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Xcpure is a heavily marketed supplement that apparently spawned a bunch of knockoffs with so much sponsored content around exopure and copies of them lying around is this supplement any good well I'm not sponsored by them so let's analyze it to see if it's worth your Money see if we can replicate it with a cheaper alternative and give it an overall rating first let's take a look at the ingredients here are the doses per capsule the recommended dosing is one per day by the way I'm just referring to the quote original copy of EX appear if There was such a thing right off the bat a huge problem with this supplement is that all of its ingredients are hidden behind what we call a proprietary blend proprietary Blends allow supplement companies to avoid listing the exact amount of each ingredient within the blend sometimes these Blends have Special names like formula Blend or detox mix that will list the ingredients within the blend but not the doses of each ingredient you need to be very cautious about proprietary Blends it displays a lack of transparency on the part of the supplement they can list an effective ingredient but only have Trace Amounts of it and you wouldn't even be able to tell since the dose isn't listed some supplements will even use proprietary blends to hide very low doses within their ingredient lists this is why it's a good idea to avoid proprietary Blends or mixes if they're hiding the actual dose from you it's Much more difficult to determine whether you're getting an effective dose with that in mind let's try to analyze what we do know whenever supplements add any ingredients into their products there are three very common issues first is that the doses they use are way too small to be effective second is that They aren't using the active compounds and third is that the ingredient itself has not reliably shown any beneficial effect in humans when we analyze these ingredients we're gonna see which one of these issues they have olive oil is full of polyunsaturated fats which may be beneficial for cardiovascular and Metabolic Health taking olive oil supplements seems kind of silly to me since you could just buy regular Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the supermarket far cheaper and just take that like by drizzling some olive oil onto your salad furthermore the research studies that find health benefits from people taking Olive oil or from people using it in their diet not taking olive oil supplements the likely reason for this is dosage people who regularly use olive oil and gain benefit from it are taking many grams of olive oil per day not a few hundred milligrams even if the Entire 300 milligram proprietary mix of exit pure was olive oil extract it likely still wouldn't do anything for you holy basil is a traditional ayurvedic herb used to help with inflammation it doesn't have any evidence for weight loss but it has some very weak evidence for helping diabetics Control their blood sugar levels however the doses used in studies are 500 milligrams per day again even if the entire 300 milligram proprietary mix was holy basil there still wouldn't be enough propolis is a mixture that honeybees produce by mixing their saliva and Beeswax with sap to create a sticky Substance used to seal parts of their hive again there's no evidence for for weight loss but some Studies have suggested that propolis might be able to help diabetics control blood sugar levels as well but again dosing and X appear as a problem with most studies using almost a thousand milligrams per Day there's no way exopera has enough to be useful berberine Kudzu and prilia are all traditional herbs that are known for their traditional uses to help reduce General inflammation and for various gastrointestinal issues Kudzu and perilia lack much evidence for any of these uses but there's some evidence that berberine might help improve Insulin sensitivity in those with diabetes or PCOS but the doses they use in those studies range from one to two grams per day again totally insufficient in exepure even when Kudzu and perilia are being used for traditional purposes herbalists are using many grams of those herbs not a few hundred milligrams Quercetin is a general nutrient found in many fruits and Aries and has some general beneficial effects on health such as for cardiovascular and metabolic Health none of them are expected to be helpful for weight loss however even then the doses used in the studies are far above what exit pure could possibly Provide in a single pill so the amount of quercetin that's provided in exopera is mostly useless Korean ginseng also known as Panax Ginseng is an herb known for its stimulating effects so people taking panics ginseng might be taking it to help with fatigue or to improve wakefulness potentially to help them Exercise more while losing weight there is some evidence that panics ginseng can help improve cognitive function as well as potentially also help with blood sugar control in those with diabetes unfortunately studies don't find that these effects are able to help people lose any actual weight also the studies Are using anywhere from 200 to almost a thousand milligrams per day will the 300 milligrams of exopera's proprietary blend have enough inside to be useful unlikely from the listed ingredients my main concern would be the berberine contained within we're not sure exactly how much is in there but Berberian can Interfere with other medications by affecting the way your liver metabolizes certain drugs so taking it with other drugs could reduce the effectiveness of the drug or increase its level in the body to toxic levels so if you're taking any medication you should ask your doctor to see if it's safe for you to Take berberine is also unsafe if you're pregnant or breastfeeding given everything I've seen this supplement is completely useless xapure appears to be trying to cater itself towards blood sugar control but only for those with metabolic issues like diabetes so if you didn't have diabetes or blood sugar Issues I'm pretty sure this would do absolutely nothing for you even if you had blood sugar issues I don't think this would help at all since nothing is dosed correctly everything is dosed far are too low overall exopure is worthless it tries to combine a number of herbal Products that Target blood sugar control but uses doses that aren't going to do anything it's also pretty expensive with a monthly Supply costing 60 dollars it's hard to compare to any other supplement since nothing is useful in exopure but if I had to try to replicate the gist of What exit pure was trying to do I would probably go with a high quality berberine supplement which you can get for like five dollars a month and it would be at an effective dose so even better than exopure rating X appear by Effectiveness for weight loss I'm giving It an F I don't expect it to do much of anything and even if you have blood sugar control issues the doses it uses are so low it likely still won't do anything rating it by cost I'm giving it an F it's a pretty expensive supplement that can be completely outdone by just Taking berberine and it cost 12 times less rating it for safety I'm giving it a c it may not be safe for those taking medication since berberine can interfere with them overall rating I'm giving an F I would recommend you stay away from it hi I'm Dr Brian Young do you think it's Worth it let me know in the comments down below and if you found this video helpful please subscribe to the channel and leave me a like hit the notification Bell if you want to stay up to date and share this video with someone you know can use the info Thank you

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