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[Applause] hey guys what's up it's Morgan welcome back to my channel if you're new then welcome to my channel today's video is going to be an updated video over the the goalie apple cider vinegar gummies I posted a video about these already so this is my updated video of them after Finishing one bottle so yeah I kind of just wanted to get on here show you guys my results what I noticed share with you guys my experience with the goalie apple cider vinegar Co means before we get into this video hit that subscribe button it would mean so much to me if You did so let's get on with the video first off I want to say that I did stick with eating only two of these a day you can eat up to six a day but I just wanted to stick with the minimum two a day that actually ended up being really Great for me I like taking just two a day I didn't feel like I needed to take more so pretty much I always took these in the morning time it was so easy taking these because they taste so good it literally tastes like you're just eating candy every morning compared to Taking the apple cider vinegar shot which was so hard to do every day it just was so harsh it's just not fun taking that every day so these are actually very enjoyable to take it's super easy so I did like that in the one month that I took these I would say the Biggest thing that I noticed is your appetite it definitely got rid of craving whenever I would eat like my meals would be small and I wasn't wanting to eat these big meals you could definitely tell that your appetite is just controlled you're not out there like wanting to eat everything the Thought of food is just not in your mind so it definitely helps with appetite control I would say that was my number one thing that I notice when it comes to like weight loss I wasn't really focused on trying to lose weight with these I lost about four Pounds and the whole entire month I could see how these would help you because like I said it definitely helps with appetite control so if you're watching what you're eating exercising doing stuff like that while taking these it definitely would probably help you lose weight on top of that it really Helps with bloating in the past month I really wasn't ever bloated you don't have that heavy feeling after you eat which was another thing that I really liked because no one likes being bloated I also noticed taking them in the morning time that I had is so much energy throughout the day Nothing like wired and going crazy but like you just feel good throughout the whole entire day like you don't ever feel sluggish or tired and needed to take a nap so that was another thing that I notice is you definitely have just good energy throughout the day I Noticed during this a month was my skin I talked about this already in my first video that after even like a week I could notice my skin was just clear it's even toned I had no blemishes nothing it was really nice to just have clear skin There were so many days I just didn't even wear makeup I didn't need makeup so that was really nice as well yeah those were kind of the really main things that I noticed during this month overall I really loved taking these I would highly recommend them I already ordered another Three months worth of them they still haven't came in yet but I do want to say that I've been off of them for about a week now probably like two three days ago I started getting like all these cravings I was bloated for the first time and forever and right away I knew It was because I was not taking these for a few days so ready for this package to come in so I can get back to taking these consistently like I said I would highly recommend me so that's pretty much my experience with this with one bottle I do want to keep making updated Videos for you guys about these if you are curious about these I you have a video on them explaining all the benefits and everything for these gummies if you have any questions or anything please feel free to comment them below I would love to answer them For you guys also if you are wanting to buy some of these I do have a discount code it is Morgan Rielly I will leave it right here so this will give you 5% off of your order give these a try because I promise you you will like them you won't Regret taking these gives video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it or if this helped you at all don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos thanks for watching this video guys bye

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