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Product Name: Kerassentials

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Video Transcript:
Hi I'm Anna and I decided to make this video to share my first impressions about this amazing product called kerosene shows I'll tell you everything you need to know about this product but before I start I have an important alert to make there is only one official website selling this product Uh be careful with the scams out there because I've seen people buying through non-official websites not receiving the product or their money back okay so to help you I'll leave the official link to the official website here below the description of my video okay I know It so what is Carol saying shows and how it how will it help me Kara Sancho is an extremely potent combination of oils and skin supporting vitamins that you can apply every day after shower to give your nail bath the Boost it needs this carefully selected ingredients will give Your skin the support it needs to constantly rebuild itself stay a healthy characterization is the only complete formula that maintains the health of your nails in multiple ways regarding the ingredients that are aloe vera that helps moisturize the skin under cyanic acid that protects the nails lemongrass oil that helps with inflammation and Prevents future infection and some more I'm not an expert on this so you can always check on the official website for further information regarding its benefits as conversation is natural and does not contain anything dangerous uh so there are no side effects it is also important to mention That the formula of kerosension is manufactured in a state of art FDA approved and GNP certified facility I need to say I was a little bit skeptical about purchasing care Essentials but I decided to risk and I didn't regret it so far I've been using conversations for about two and a half Months now and I could notice some difference since the first weeks the itchnesses is suit and I could see new have pink nails growing I know that in order to have better results I need to continue using it so to have a complete treatment I bought a 180 day supply and I advise you to do the same because you will have 20 dollar discount on each bottle free shipping in the U.S and two amazing bonuses so hurry up and get yours I know you are excited to finally get rid of this annoying fungus so I'm pretty sure if you decide to purchase uh You won't regret it but if you do so for any reason uh you can always clean for your money back with a hundred percent guarantee during 60 days you can also check the refund process on the official website so this was my review I hope Kera sanctions can help you as much that Is helping me and if you have further questions feel free to leave it here on the comment section Below on my video thank you so much for watching and bye bye

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