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So hey guys welcome to my channel thanks for watching if you haven't been here before and thanks for coming back if you have my name is sarah and i'm gonna do a review for the product early bird which is a product that's advertised to help you wake up faster so that way you Can be more productive throughout your day now if you have been watching i have been using morning complete and then a couple days after i started morning complete i started using early bird first thing in the morning so my regiment right now is early bird The second that i wake up just like the product says that it needs to be used and then at about 10 30 i drink my activated use so it's a few hours in between i wake up at five so it's about five hours in between um the two products so One thing that i definitely liked is that i have noticed a definite increase in my ability to wake up earlier on morning complete i drink it and then i get out of bed and i have no product problems excuse me um getting out of bed and getting ready for the day Whereas before i was crawling down to the coffee pot every morning just trying to wake up to get myself to start working so um keep watching i have just a couple days of reviews on here but it has only been a week and i wanted to give you guys a um review For the past week of my use and what my experience has been good morning everyone so this morning is my first day on early bird and um so i wanted to let you guys know like how it's working for me so far so for the past like um Gosh i would say like four months um i have been really struggling to wake up in the morning like turning off my alarm clock rolling over going back to sleep showing up late um to work because or later than i had planned because of not being able to get out of bed So i had decided that i was going to try this stuff because i normally am an early bird naturally so um today is my first day and i am not going to lie um he put everything in there put the water in the mixture and shook it up first thing in the morning Drank it um i had a really hard time getting it down and i don't know if it's because just one whole scoop in that little water that the shaker that they give you um is not enough water for me it was very thick so i think tomorrow i'm probably gonna Try um putting a little bit more water in and like filling it up all the way instead of leaving like a quarter inch room for shaking and then i think i'm really gonna put a half a scoop in this time because like i said i just couldn't stomach it maybe until i Like get used to the flavor um but i did drink about half of it um and i got right out of bed i just finished my morning workout so that's why i look all crappy and i also have my bondi boost um spray in so my hair looks so oily don't judge me Um but anyway so i've got my morning workout in and i'm up it's five o'clock um so i mean outside of the fact that it didn't take it tastes awesome i have not had any coffee yet this morning and i'm here so that's a good thing Um we'll see how the continuing days go hey that is working um i have started to get over the taste a little bit i am a normal coffee drinker so drinking like that um strong orangey taste right when i first woke up was really tough to get over But um yesterday i tried the half scoop and it worked but it definitely didn't give me the energy boost that i had felt on the first day um so today i went back to the full scoop and i chugged that bottle so i forgot to show you guys what that looks like This is the shaker that you get with the morning complete you have the option to not buy it but i definitely would suggest that you do it is um it's has a really good seal on it and it is a small bottle so it kind of Looks like you know they have that like morning cocktail thing going with their advertising so it kind of looks like you know a shaker for a cocktail um but what i like about it is that it is really easy to just keep the lid closed tightly before you Go to bed and then shake it like when you are half asleep um since they say in their advertising that the best results you need to drink it like the second you wake up um i turn off my alarm first um the advertisements say that you need to Drink it before you turn your alarm off i have three kids so i'm gonna turn my alarm off before i drink it but um because you know i like to have a morning a peaceful morning um excuse me so anyways i kind of went off on a tangent there but Um i am really seeing some good results so far only day three and i'm wide awake ready for the day ready for work um yeah so we'll see if that keeps up and gosh man i am like really happy about my results with the blondie boost Hair stuff so if you are interested and like you're looking at that product i definitely would just look at this hair oh my god it's so nice i've never had my hair look this nice before okay have a good day bye-bye okay so now you see that obviously i have been Really happy with early bird and how well it's been working for me there is a few things that i've noticed over the past week that i needed to bring up so first of all i obviously had a huge increase in energy i one thing i did notice was that Both the use of early bird and activated you at the same time started to make me a little bit more thirsty so i increased my water intake now mind you i typically don't drink a lot of water i might drink a glass a day and that's at the most So it's not really abnormal for me to um need more fluids i just don't normally actually feel thirsty so that's one thing that changed i had to increase my water intake which is a good thing um it's helping flesh out you know some of those bad things in my body and That's a good thing um i didn't have any weird um digestion issues no diarrhea or anything like that uh one thing that i did notice this week is um a week that many of us women struggle with in our energy levels and if you're a woman you know what i'm talking about i Am typically in this specific week of the month i am extremely exhausted i will um need you know around 10 hours of sleep a day and i'm still tired i will drink large amounts of caffeine and still be having a hard time staying awake so it's a it's a very big struggle for Me um one thing that i noticed this week is i have been tired i haven't been as tired as i normally am though during this week i have been able to function a lot better than i typically do i for example today or last night i got my normal amount of sleep About six hours and then i woke up i went to work i did work and worked all day i took about a ten minute nap in the middle of the day and outside of that i've been feeling okay i am more sluggish but not nearly as sluggish as i normally am so That was really nice to have or it has been really nice to have so i'm obviously going to keep using this product and in a month i will give you guys another update but i think so far so good on early bird that's about everything that i can think of Please message me below or comment below if you have any questions i am not trying to sell you this product i don't get any money for advertising it just so you know um like and subscribe if you'd like to hear how i'm doing in a month on early bird And if you'd like to see more reviews about the products that i'm trying Bye

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