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Hey guys what's up welcome and welcome back to my channel today in the lab i am going to be doing a different type of video um so here on my channel i have beauty content but i also have lifestyle as well and so this particular video is going to geared towards my fitness People and who want to know like a review on this particular product so i'm going to be reviewing some basically apple cider vinegar products and as you've seen by the thumbnail and the title of this video i'm going to be giving you my thoughts and my actual experience with using both of these Products so if you are interested in getting some weight down or if lifestyle type is your type of video that you like to watch then give this video a thumbs up also hit that subscribe button because i do add in lifestyle and health journey type videos here and There but if you want to know how to get how to slay from inside and out girl then hit that subscribe button and if you want to see what my thoughts are on these products then keep on watching let me start off with this goalie this goalie thing i've been Saying this thing trending like crazy on instagram crazy on youtube so a little bit about this goalie nutrition it's a world's first apple cider vinegar gummy and it comes with 60 gummies in here and i'm a little bit i'm almost done with this jar Anyway and let me go ahead and let me go ahead and just take one for the team i usually take about two to four a day if i remember but they taste spectacular the taste is so good and what these claims to do is a dietary supplement with with The mother and it suggests that you take one to two gummies up to three times daily enjoy up to six gummies per day like that's your max um so they're gluten free vegan non-gmo organic and unfiltered and so these particular gummies if you can't do the apple cider vinegar Drink like water or cayenne pepper or just drink apple cider vinegar um as a whole then you would probably like these more however the difference with the two is that this tastes like apples for sure this tastes like straight up vinegar with the mother if you're not a vinegar person and you Would gear more towards these gummies they taste like apples if you don't mind the sour taste and you love vinegar like i do then you don't mind doing the vinegar drink now the reason i even got these were because i tried the seven day apple cider vinegar Cleanse by jj smith and when i say this thing worked for me i didn't take any before after pictures but if i find like what i was before i started this journey back in may till now then i'll try to insert here and there but if not then i do apologize About that but if you like this video then going forward i can certainly share my journey with you guys if that's videos that you want to see but i just wanted to focus on these two products and review these two products so when i did the seven day Cleanse i used this of course and all the ingredients that's listed in this book and i will tell you the first four days i saw a drastic change in my body i lost at least six pounds by four by day four and then after that a total of 12 pounds It was crazy it was crazy and i've actually maintained that weight off because i did work out although in the book that tells you not to do harsh workouts once i was done that week i went back to my uh harsh workouts i did walk Um at least four to five miles a day when i was on the seven day cleanse but that boosts the weight loss even more um but with this you will fill it with this also you have to be careful as far as it taking off the enamel on your Teeth because it is a very acidic product and i love this stuff i use this in my foods that i cook with i use it when i want to do a cleanse i um use it when i eat my crab so i love vinegar so this is not This wasn't too bad to me although i was doing it like first thing in the morning and so when you're getting up in the morning when i get up in the morning i'm not really hungry comment down below when you get up in the morning you automatically Want to start your day with food especially if you're getting up at six seven eight o'clock in the morning i'm not really that hungry yet i started getting hungry around nine ten o'clock so to do this early in the morning it was a it was a challenge but I did it and i kind of like tried to hurt and quickly quickly gulp it but nevertheless i saw drastic change in this both of these definitely helped my skin both of them helped my nails grow i saw my hair growing really fast i had a lot of energy with both of them I saw more weight loss on the regular apple cider vinegar cleanse like water and drink and or shot as opposed to the gummies now these goalie gummies um suppresses your appetite yes they do but for me it wasn't suppressing it as much as the regular apple cider vinegar um this Would suppress my appetite for about two hours with this i was going like four to six hours without eating anything and i was totally fine and still feeling full and rejuvenated both of them do give you energy i will say that and like i said with these they just taste really really good And it like i said if you're not into the taste you can try these out but don't think you're gonna lose drastic amount of weight on these goalies that is not i mean you may lose probably like up to three pounds three pounds in that month because you Can take these for the whole month um but this is not something that you're gonna see like oh let me pop these gummies in and i'm going to automatically start slimming down you that's not how it works to slim down you need to put in that active wear so you need to Work out to girl work out even if it's walking walk a few miles walk on the treadmill if you're not comfortable going outside drink a lot of water i will not stress that enough i drank so much water when i did this like gallon of water a day at least and it just Cleans me out flushes you out and that's where also you were seeing weight dropping with this right here you definitely want to stay hydrated as well like i said you may get a different result if you try this with me i didn't lose a drastic amount of weight i probably Lost a pound off of this but i lost a lot of weight with this and then combining my workouts that definitely helped out so i would encourage you if you are interested in losing weight or toning up make sure you're staying active when you're trying to take um supplements and What i do like about this like i said is a healthy supplement it's not one of those supplements that you need to use and you can't eat anything you can still eat with both of these you know so i just wanted to quickly come on here and share my thoughts on this Goalie gummies because i've been seeing them around all on the internet and i'm like there's no way that these are gonna do much um to me they didn't really do much like i said it just keeps my skin glowing that the working out is what i'm really excited about when i'm In this journey while i'm in this journey and i'm continuously doing this journey the working out is what's exciting not necessarily a supplement or a cleanse of apple cider vinegar and water drink a lot of water if you are going to be doing these i would suggest you drinking a lot of Water so let me know if you tried the goalie gummies or if you tried the bragg organic apple cider vinegar let me know which one you tried if you seen any results comment down below i just wanted to quickly come on here and tell you my thoughts would i buy this again Probably not because i feel like this is more sufficient for me than the gummies i do again i will say again i love how these taste they're super easy to just pop in your mouth and even if you have like a sugar craving i would just go right to these and pop two And then i'm fine like so like i said this is definitely more of a suppressor or a appetite suppressor it says that the golden nutrition is an inventive people-focused nutrient company driven by the belief that happiness and wellness go hand in hand our goal was to create easy nutritious And delicious way for everyone to incorporate apple cider vinegar into their daily routine they have the old benefits of traditional apple cider vinegar without the unpleasant taste so it's basically about the taste it's not necessarily to me uh anything else besides that again gluten-free vegan non-gmo organic and Unfiltered and this is with the mother so if you're going to be trying like apple cider vinegar gummies you have to try the ones with the mother and like i said i really enjoyed this so so if i had to choose again i would choose the uh bragg's vinegar over the goalie Gummies but comment down below your thoughts and yeah i just wanted to give my thoughts on those make sure you work out i'll have all the benefits popping up on the screens for each one so you can see a list of the benefits for each of the ones but nevertheless That is my thought on this i just feel like some of the products out here when it comes to a weight loss journey or getting in shape they're just um pretty quick to say what it's doing and i just want to be honest with you guys you have to put in work To see some results and that's just what it is in anything in life so please don't think you can just pop in gummies and you're going to see a drastic change in weight loss since that's not how it works you have to work out you have to work Out and you have to drink hella water so if you're not a water lover that's going to be a struggle for you but i would encourage you to try water maybe infuse your water if you don't like to taste the plain water i mean i don't know why people say they Don't like the taste there is nothing to taste but if you feel like you can't get down at least eight glasses of water a day i would suggest infusing it with fruit infusing it with maybe a fruity tea bag i've recently been doing that maybe in infusing it with cucumber mint And your different veggies if you like certain vegetables that go into the drink so it's totally up to you how you want to intake these different things on your journey so comment down below if you're on a weight loss journey and you're just looking for different ways to help boost your immune System that's basically what these are doing and boost your energy so that you can keep going in your journey so let me know down below and until next time love peace and beauty i'll see you guys in my next video bye

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