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What's up you guys it's Jen here from Jess Jen and today I am back because I am filming my update on the goalie Nutrition apple cider vinegar gummies this is my third bottle so I feel like I can finally talk about it and kind of share my thoughts and compare what they Say versus what I feel all that good stuff so if that's something you're interested in then keep watching because we're gonna roll right into it so when you order from goalie nutrition the first thing that you see in the box is they give you a bunch of information so I'm gonna go down through the list and kind of look at what they claim it does versus what I feel it does for me personally now mind you everybody's body's different everybody's gonna react differently to a any kind of supplement so you know kind of take my review with As it is but this is my personal review this is my third bottle so obviously I've been taking it and the gummies themselves just to refresh your memory look like this they're literally little gummies and all you do is chew chew up I forgot to take them this morning so I Might as well take them now while I remember but it says it's made with the mother and if anybody's ever tasted apple cider vinegar you know it tastes awful like it's horrible to get down these are very tart but they don't have a bad Taste like I can I can deal I can hang so that is that now some of the benefits that it says that you can gain from this is appetite control and weight loss I wish I don't find it controls my appetite maybe if I took more because it says you Can take anywhere between 2 and 12 a day not taking 12 gummies because I'd go through this bottle in less than a week and it's $20 a bottle forgot to mention that $20 bottle but the more bottles you order the cheaper the cost gets so if You buy in bulk I've so far I've only been buying individual bottles so I don't know but as far as appetite control and weight loss doesn't really cut it for me don't really notice anything with that and also claims that for the traditional apple cider vinegar Again I don't know I mean I'm just being honest I'm just keeping it real I'm not sure lowers blood sugar levels yes I have noticed a slight difference in my blood sugar levels I'm also taking other supplements so it's hard to attribute whether it's from this or if It's from something else I'm taking but knowing that that is a possibility it does make me feel better about taking it improves immune system I would say yes it has been a horrible horrible flu season and I am a teacher and so far I have survived that's a miracle in itself Okay usually I would have been sick by now but so far I'm hanging in there I'm going to knock on what now because I just jinxed myself but I would say that this has helped with my immune support made with the mother yes contains highly nutritious nutritious acetic acid yes it Does infuse with superfoods the you know the liquid traditional ACV is not but this is infused with pomegranate and beet root which are considered superfoods so it's kind of like a bonus then enriched with vitamins b9 and b12 state for tooth enamel yes because it's a gummy so you're not drinking the apple Cider vinegar which is very rough on your teeth good taste it's not a bad taste they'll be honest I wouldn't say it's the best taste ever in the world but it's not the worst yummy smell mmm I wouldn't say that I mean I don't really sniff the bottle or Anything and easy to take yes another claim that it makes is that it's good for digestion and it helps in aids and I you know the digestive process for me that's where I've seen the biggest difference um my digestive system hates me just gonna throw that out there being diabetic that's one of The issues that I have my digestive system aids me since taking these I have noticed a significant difference in the way that my body feels I'm not as bloated my stomach doesn't hurt as much things like that so I'm attributing that to this um that's the biggest reason I Keep using it I wish it would help aid in weight loss that would be amazing but I'm not counting on it for that but I will continue to use it because I have noticed a difference in my digestive system so overall I would say that these Are a good product if you are an apple cider vinegar user this would be an awesome alternative I would recommend getting one bottle and trying it out first I wouldn't go and order a bunch of bulk but I would try a bottle out and see how it works for you but for me Personally like I said the digestive properties of it that is what has been working for me um so let me know in the comments down below if you have tried the goli nutrition apple cider vinegar gummy if you're thinking about it let me know if you have any questions I Will try to answer them if I have an answer um I will also link down below the link you can go to to order if you want to try it out I get absolutely nothing from that but I also have a promo code I'll leave down below so that You can save 10% on your order so I will put that down below once again thank you so much for stopping by my channel I love talking to you guys leave me some feedback if you are new here click that subscribe button and ring that bell for all of my future uploads But until then I will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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