Google Ads Case Study – [GLUCOTRUST] – NEGATIVE $1756 In Profit… Can We Make It Work?

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Hey what's up guys it's Yvonne and in this video we have another case study campaign here for you for gluco trust that is in need of some help this campaign is by Riser or Razer sorry if I'm not saying your name correctly thank you for letting us use your campaign for This case study I'm sure it's going to be a lot a lot of value to everybody watching and especially you so this campaign we spent just a little bit over 1800 Euros which is close to 2 000 US Dollars and we made 192 US Dollars all right so definitely we're Gonna go in and see what's up what's going on because we can do better and the only ad group that generated the sale was this one so in this video we're going to focus on this ad group right here supplements blood sugar hot and yeah we're gonna go through it if You guys want me to make a case study for your campaign as well to help you improve or to help you make more sales optimize it send me an email to Yvonne at with the number of your Google ads or Microsoft ads account and any tracking software system that You're using and tell me the results how much you made versus how much you spent and I'll see if I can make a case study on that campaign all right so we're gonna get into it guys so supplements blood sugar for glucotrust so let's click on this campaign so this one's not This ad group is not that bad we spent 600 uh you know roughly 620 maybe US Dollars and we made the 200 so we're gonna go in and see what's up we are also tracking with click magic so Razer or again ricer uh Riser good job on Tracking with Glick magic you have to absolutely track super super important so let's go from top to bottom let's look at your ads here so looking good I like how you have two ad copies as opposed to having you know all the different as normally people do they Have a ton of different ad variations and then they don't know what works for them so this is good what you have here where you just have the one and then the other one and then saying business name I'm wondering but there's no space to put the business name so I don't know Why it says that because because I've never seen that before actually but anyway so these are the ads good we'll go through them in a little more detail these are the keywords looks good and then we have other settings let's see well these are the settings for just the ad group and Let's look at let's look at the campaign settings so you're targeting the tier one countries that's good specific goal okay so you're using clicks soundbound clicks and purchases okay so I'm just thinking um if your objective is clicks it doesn't really do much I mean it's basically Clicks right so you might as well just pay for clicks oh yeah well the marketing objection uh objective is good that's all good and well I'm not sure if you set up conversion tracking between click magic and ClickBank though so if you haven't just make sure that that's The first thing you do so so again let's start off from the top let's go into our ad group of focus here so these are the ads so they are good ctrs by the way these are good ctrs right anything for broad keywords anything from two to six Percent CTR is good so let's let's talk about ads first so the first thing I would do here is just make your ads a little bit more interesting okay so you have the standard default ad which is good you know there's nothing bad with this ad it's good the only thing is There are no numbers there's no hooks there's nothing that can really Intrigue somebody right so if we look at some of your keywords like let's look at this one best I'm going to copy it come in here we're gonna paste it and let's see what we're going up against And we might not see many ads here yeah so we don't have ads it might depend on the country that you're in so basically what you want to do is type like look at your keywords and type them into Google and then see what you're going up against Right because you want to make your ADS stand out and over here there are no numbers there's nothing that makes your ads pop out really like I said it's not bad you give them what people are looking for but for example let's see let's let's see what we can do I keep right clicking by accident so new new blood sugar supplement that's good order today limited Supply maybe you can add some numbers here you know order today for 50 off we're ordered today for only 49 or something I love how you have extensions that's amazing Um this maybe you can say 100 all natural 100 natural herb ingredients or something like that right or 100 all natural herbs or something if there's no space something like that over here as well see if you can add some numbers here add some like over here you have a Number eight but it's barely visible it's at the very end right so you can add some over here what you could also do is you can test with a question so say something like struggling with blood sugar levels right order for 50 off now something like that basically see if you Can make your ad a little more exciting so I would go into Google or you can try like Bing as well and just type in your keywords and see what you're going up against or don't even type your keywords just type in you know you know um blood sugar or something like type Anything in and see what happens and it might be my location that's not letting me kind of see let's see if we can change the location here to let's say Canada and see if that changes anything yeah so here we have some ads so quality bourbonite supplements blood sugar balance supplement free Shipping over 70 bucks okay so that kind of drag gets people's attention this is an ad this is an ad um this one is not you know super interesting but it's like from a big company I guess so that's why they have that so let's see if we can try Google Let's see blood sugar supplement let's see what we're going up against and over here I don't think I can change the country here as I could in Microsoft but that's what you want to do just come in here and just compare and see because usually people have numbers Right like ten five you know over here 365 supplement so see if you can add some of that so that's what I would do for your ads other than that looks pretty good I mean you you have the bases down like I said put the keyword In your headline one put the call to action in your headline too that's perfect you got all that down pat uh CTR is also actually very good this is a very good CTR okay so that's good now if we go to assets I think I did see That you did have extensions which is amazing good job on that let me go to the campaign level extensions here you have site link you have call out I'm pretty sure I saw your price extensions I saw the prices did you pause them or what um oh they're not eligible header and Description requirements um let me see what what the issue is here oh I guess for the header so for Microsoft this works so if you saw me do this on Microsoft that's why it works because I'm on Microsoft this is fine if it doesn't work here it's because I Think you need to like in the header they want you to describe what it is so what you can do is just say like basic package you can name this and then in the description if you want you can say that right or or you can just leave that But basically they want you to put like the best value flexible pricing and stuff like that in the header so that's why it was disapproved so you could consider changing that not a huge deal you know it's not like you're going to miss out on all your sales if you don't But some small things that can help you out so site links call outs promotion yeah so that looks pretty good for the ads let's head over into our keywords now so your keywords are great okay the ones that you have they're great they're long tail keywords and they're very specific So great job on your keywords very good stuff here's what I would do though one is I would add way more keywords way more keywords okay so you have exact match keyword which is good especially for Google this is very important I would add way more keywords so I would Go in at I mean like hundreds more if you can right do the research add more and the reason for that is you're digging through the mud right you're digging through all the stuff that's bad right with the tracking and only a few keywords will be profitable so out of All these keywords you're only going to have a few that are going to work that's why you got to add a bunch and then sift through the mud and yes it's going to be expensive it's going to be costly but that's the only way to do it Like over here right we're gonna get into the tracking and we're gonna look at the stats here in Click magic in it soon but for this keyword this is the one that got you a sale this one top blood sugar supplement you spent 89 on It you see what I mean so these keywords you spend all this money on you made no sales now this is too early to turn these off you could run up until let's say a hundred twenty dollars because I think you make you make what per sale You you make the 200 per sale right so technically you could keep running these keywords until you hit the 200 and if you still don't make a sale in the 200 that's when you can turn it off you can reduce the limit make it 150 but that's The idea is like look at all the keywords right so this one got you the sale these ones did it so let's suppose now let's suppose we're talking about thousands let's suppose we have a thousand dollars here a thousand dollars here a thousand or no let's say we have A thousand dollar SE or a thousand here a thousand here and then we have like let's say 150 here right so now all of a sudden this is the only keyword that's working right because you made the 200 you spent the 150 or whatever is less than 200 Basically right so that's why we want to add more keywords and we just want to sift through the mud okay so either way if you don't add more keywords this is still okay you can still get by with this but thing is you would still need To spend more money to see what works so at least like 200 for each keyword to see which one works okay so this is a pretty expensive process at the start it does cost you money but you get data you buy data that's how this works So yeah I mean that's basically that so you want to add more keywords the ctrs are very good okay for these your ctrs are very good you did message me and ask me why your website CTR isn't that high and we're gonna get into that as well So actually I think that's pretty much it for this so let's go into negative keywords yeah so if these are the ones that you found haven't been converting yeah like these are fine to add I don't know uh we'll have to look at click magic and see So that's that so let's go in and let's look at our website now and then we're gonna go in and look at the click magic data so let's see let's look at our website so the website in generally looks very good okay I see that the template is Pretty much the same as the other video I showed for was it neural or excepture it was for exe pure right so this template is pretty much exactly like that exit your page which has done very well it's generated a huge profit this is very good there are some things I Would I would work on a little bit so first of all this is just way too wide I think okay this is my opinion it's hard to read people have to literally like tilt their head to read from left to right I would put this in two lines Lower uh lower high blood sugar levels and then naturally with glucose something like that and then I would put the Stars on a separate line entirely because this looks a little awkward right it's like three plus two it just just looks a little awkward so I would Put this into like two or three lines I would break this down into two or three lines or at the very least move the Stars to the bottom if you can where I just make it a little easier to read because there's a lot of like it's just not very convenient Local trust is a brand new science-based supplement that supports for men and women with diabetes I mean this looks good I love how you have the call to action I love how it's huge and big and very easy to read that's amazing order today limited supply all that is good All this is good um I want to share you a supplement you want to make sure you just fix the grammar mistakes sometimes I want to share a supplement with you right things like that for people that are very detail-oriented they're going to be reading in general though your site does look good This isn't quite even but that's just a little design thing so this maybe you want to Center that and then I did go through your link it looked it it does appear that your affiliate link does work so you are getting credit for the sale I mean so So you asked me why your website CTR is very low right why you're getting a 10 website CTR and we can't really know without setting up tracking between Google ads and ClickBank much more specific Tracking not just sales but for actual tracking between this page and the other page but What I can say is that there's got to be some discrepancy between the keywords and what people are seeing right so over here somebody's typing in best blood sugar control supplement and they're seeing this this is generally fine this this should be fine yeah so we would really have to look at the Stats and the data to see why it's only a 10 percent uh right here so yeah aside from that let's head over into click magic now let's look at some data so we made 192. so let's head over into reports let's go over into UTM performance report And we're gonna sort by I believe it's medium to look at the keywords okay so this is where I found that this is the keyword that converted and none of these other ones converted yet so here are the conversion rates that I was talking about the uh um What do you call it the uh action conversion rate right so for for people clicking from your page here to the sales offer I'm I'm guessing that's what it is so what's really driving down your CTR are these keywords right these ones these ones that have zero and this one That has three right so what foods to eat to lower blood sugar like that shouldn't even be there so this is a bad keyword what foods to eat to lower blood sugar let me see is it here or did you was that the one that you paused yeah so that's probably One that you paused for good reason you don't need that because that's not what you're talking about so that's one of the reasons for your low rate right it's like keywords like this bad keywords like this what foods help lower then you have this one but I'm guessing it's higher because You only have eight clicks on your site here what foods can lower so basically what you want to do is keep running this campaign until you start seeing more data so so far your top keyword is this one so you're profitable actually for this one keyword right so if you pause Everything else except this keyword technically you'll be profitable what you have to do is just keep on going and keep on seeing what works now here's another observation I found we go into I believe it's a traffic analysis if you go here and you go by so first of All country yes or United States is so far the best performing one and if we come back into Google ads and we go to let's go into country uh where's location uh we spent a total of a thousand a hundred dollars on the US but that's in total so let's look at this Um where is the trying to find the country here so we can look at the ad group country I don't think it's going to show us actually I don't think we can sort by um ad group country because that's what we want to see right it's like from this ad group how much Did we get let's see if we click on the United States yeah no it's just gonna sort by cities and and all that that's fine but basically the point is we spent all this money on all these countries right and we got zero we got nada from All these right so we only spent a thousand on the us and we made some sales in the US and which is why you increase the bid which is fine that's fine but the other interesting thing is if we sort by platform which is device um look at your mobile That is horrible right so you're not converting on mobile at all you only convert it on desktop so something to do with a mobile site or maybe people just don't buy on mobile It's just sometimes there's nothing you can do sometimes the offer sucks or sometimes people just Don't buy from a certain device from a certain platform so if we go to devices here you can see here that you spent a lot right you I mean we spent 1500 so technically you're fairly you know almost profitable if you're just talking about desktop which is why you decrease The bid but maybe it's time to decrease it even further so the CTR is high here but it's that's just way too much okay you spend way too much so something is off about the mobile version of the site so if we come here and click on inspect To see what it's going to look like uh I did look at this and it looks fine I don't see anything wrong with a mobile site so it is pretty mobile optimized but something about about people just not buying on mobile sometimes that's the case sometimes the offer is going to Be bad or sometimes people just aren't going to do something and that's okay right so just something for you to keep in mind maybe you want to reduce mobile even further maybe reduce it by 50 you know reduce tablets Maybe by 50 as well because the page looks good people just aren't converting So and it's way over the limit right like 1400 bucks is way over that 200 limit that we're talking about so yeah so that's basically everything I think like you could also go by day of week an hour of day but I would just leave that leave that for now So to recap here's what I would do one is I would work on your ads okay so think Step One is make your ads a little more interesting type in your keywords into Google and see who you're going up against most likely you're gonna see numbers you're gonna see some numbers Add those here 100 all-natural supplement order today for 50 off right get some more attention get some more excitement so that's one of the things I would do right and again let's let's see if there's a natural blood sugar supplement natural blood sugar yeah so I mean it Would work for this one where you have this Dynamic keyword insertion where your keywords will be here exactly which is why your CTR here is a little bit higher than here but for things like this where you're saying um natural blood sugar supplement and over here you're just saying buy Best uh blood sugar supplement it doesn't say anything about natural right and this part natural herbal ingredients doesn't always show up that's the thing so sometimes only two but basically point is you want to compare your ads against others and see what they have and try to make it a little more Interesting that's that's that part the other part is your extensions are pretty much good nothing much to say here but if you want to really go to that you know a hundred percent whereas you're at a 99 right now is you can change the you can add the promotion and the price you Can change this up a little bit to do what I said where you add the title in the headline basically so that it's eligible so that's that thing not a big deal I'm not even going to count it actually I'll just put this as part of one with the Ads uh two though for keywords you want to add more keywords and your keywords are generally pretty good but you do want to spend more time testing because right like you spend this is your high converting keyword where you spend only 89 once you get more data once you spend like 200 bucks Here on this one that's when you want to put this into its own separate ad group or even separate campaign with its own budget with its own ads with its own keywords all that stuff uh well just this one keyword but its own bid its own budget everything like that that's when You would want to do it once you get more data so that's how that part would work uh so that's two in terms of your ads when you click on it um I would just make this into two or three lines so that it's a little easier To read maybe maybe move this a little bit closer as well because it's too wide I feel like right but everything else looks pretty good your mobile site looks pretty good the button works as far as I check maybe you want to click on it Again oh the one more thing I forgot to mention okay so when you click on this button the first thing people see is a giant video they don't actually see this okay they only see this on repetitive time so what you want to consider doing is Actually see if you can find a text version of this page because what happens is the first time people see this is they click on um they only see the big video and they can't click anywhere else until they watch the video so that could get some people antsy and anxious So what you want to do is see if you can test it out with a text version as well text version sometimes does better because it gives people more flexibility to do whatever they want to scroll through to read at their own pace so consider doing that as well right or Or let people know that there's going to be a huge video so instead of saying Get gluco Trust now because see see the discrepancy you're telling people get glucotrust now they click here they see this huge video where the first time they see it I'm telling you they can't See anything so open this in an incognito tab you're going to see that you can't actually click on anything it's just going to be one big video so they're not actually getting glucotrust in that case right they have to watch the huge video so just say uh You know watch the video or free video reveals you know glucotrust like click here to see video you know something like that and they might be more more interested in doing that so that's for that um everything else looks good yeah so it's just a matter of just getting a Little bit more data but everything else looks pretty good you have it all in place keep in mind sometimes campaigns don't work as well as others right you not every single campaign will be profitable because different campaigns work better for different mediums right so exopure is a lose weight supplement For example it does well because it's about losing weight blood sugar I don't know how well it does on search right it might it might not so don't get so necessarily um so necessarily down and upset that this might not work as you wanted to because Sometimes it does have to do with the offer all right so aside from these things try it out uh do all the suggestions and you should see better results I think with the landing page and then if you test out the text Page all that stuff Check it out let us know how it goes I'll be curious to see again if you guys watching this want me to to make a case study on your campaign send me an email to Yvonne with the ID of your Google ads or Microsoft ads account And I can take a look aside from that I do invite you guys to check out my YouTube channel at Yvonne Mana where I have a lot of free videos uh showing you just various tools and tips to help you make money online and a Bunch of other case studies as well so that is all for this video thank you for watching I will see you in the next one

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