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Hey there guys it's a list here and tonight's training is about goalie apple cider vinegar gummies so do me a favor as you guys are watching let me know have you ever tried apple cider vinegar before do me a favor put it in the comments let me know and if you did what Form did you try it in was it in like are you straight shooter or you're like yep I don't shot it at every single morning are you someone like me where you go and you mix it into a little cocktail maybe some cinnamon maybe some stevia in there that's how I like it Whenever I enjoy it or maybe you're somebody that does the freeze-dried apple cider vinegar capsules maybe you do the gummies let me know put it in the comments and if you're like my husband and you're like I don't care what form you put it in I can't do the taste do me A favor and let me know that too because that's a big reason why goli created this product they were trying to solve a problem right but my goal is to help you guys understand the effectiveness of a product and to help you understand you know the potential toxicity where you May not want to delegate your dollars towards one version of a product or is another so that's what this is about so just to make a little disclaimer I did email goalie two weeks ago and I asked them specific questions that I wanted answers to before I came and did a Review however I got a response back that day saying hey we got your email but you know we are in the middle of a pandemic and I understand that so we'll get back to you as we can I still haven't heard from them and it's been Two weeks not to say they won't get back to me but I've had many people asking me about this product lately especially as people see my apple cider vinegar training where I talk about the benefits of it and if you haven't seen that training by the way just put tag me in That training in the comments and I'll scroll back it's been months back so I'll scroll back find it make sure that you're tagged in it but that's a you know a big reason why people were asking me about this because many of you guys could be like my husband and you're like I literally cannot do it I don't care what form it's in so maybe this seems like the best solution for you right so I did want to let you guys know make a disclaimer that when I get the answers that I asked I may change I may revise my opinion but The information that I have now based off of the information on the website the research that I've done any studies I looked at anything that I could find this is my feedback on this product all right so first things first here's why these are the four things that make me Not quite sold on this product first it's in gummy form okay I love gummies I love them just as much as anybody else but what I need you to remember is that the studies that have been done on upper cider vinegar at least the ones that they use on their Website to show the you know the effectiveness of the product they're all liquid apple cider vinegar studies so when you go to goalie's website and they have a link at the bottom that says you know they have a couple different links on their website but it's you know They're you're trying to find the research so it's the science behind goli or studies behind goli I clicked on that and it's all studies about apple cider vinegar and its effectiveness but it's all in liquid form so we don't know if this delivery system of this vehicle to deliver to Deliver apple cider vinegar is as effective we don't know it could be but it may not be so there are a lot of companies that may start to use studies that have been done on an ingredient but it doesn't mean that the same studies apply to your product so that's Something I want you to keep in mind not just for this company but for tons of companies out there I talked about that in a couple different trainings and that you got to be careful if a company says hey we use you know ashwagandha and ashwagandha has great properties but They have very minimal amount in their product well you can't just go and steal that study and say hey it applies to our product it doesn't it's not the same potency it's not the same delivery system etc okay so just keep an eye out for that so that's the first thing is It's not the same delivery mechanism so do the studies necessarily still apply we don't necessarily know number two is that we don't know what heat the product is manufactured under so yes they're using unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the mother but if it's under heat it can denature that apple cider vinegar And some of the properties it can denature you know some of the probiotic benefits that some people get from things so that's something to keep in mind as well that's a question I also ask them is we don't know if it's process under heat the you know effectiveness the quality of the product Absolutely can be compromised so that's number two number three is the fact that they're apples they're apple cider vinegar it's not listed as organic and so here you'll see apple cider vinegar it's not listed as organic but they do have other organic ingredients organic be true organic pomegranate you know Other organic ingredients to help with flavoring but when the apple cider vinegar is an organic the reason that concerns me is because apples are on the Dirty Dozen list so you know the top twelve types of produce the top twelve fruits and vegetables that are known to have the highest amount of pesticides Apple's is high up on there and so I even said months back when I did my original training on apple cider vinegar that you need to get an organic form it goes the same for when it's in gummies now I did email them to try and verify Saying is there some reason you don't have it listed as organic is it organic I just want to know for sure and I don't know so if it's not I don't recommend this product because the I feel like the toxicities outweigh the benefits like you you're not getting Enough benefits to be able to justify having pesticide ridden apples within something that you're probably gonna be taking pretty regularly so that's my feedback on that if it's not organic I wouldn't recommend taking it that's number three and then last but not least guys number four is the B vitamins that They choose to put in here are also not in the most bioavailable form so many times in supplements not just goalie but a lot of supplements in there they're gonna use the cheap versions of vitamins like there's multiple different types of you know like calcium or you know Vitamin D or B vitamins okay so they have b9 and b12 well if you know enough about types of B vitamins you'll know that when you look on their label and you see that it says cyanic abala mean but that's not the most bioavailable form methyl cobalamin is and so cyano cobalamin is It's made in a lab it's not in its natural form and it has a cyanide molecule attached to it it's literally methyl cobalamin with a cyanide molecule attached to it why would somebody use that it's cheaper it's cheaper it's more cost-effective for them but it's not better for you now Can you still technically get benefits from this yes is it gonna be as good as methyl cobalamin no and you have a sign in molecule attached to it I mean I'm not saying it's like you're gonna die from it because you have to have a lot Of that to reach that level of toxicity but your body still doesn't need it doesn't use it and has to get rid of it and excrete it so your body has to turn it into methyl cobalamin anyway so the only reason they're not gonna use methyl cobalamin is because it's more expensive For them that's a personal choice for a company that's absolutely there right but I need you guys to know because it's your right to know same thing goes for there benign that they have in there okay so this is you know they use a folic acid what's the more bioavailable Version of that that you're actually going to be able to absorb and use readily in your body you'll want to get the benefits from it that would be so it'd be like 6s tetrahydrofolate it's literally a really long scrabble word I'll put it in the comments when you understand like the Biochemical makeup of a lot of these vitamins you're like okay it's actually more normal for them to have longer names but I'll put that in the comments for you guys that's the version of b9 or you know Foley that you want to look for okay so it's not just enough to say we Have b9 you know we have b12 if your body can't readily use it or if it has more toxicity to it you know how much weight does that carry for you is that important to you that's what I want you guys to think about so just to kind of bring this full circle Guys if you decide you want to use this product that's absolutely fine that's absolutely okay that is you're right my goal is to always come and be like listen let's talk about the efficiency of this let's talk about whether the science actually proves it let's talk about the potential toxicity And then you make the best decision for you for your family for your health if it's me I'm not going to have something that has non organic apples in it that's honestly the biggest thing for me so that's absolutely your choice guys if I get answers back and it ends up Being something that changes my mind you bet I will absolutely update you but as of right now that's my review on the goalie gummies you make your choice you make your decision based off of that but hopefully you can make a more consumer educated decision and I pray that this helped you

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