putting into it and it just doesn't sit well with you this is a phenomenal product for you to use now I will have to kind of get be honest With you if you are a person who wants to nap do not take this it's not that you're going to have this giant Rush of energy and you're going to feel like you can run through walls but you're going to notice like wow I feel great I'm Feeling good but it's just nice calm where you can almost kind of feel it kicking up and picking in picking up and kicking in right and when it's like that you can kind of second guess it but what you will find if you try to take a nap midday that You're not going to be able to go to sleep it kicks in slowly and it takes about 30 minutes but it's not this immediate boom burst of energy but it's this little gradual increase but you notice it which is awesome because that's why I think a lot of people get Those Jitters I have to say I love this stuff a lot more than coffee and I never thought I would say that because I'm a black coffee drinker and I have been for like the last 15 years but I'm always looking for things that are better in This early bird I have to say has been well worth it and it's simple because you don't have to think about something else to do early in the morning you make it the night before and leave it um leave it on the nightstand you get in And take it but it's got my verdict if you want some more information about early bird morning cocktail what I want you to do is check out the description really brief to kind of give you some of the more benefits of it not only is it sugar-free and dairy free and a few Other things you know excellent nootropic but it's got some really cool ingredients in here that honestly past my list and they have me feeling really good

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