GOLI GUMMIES REVIEW – 30 DAY UPDATE | apple cider vinegar gummies for weight loss: do they work??

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Hey y'all welcome back to my channel it is summer kay here on YouTube fist friction by summer if you follow me on Instagram and someone underscore ka YY if you follow me on tic toc today's video is going to be in update video and we are going to be talking about the Goldy gummies after the first 30 days so this is gonna really be a short video because I already have two really good in-depth videos about the goalie gummies and then I also have a video answering the most commonly asked questions when using the gummies or when getting ready To start out with using the gummies so this is just going to be an update it's gonna be what people are saying as well as myself because my bottle is gone I did two gummies a day so it came out to be thirty days some people do more which Is fine I'm gonna tackle it in this video but before we get into it please make sure that you do thumbs up if you like the video so that YouTube knows to suggest it make sure that you're subscribed if you haven't and if you want to make sure that you don't miss a Beat make sure you put the notifications on also like I said this isn't gonna be too long so I'm gonna start out just letting you guys know how I feel about these gummies I like them I would probably continue to use them I like them better than doing an apple cider Vinegar drink but at the same time you get a lot more doing the liquid apple cider vinegar than doing these gummies because two of these gummies equals I think a teaspoon or a tablespoon I have to check it teaspoon or a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and I usually do a Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar so I'm depending on how much you want to take that's really up to you but personally for me I feel like this is a pretty good benefit because it also has the pomegranate and it has two beet root and it has the b12 and the folic acid in There as well so it's not like it's just straight apple cider vinegar I will say in the beginning this did help kind of curb my appetite but I have a pretty active metabolism so I'm pretty much always hungry as far as other people they do say that it helps curb their Appetite in the beginning and then after a while they start to feel hungry or and I would say that that probably contributes to the same thing your metabolism is getting a little bit more active so whereas you might be used to skipping breakfast and doing these on an Empty stomach after a while once your body starts to adjust it might start asking you for a little bit more calories which is why you might be feeling I will also say I didn't do these to lose weight but I do feel like they did pretty well with helping me like Maintain and help with not wanting to snack of course but it also helps with you know keeping the tummy down because apple cider vinegar is a natural detox do not forget that so whereas you might not necessarily be losing weight on the scale you might notice your physical Appearance starts to change I will say when talking to other people it seems like about five pounds is the general weight loss in thirty days people generally lose about a pound a week ranging anywhere from three to five pounds some people lose more and that's more so contributed to something that we Should all be doing but a lot of people aren't of course exercising and eating right so if you are taking these and you're also exercising then nine times out of ten you've probably already seen a better benefit than just losing the five pounds or you've seen a better Physical appearance so even if the scale hasn't changed but for people that are just taking the gummies they're not doing anything but taking these gummies for 30 days the average is 5 pounds so leave a comment below if you did experience some weight loss and let me Know how much you lost if you haven't lost anyway leave that too so that people know what kind of experiences that people have because if it seems like it's just all a positive experience it doesn't necessarily seem real because this does not work the same for everybody so leave your experience with The goalie gummies below so that other people can check it out and see if they want to purchase it or not another thing that I've noticed up from people that have been taking and this is from people that haven't taken a little bit longer so this has come more so from older People as well as it does help them with their inflammation I've had a few people that say that it helps them with their arthritis now of course you know when you're younger you might not have arthritis but you do notice if you have some inflammation going on which is also The same thing as if you notice that if you are bloating so say that is a benefit of apple cider vinegar is to help reduce inflammation so if you're taking these gummies and you're realizing that you aren't having as much pain or that your information is going Down that is a key benefit of using these gummy so I suggest that you keep on taking them if you're not doing the regular apple cider vinegar liquid now as a reminder this is just a 30 day update so if you have been using a longer and let us know It has been working for you or if you haven't tried yet you're thinking about starting it make sure that you check out the link in the description box because there will be a code so that you guys can save you some coins and if you're reordering then definitely use that code As well so that you save if you order more of course you save more but you could at least start with a month supply and save you a little bit of money um if you do two of these a day it is a 30 day supply on here it says two to three Gummies um you can enjoy up to six a day so that's up to your discretion I get two a day so that I wouldn't be running out too quickly but you can of course do more I know people that do two in the morning and one in like the afternoon or If they're just feeling like they just need a little snack those pop one in their mouth that's perfectly fine um the more you do the more apple cider vinegar benefits you get just don't go over the six a day like it's recommend it and just understand that if you do take more Than two a day you're gonna run out of it pretty quickly so make sure that you buy enough so that you don't run out of your supply before you finish out your so what I will say about these gummies is of course you don't have to use them You can do it the natural way you can just work out eat right you don't even have to take the apple cider vinegar liquid but if you're looking for something that's gonna help jumpstart it so that you know you can have that little boost mmm have the boost of Metabolism like I said it does the benefits of apple cider vinegar without the apple cider vinegar taste and it has those superfoods in there which is gonna help with energy production it's gonna help with inflammation it's gonna help with naturally detoxing the body it does help with skin I haven't had anybody say Anything about skin yet but it does help with skin so if you're trying to get jump-started if your primary goal is weight loss I would say to at least give it a try just do one bottle use the code in the description box lets you save some coins And just make sure that you do it consistently and if you want the maximum benefits do some exercise eat right it doesn't necessarily have to be like a restricted diet but just don't be doing this and eating fried foods sitting on the couch watching TV and expect to see A difference cuz you're more than likely not gonna see a difference and then you're gonna say it doesn't work get up and be active even if it's just walking for 30 minutes a day and then just make sure that you're watching what you eat drink your water and I promise you will See some progress within thirty days one thing I will say is some people have experience as a reflux with this so I have not of course but if you are somebody that experiences issues when I say reflux I would just be wearing and trying this you can still Try the gummies just to see how it goes but if you're experiencing any of those type of issues it's okay to just not do it there is a money-back guarantee on their website so if you feel like you are getting the results that you need it You can go ahead and contact the company and let them know and see what to do about sending it back so there's really no harm and try and get a make sure that you let me know in the comments if you have been using it or if you're Interested in trying it and if you have any new questions that I haven't answered in my previous video just let me know and then I'll answer it in a new video if you guys want me to alright thank you for watching make sure that you like make sure that you are Subscribed if you haven't already and share this with somebody that might be interested in trying it or that might be interested in sharing their story so that the next person can know whether it's something worth buying

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