GOLI APPLE CIDER VINEGAR GUMMIES REVIEW | weight loss? is it worth it?! *one month update*

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Hey guys welcome and welcome back to my channel as you saw by the title today's video is going to be a review on goalies apple cider vinegar gummies i did just finish this entire bottle as you can see it is all empty this bottle is about a one month supply but i Thought i would just quickly come on here and share with you guys my thoughts on these gummies the taste the pricing if i lost any weight and if i think it's worth it i do want to quickly start off this video by saying that goalie did Reach out to me and sent me this bottle to try out but this video isn't sponsored or anything i will be sharing with you guys 100 of my honest review and thoughts on these gummies if you are interested in checking out goalie i will leave their website all linked in my Description below i do have a discount code you can use for some money off and that is cleo so if you guys have been watching my videos for a while now you guys probably know that i have been taking apple cider vinegar every single morning for the past couple of years Before taking the goalie apple cider vinegar gummies i was taking out this right here this is the bread raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the mother and i take about a tablespoon of this into a glass of water and i just drink it first thing every single Morning so before i get into my goalie review i thought i would just also quickly share with you guys some of the amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar and why i take it first thing every single morning apple cider vinegar has actually been around for centuries it's A natural home remedy it has a ton of amazing benefits the first being that it can actually help aid in weight loss i personally like taking apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning because it just kind of gets my digestion moving it kind of acts as a natural laxative and drinking apple Cider vinegar can actually help you feel full longer which results in you eating less and then leading to helping you lose weight another great thing about apple cider vinegar is it's great for controlling high blood sugar levels i've mentioned this before but diabetes does run in my family and i actually got Blood work done a couple of years ago and my doctor did inform me at the time that my blood sugar levels were on the higher side which is what made me start taking apple cider vinegar in the first place years ago and i have been religiously taking it every single Morning and i am happy to say now that i have normal blood sugar levels and i definitely think that drinking apple cider vinegar consistently every single day has been a huge contributor to that so on top of controlling high blood sugar levels apple cider vinegar is also great for decreasing high blood pressure And decreasing cholesterol it's also great for your skin because of the antibacterial properties it's great for dry skin it's great for acne i actually also use apple cider vinegar on my dog sparky whenever he has his seasonal allergies i'll just mix up a mixture of half apple cider vinegar and half water And just kind of spray on his infected areas so it's also a great natural remedy for pets during seasonal allergies you could probably also use it to treat some minor wounds and the list of health benefits of apple cider vinegar honestly goes on and on including improving digestion overall gut health Bloating belly fat and it also has antioxidants the only catch i will say with a drinking apple cider vinegar in at this liquid form is the taste i honestly will never get used to the taste and i have been drinking this stuff for years i honestly whenever i Mix it in water i just drink it as fast as i can because i will never get used to that taste so taking these goalie apple cider vinegar gummies has definitely been a game changer for me so finally getting on to my review on goalies apple cider vinegar gummies they Are actually the world's first apple cider vinegar gummy these gummies are gluten-free vegan non-gmo and unfiltered so you can feel confident that you are consuming the highest quality apple cider vinegar gummy from goalie these gummies are also fortified with vitamins b9 and b12 to help support energy metabolism help support your immune system Heart health and so much more so like i mentioned earlier i did finish going through this entire bottle i took two gummies every single morning and this lasted me about 30 days you can take more gummies if you prefer but every two gummies is equivalent to one shot of Apple cider vinegar and like i mentioned earlier i was taking about a tablespoon of this every single morning into a glass of water which is why i just kind of stuck with taking two gummies every single morning and this did last me about 30 days and i am looking at the Suggested use right here it does say you can take up to one to two gummies up to three times daily enjoy up to six gummies a day so you can't take more than two but if you really want to get the biggest thing out of your book i think taking two is plenty And each gummy is 15 calories so 30 calories for two gummies every single morning so starting with the taste of these gummies they are honestly super delicious the texture of the gummies too aren't too chewy or too hard it's not too soft either it honestly was just really delicious in my opinion i Actually also kept these in the fridge and if you have them cold they do have a nice very fresh cool taste you definitely don't get the apple cider vinegar taste from it at all they do say taste the apple not the vinegar and you do truly get that from these gummies so The gummies are really delicious honestly if you didn't tell me these were apple cider vinegar gummies i could probably finish the entire bottle but definitely do not do that um like it said it says you could take up to six daily so definitely do not eat the Entire bottle but that just goes to tell you that these are honestly so delicious and i definitely do not mind the taste at all i do not get that nasty sour vinegar taste so yeah so moving on to pricing the price per bottle of these goalie apple cider vinegar gummies is 19 A bottle there is a subscribe and save option on their website which will bring these bottles down to 16 a month which i don't think is too bad there are 60 pieces in each bottle and again that is if you're taking about two gummies every morning if you take less then you can Obviously stretch this bottle out a little bit longer they do also have a 100 money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with these gummies so i think that also speaks volume about goalie and how strongly they stand behind their apple cider vinegar gummies And so moving on to weight loss and if i lost any weight from these apple cider vinegar gummies i will be honest my weight tends to fluctuate up and down and i don't think i could contribute any of my weight loss from these gummies i will say though that i do think that Weight loss is attainable with these gummies with of course a balanced diet and exercise because these gummies are great in assisting with your overall gut health digestion reducing appetite so i definitely do think that with consistency and a good diet you can't see some weight loss and Again apple cider vinegar is a great natural detox so i definitely think that with consistency you may start to see a physical change over time and so finally to wrap up my review do i think these goalie apple cider vinegar gummies are worth it 100 yes i do think they're Worth it i honestly had such a pleasant experience taking this over the past 30 days it was a nice sweet treat i looked forward to to taking every single morning and like i mentioned i really do like that you just taste the apple and not the vinegar because honestly the Taste of this is something i will never get used to no matter how long i've been taking it no matter how many years i've been taking this i will just be straight up with you guys this honestly does not taste the best so if you are someone who Is very picky or cannot stomach the taste of apple cider vinegar but still want all the amazing health benefits from it i definitely recommend looking into a goalie's apple cider vinegar gummies again this video isn't sponsored or anything i am just sharing my experience with taking goalie over the Past month and again this is 100 my honest opinion but i hope you found this video helpful if you have any other questions that i may not have already covered definitely drop a comment below and i will be sure to get back to you and if you are interested in trying out Goalie i will have their website all left in my description below and again i do have a discount code you can use and that is cleo for so many off so definitely check that out if you are interested thank you so much for watching and i will see you guys next time bye

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