Exipure ‘Tropical Loophole’ Scam About Weight Loss Reviews, Explained

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Is exepure a scam exit pure is a weight loss product a viewer on my channel left a comment and said hey jordan is exapir a scam can you look into it and so that's exactly what i'm about to do so first off right off the top i visited the company's website exapir.com and Noticed there was some stock photography being used near the top of the homepage on exapure.com there's a photograph of a scientist i think he's holding a clipboard or something i did a reverse image search and found that same picture on stock photography websites and that Seemed like a little bit of a red flag to me and then i scrolled down on the main page and there were three featured reviews from lauren zach and cassie and they are all five star reviews verified purchases i also did reverse image searches on their pictures and they also Came up on stock photography websites another red flag according to this amazon listing someone's trying to sell the exipure product with the shark tank tv show name which i've seen before with cbd and keto gummies but it's weird to also see it here as you can see it says official exopure ultra advanced Ketogenic pill shark formula made in the usa 60 day supply tank now you might say that doesn't say shark tank but the words shark and tank are both here and it doesn't matter if they're in order or not if you search for shark tank and then some sort of weight loss supplement You might find this page and that's the reason why these words are included here this is not a tank of pills here it's a 60 capsule bottle this inclusion of the word shark and the inclusion of the word tank in this title on amazon makes no Sense because as you can see on the product label it's not on the product label the word shark and tank the cast of shark tank as i've said before many times has been used for years in product endorsements for cbd and keto products even though they never endorsed them and It's happening right here on this amazon page with exapure now remember what i just mentioned about shark tank the cast of shark tank they've been used in product endorsements without their authorization their image and likeness for many years with keto and cbd gummies products keto oil and cbd oil as well if You look here this website is called shark tank supplements and this says exopure review is it a scam but what you will quickly notice is that this is not a review it's a product description scrolling down here what is exapure how does ex appear work ingredients benefits Side effects dosage where to buy exit pure so where's the review next up here on this website called complete foods exapure shark tank legit scam reviews side effects price ingredient and where to buy it says ingredient like there's one ingredient so it says shark tank again they're using the shark tank name As if the cast of shark tank the tv show endorsed this product just like other scammers maybe the same scammers act like the cast of shark tank endorsed keto gummies and cbd gummies the cast of shark tank never endorsed any of these products the u.s better business bureau Also known as the bbb as you can see here here's the page for exapure bbb files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints concerning consumers alleging that the business is requiring used empty bottles to be sent to them from customers to process a refund consumers allege exapure is not Upholding their full money-back guarantee consumers allege the product is not helping customers lose weight and then it says on may 17th of this year 2022 bbb submitted written requests to the company encouraging them to address the pattern of complaints as of june 2nd the bbb has had no response and i'm Assuming they would have updated this page had they received a response by today which is august 4th more than two months later scrolling down here on the bbb page as you can see the customer reviews is 1.34 out of five not a good sign and even worse bbb rating and Accreditation f and f grade for exapure the bbb gives x appear and f next let's look at trustpilot here on the x appear page on trustpilot warning we've detected misuse on this page we've removed a number of fake reviews for this company we believe these reviews relate to review seller networks that Buy and sell fake reviews we take the integrity of our platform very seriously and when we uncover misuse we take action and alert our community to it 273 reviews two out of five and it's described as poor so now let's go to the facebook page for exapure and check out Some of the reviews on the reviews page because i found some interesting activity now take a look here as you can see this person posted star emojis five times in a row as if they're giving the product five stars right keep that in mind for a moment this person from Taiwan here says great products quality and real next muhammad says he recommends exepure best site ever i have seen great service and good product and also happened to include star emojis five of them that's interesting and then this person here you have a line of quality products and also put up five Stars five star emojis that's interesting right that these people are all deciding to put up star emojis and five of them this person here without a profile photo on facebook al pals anytime which is not a name great service and good product five star emojis interesting rafael cadero great Service and good product also no profile photo so you know definitely legitimate five star emojis this person here from vietnam five star emojis this person here in the comments five stars this person great service and good product five star emojis you get the you you get What's going on here i could keep going there are plenty of these trust me here's another person named muhammad great service and good product five star emojis leo excelente cervicio e producto okay five star emojis another person here from vietnam great service and great products five star emojis like it Just over and over this is clearly these reviews do not appear to be legitimate obviously right i mean if you look here 4.9 out of 5 on facebook but on trustpilot on the bbb way lower ratings and so this explains it look at these reviews look at these Star emojis that these people are including in this weird marketing effort to fake their way potentially to looking like a 4.9 out of five it just doesn't make any sense and just like we saw on trustpilot trustpilot.com detected with their detection systems that people on the exit pure page were doing something With fake reviews and trustpilot detected that and they put the message at the top of the page all right i had to leave the reviews there are too many of them i might cut out some of the ones from this video that i that i talked about because they're all the same they Appear fake they all have the five stars the emojis that make no sense maybe one person would do that but why would everyone get together i've never seen that before and if you think you saw something there there's a pinned post you know pinned at the top of the exit Pure page i don't know if this is an official page or not for exapure but it's facebook.com exapuresup as in supplement exit sup and the pinned post if you look at the comments take a look five stars five stars three stars interesting but it's like a special star five stars five Stars five stars over and over so these people are coming into the comments here they're leaving reviews so from what i've seen especially with all these fake reviews it's not exactly reassuring is it now like i said at the beginning of this video a viewer asked me is exapir a Scam and hopefully i've given you enough data to figure that out for yourself this video is not a product review this video serves to inform people about data that i found online that i thought might be helpful to people who are looking up on google exopure reviews is x appear a Scam ex appears scam legit exit pure does it work etc i hope that this video was helpful i hope to save you a little bit of time a little bit of looking around let me know if you have any questions if you ordered this product And you have a story to tell please let me know down in the comments feel free to ask questions have discussions check out my other videos if you like new york history way different than this exopure stuff i do new york history documentaries i hope that you'll enjoy Those as well that's my main thing that i love doing so go check those out again i hope this was helpful and thank you so much for watching

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