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Definitely say that it has seemed to have been working we're gonna be doing a review on the flux active complete male prostate formula right here what it is is a comprehensive blend it has a bunch of different herbs vitamins other nutrients and so forth that are supposed to support a healthy prostate especially For you know just as you age as you get older a lot of times people just have issues having to frequently urinate or just go to the bathroom a lot to take a pee it's not something that you want to have to deal with so that's sort of what This aims to address I was actually turned on in the product because believe it or not that was just an issue that I was dealing with myself because I was getting up at night time just more than once to pee which I realized looking at my sleep tracking Data and just kind of messing my sleep up and ideally I just want to get up once if possible because I want to be able to tap into that deep sleep I don't want to interrupt that you know all the benefits that come along with that you're an athlete like myself or you Just you know you're working out you're drinking a ton of water you're probably eating a good amount your body has a lot of fluid that it needs to process and that it needs to ultimately expel right so to to ensure that you have a well-functioning prostate it's definitely you know something that you Want to place a high degree of importance on to make sure that you are doing the things necessary to support that because in most cases people really aren't getting hardly any of these ingredients included in the mix here if you think about a traditional Western diet which is ultimately where a formula Like this really comes into play because prior to trying this out and figure it out about this supplement there honestly wasn't any other prostate formula that I could find like there's very few on the market if you look on Amazon you try just searching across the web there's hardly any especially that Are as comprehensive as this formula I definitely say that it has seemed to have been working for me just in peeing less frequently during the day and then of course at night time I'm only getting up Max maybe one time during the night so that's just what I Was looking for in addition to maintaining a healthy prostate it also just helps support overall health like I mentioned a lot of these ingredients have been showing to boost testosterone just overall energy Vitality so again there's not really any other formula on the market that I found to Accomplish what this has for me so I definitely recommend it if you want to try it out I will put a link down below to where you can pick some up and then also if you have tried the flux active complete let us know your experience Down Below in the comments I'm curious To know if any of you guys have tried it out as well but until next time thanks for watching the video guys don't forget to drop me a like down below see on the next one all right peace

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