EarlyBird Morning Cocktail Review – EarlyBird Morning Cocktail Really Works?

Product Name: EarlyBird

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Video Transcript:
Hi, my name is Jessica and today I'm  going to tell you everything you need   to know about EarlyBird Morning Cocktail  before you actually buy the product. I   also have two really important warnings, so  pay close attention to what I have to say.  The first thing you need to know  about EarlyBird Morning Cocktail is:   be careful about the website where you are  going to buy EarlyBird Morning Cocktail,   because EarlyBird Morning Cocktail  is only sold on the official website.   To help you, I've left the link to the official  page below in the description of this video.  So what is Early Bird Morning Cocktail and  does it really work? And the answer is yes, the   EarlyBird Morning Cocktail works, the EarlyBird  Morning Cocktail delivers energy, motivation   and EXACTLY what your body and brain needs. EarlyBird Morning Cocktail is a delicious   orange-flavored drink that  provides your body with:  Powerful electrolytes - to instantly hydrate you. Clean energy - to help you in your mentality.  Increased motivation and mood -  so you can feel fulfilled at 10am.  EarlyBird Morning Cocktail is composed of: Electrolytes: electrolyte blend provides   supercharged hydration when  your body needs it most.  Antioxidant Blend: blueberry powder,  broccoli extract, green tea extract,   Turmeric, and sour cherry to decrease oxidative  stress-in other words, make you feel good.  Ashwagandha: a special, patented  form of Ashwagandha shown to   combat that annoying morning brain fog. L-Theanine: an amino acid found in tea   leaves that promotes smooth energy  and intense focus, all day long.  Theobromine: a special alkaloid found  in chocolate that gives you that warm,   fuzzy feeling of well-being - without the sugar. PurCaf & Infinergy: 150 mg of natural,   patented caffeine from green coffee  beans that gives you a mental boost.  Neurofactor: A patented form of  coffee berry that increases BDNF   Levels (providing elevated focus and mood). Bioperine: A patented form of black pepper   extract proven to make all ingredients more  bioavailable (makes EarlyBird work even better).  L-Tyrosine: Amino that improves mental  performance, alertness and memory.  How to use EarlyBird Morning Cocktail: - First: fill your cocktail shaker with water;  - Second: Add 1 scoop of EarlyBird; - Third: shake it and put it on your   bedside table; - And last:   when the alarm goes off, shake and drink! EarlyBird was formulated for the nightstand,   it is recommended to make it the night before. But... it doesn't have to sit overnight.   EarlyBird can be mixed and drunk instantly. At the moment they offer 3 bonuses when   buying EarlyBird Morning Cocktail: First bonus: FREE EarlyBird Cocktail Cup!  Second bonus: FREE E-book -  The EarlyBird Morning Routine!  And third bonus: FREE SHIPPING! EarlyBird Morning Cocktail provides:  Clean energy through natural ingredients; Motivation through nootropics;  Supercharged hydration through electrolytes; High quality ingredients - 6 patented;  0 Calories; 0 Sugar;  0 Carbohydrates And No artificial coloring.  There is something really important about this  product that you need to know before you buy it:   EarlyBird Morning Cocktail has a 100%  60-day money back guarantee,meaning   You can use EarlyBird Morning  for 60 days and if you are not   satisfied with the results you can ask  for a full refund of your investment.  So, I wanted to record this video, to tell you  to be careful about the website where you are   Going to buy EarlyBird Morning Cocktail and  also, talk a little bit about its benefits.  I really hope that this video has helped you  and I also hope that EarlyBird Morning does   indeed help you a lot to improve your life, and  many other benefits that this product promotes.

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