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Hey guys so today we're gonna do something a little different we're gonna do a product with you as most of you who follows me know I have been on a weight-loss journey for about a year and a half in that timeframe I have lost a total of 62 pounds then I gained seven Back then I lost ten more and now I'm in the process of losing my final 15 and then I will be completely happy I would be satisfied and more importantly I will be and what I believe is a healthy weight for my height 5 feet 9 inches Tall so yeah so some of the things that helped me lose weight was changing the way I eat changing my eating habits changing how much I ate I still eat all of the things that I love but I don't eat as much as the things that I love And one of the biggest things that helped me lose weight was drinking a gallon of water a day as you can see it's empty distill is the best water to drink because the only thing that's in distilled water is water I'll do another video on different brands at a later time And aside from doing that I also got into apple cider vinegar as many of you probably have done you do hashtags on Instagram you google you go on YouTube and you will see thousands of web videos of women who take a shot of apple cider vinegar per day and correction they take A shot I a police Eider vinegar with mother it has to have the label mother on it they take that per day and what that does is it helps curb your appetite you're not as hungry as frequently and with it doing that you're not thinking about food as much so you're not hungry As much so you're eating less and it actually worked I did it for about five months and in doing that I 20 of the 62 pounds just off of the apple cider vinegar the negative is it's freakin disgusting absolutely trash it's messed up anybody who says apple cider vinegar is good he's lying I tried diluting it in water ill I tried it with cayenne I tried it with lemon it was it's horrible all of that round either it's horrible or my throat just bougie I tell you just might be why I did not make a good straight woman because looking at a guy And Doyle no I couldn't do it couldn't do it can't swallow it paints want apple cider but then I was on Instagram and I seen an influencer name is Vaughn she's a natural hair guru I've been following her for years because she's freaking adorable and I love a little Family especially her daughter and she posted something about apple cider gummy this is what she posted and I said you know what I have to get that I have to get that and I ordered it it was not expensive it comes in a box and inside a Box it is the benefits of it it has the goalie vitamin versus traditional apple cider so it says it controls your appetite and weight loss both the does that the gummy and the traditional it lowers your blood sugar levels both does that and improves your immune system it's made with mother it contains Nutritious excited acid both of them have that it's infused with superfoods the gummy has that traditional does not it's enriched with vitamins B 9 as well as b12 the gummy has that traditional does not is safe for tooth enamel the gummy is the traditional is not it tastes good the gummy actually does Traditional I just told you how I love that the it has a yummy smell they do smell good the traditional does not and it's easy to take the gummy is very easy to take I've been taking this for a few weeks now almost a month I'm gonna show You how one look this is how they look if you smell it it actually actually could smell the apple cider in it a little bit when you chew it you can actually taste the vinegar but it's not strong and I think because it has so many other vitamins in it that kind of Like distracts the taste so it's easy to chew they recommend you take one no more than four per day I started off taking one didn't notice anything so then after the first week I started taking like three a day and the changes that I've noticed with my body since taking goalie Is I'm not as bloated it's definitely has helped with my mmm with me being bloated I don't feel heavy I'm not as hungry it truly does curb my appetite I could take this in the morning drink some of my water and I'm good for hours Most days I have to tell myself oh girl it's 2 o'clock in the afternoon you better get you some lunch like it really does curb your appetite since taking it for about a month I have dropped more pants sizes which is great my clothes is fitting me better I Finally started buying smaller clothes it's like I know I was lost weight a lot of weight before taking this but I was afraid to buy clothes if that makes sense because I was scared I was gonna blow up again but taking this it makes me feel so good it gives me so much Energy that it makes me feel better about myself physically so that's a big change um it gives me energy I'm losing weight and it curves my appetite so it in a month of taking it it's definitely has done everything that it has promised one thing that it did that I was not Expecting but you should expect with taking any dietary supplement it gave me it gave me a stomach ache like toys I'm gonna say like week four my stomach started to hurt the same time every single day like for 49 I get off work at 5:00 for 49 my stomach is going Off and we're not talking about like a period cramps or anything I'm talking about a stomach pain like your mama just cooked some greens and you just had some macaroni and cheese and then you got up this morning and you ate some cereal with milk and then you had a sandwich at Lunch with more cheese like that's what I'm talking about it my stomach was hurt it hurts so bad y'all and one day actually two days ago it was hurting so bad I almost thought I was about to be a 38 year old who pulls on ourselves like It was that horrible and I think it was so bad because I live in Baltimore City anybody has ever been in Baltimore City we have some of the worst streets in a nation Baltimore City and Washington DC we have some horrible roads hose hose in the streets it's just horrible so with Every bump boom boom boom boom my stomach was shaking shaking shaking shake I'm a at home just in time just in time I'm sharing this to get you prepared for it I'm not complaining about it because prior to taking these pills I was not regular regular for me was going to the Bathroom in that way maybe two three times a week since this I've been taking this I've been going every single day so what I would suggest in order to avoid the possible slip-up don't take three don't take more than two a day just just stick to two take one like in the morning Maybe and one at night or if you have a really weak stomach start off with one that was the only negative I have about this other than that is great it gives you energy it curves your appetite it does everything that they say it would do you would not be disappointed but I Promise you if if you take more than two a day you and your bathroom are going to be like dicks so until next time talk to you guys later bye

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