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Let's go straight to my screen this video is all about a great results keto and ACV gummy scam that's going around a scam surrounding this product and we're beginning here on this page which resulted from an ad that I saw online it claims here and it doesn't really have You know like a name of the website at the very top it just says Health right here and it just says advertorial at the very top I'll zoom in so you can see it advertorial which means it's not a news article even though it looks like one And it says life change I'll zoom in so you can see it because I know some of you are watching on your phones life change Johns Hopkins medical student has invented a unique tool that will help you lose 48 pounds in 28 days claims that it was published today Thursday February 16 2023 I'm recording this the night of February 16th and if we scroll down a little bit there are these pictures here of this person who apparently had gone through a weight loss transformation and if we scroll down a little bit it says isn't that Quite the before and after this is and I'll zoom in more this is Elizabeth pierce the top medical student from Johns Hopkins University in 28 days she was able to lose 48 pounds no diet or exercise is required anytime you see that that is a big red flag diet and Exercise are are you know undoubtedly one of the best ways to go to lose weight her medical specialty is food technology and the process of working on her PhD thesis blah blah blah blah so let's do this this person is not named Elizabeth Pierce like it says and I know That because I've seen similar articles to this one that claim at the very beginning with the same language right that you see right here except they swap out Elizabeth Pierce for the name Emily synstrom and they swap out Johns Hopkins University for Harvard University Medical School it's just another version Of the scam and in this one this person is not named Elizabeth Pierce and we can find out very quickly who that is you right click search image with Google expand this a little bit go to find image source and we close that on the Right there and then we zoom in here and what we find is that it is Australian teen Josie disgrand and this is from let's see 2018 is when these articles went around it looked like and see has the same photos here on the right and so basically they're using her image and Likeness without her permission in order to push whatever the product is it's going to be at the bottom of this article that we just looked at and that product is great results keto and ATV gummies and there's a scam surrounding that product and I'm going to talk more About that in a second I'm going to talk about a phone number for the company in case you need an email address and everything else that I can find that might be related to this product really quick please click the like button down below that will tell Google and YouTube My video has value and that'd be great because people might be able to find my video before they get scammed also there's a thanks button just below this video it goes like dislike share and there are other buttons on that same row of buttons there's a thanks button you Might have to tap the three dots to expand the menu but if you want to tap thanks that'd be great on mobile use your finger to slide that row buttons it moves Banks is over to the right if you want to tap it that'd be awesome and so Back here on the article there are other photos of people here as well this person supposedly named Leslie Martin and this this article this fictional article this scam article uses people's images and lightnesses without their authorization and that's what's happening here this person is undoubtedly not named Leslie Martin There's another person here Rebecca Alex Xander her name is very likely not Rebecca Alexander let's do a reverse image search for her see what we can find here find image source close that out scrolling down and it looks like it's identifying the page we're already on that there's a there's right there is A whoops is a reference to Emily sinstrom the other person you know the other fake name rather that's being used for someone named Kaya twisselman burchett who goes by the the name coach Kaya of her image and likeness is also being used without permission so let's see is there Anywhere here that isn't a scam website that's using these photos of this this transformation we saw on the website all this Harvard medical student stuff Harvard medical student BioLife keto keto gummies so you're seeing this person mentioned here over and over let's click on one of these and see what The person's name is see here's the Kaya twistleman birchett photo and they're claiming her name is Emily sinstrom and that's not true Her Image and likeness right here are being used without her permission I've talked about that before okay see this right here check this out So here's the same phone photos we just saw right on the other in the other article right here it says that this person's name is Casey with a K k-a-s-e-y what was this person's name on the other website Rebecca Alexander that's what it was here and so they're Not using this person's real name they're using this person's image and likeness without without their permission as well I mean here's another one here this guy Jim lost over 49 pounds in less than three months using Elizabeth's help and if we scroll all the way down let's get past all of the Nonsense here all the stuff that is not true and figure out what are they trying to push here we already talked about what it is there it is right there great results keto and ACV gummies and it says it comes in a 30 counts a dietary supplement it does not have a parent Company name which always to me is a big red flag and here are the links that start showing links here to Great results keto and ACV so let's follow these links to see what we can find and here we are on a website for great results and you can see here That it claims I'm gonna zoom in I don't want to disappear right there look on the left here it claims that CBS News NBC CNN and Women's Health perhaps all covered or endorse this and that's not true they always include logos like that to try to make you think that like Legitimate news organizations have covered this those news organizations have nothing to do with this and they always include too many trust signals here which I always think is kind of funding like Norton by Symantec McAfee secure and trustee verified do they really need all three of those or They're just throwing stuff out there you scroll up a little bit look at these trust signals on the right right here 100 natural ingredients 100 satisfaction guarantee made in USA made in USA and then made in USA three times in that one thing and then let's scroll all the way Down there should be more trust signals down here than normally are the website is secure 256-bit SSL encryption and they show the USPS logo here too it says Facebook Twitter and Google Plus but guess what these are not clickable those don't go anywhere that you can't click On them which you know is not unexpected at all it says here at the bottom notice the products and information found in the site are not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration the FDA these products are not intended to Diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease and then at the end individual all results May Vary and see here VIP program gives access let me zoom in even more VIP program gives access to 20 monthly recurring discount free ebook membership for health and expedited shipping for Life price is shown for Enrollees in the Subscribe and save program and what that means is that if you buy anything from these sorts of websites you might get hit with recurring charges after a trial or whatever it may be and what I hear over and over again people who order these sorts of products they think they're Going to only be hit with like a 40 charge for some reason but in reality they always tell me they get hit with like a 198 199 or 200 charge and they didn't see it coming I've received that sort of story from people over and over And over and it keeps going to this day and now let's go to terms and conditions here let me zoom out just a little bit it's kind of kind of big and then scroll all the way down so as you can see here this information might be very helpful To some people care great results is the email address and then telephone number is 888-742-8640 let's call that phone number just to see what happens the number you have dialed is not in service do you hear that the number you have dialed is not in service this number that it claims is Your your telephone number for your for for customer service is not in service it's not working and that there it is again and if you need a bigger red flag than that I don't know if I have one so that doesn't work and then there's an email address here care Great results that I would not trust either and so I would stay far away from all of this and you know I wouldn't buy a product if I couldn't find a working phone number and I I've heard the same thing about rejuvenate CBD gummies people were saying that that A phone number provided them an email after they ordered the product did not work and so that phone number didn't work it looked exactly like this website it had the Care at you know the website email address as well and and there's something super scammy Happening Here Not just with the the scam article the advertorial thing that that use someone's image and likeness without their permission but also on the product page there's no working phone number and that to me again is a really big red flag and so now comes your turn to tell Me something if you have ordered this product if you have have placed an order or know anything else about this product here great results keto and ACV gummies or anything else about the world of Keto gummies and CBD gummies that I'm not aware of off if you have a phone number That works for this company or maybe a mailing address that you found please tell me down below in the comments basically if I didn't say something that you know that might be helpful to other people coming to my video looking for answers after ordering this product please include it in the comments below Also if you did get a credit card charge for this product tell me on your credit card statement was it a different phone number than 888-742-8640 if it was please tell us what that phone number is in the comments down below and check after you make the comment like wait five minutes To see if YouTube takes it down sometimes if you include a phone number and a YouTube comment YouTube takes it down automatically just in case you know it might be a personal phone number of someone that that's being harassed or something like that which is not What's Happening Here what we're trying to do is trying to establish contact with the company that's selling a pretty expensive product like I said before please click the like button down below the Thumbs Up Button the more people that click like the better chance my video has of Landing higher up in search Results getting past all the scams and and other spam and stuff that was created by scammers and that'd be great also there's a thanks button down below just just to the right of like dislike and share just below my video here like dislike share there's a row of buttons If you want to click thanks you might have to click three dots to find the menu but if you want to tap thanks that'd be great on mobile to find the thanks button it's to the right of like dislike and share use your finger to slide that row of buttons it moves left Or right I can't remember I think go left that although that way if you're looking at me right now and you'll be able to find the thanks button if you want to tap things that'd be great stay safe out there don't get scammed subscribe to me if you want to learn More about this sort of thing and thank you so much for watching

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