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Foreign I'm Ashley you probably came to this video because you want to know more about care Essentials or how to keep your fungus free health without expensive treatments so watch this video Until the End I promise to clear all your doubts studies done with Scientists from the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Decades of people starting treatments and stopping before completely killing the fungus to the end causes the fungus to transform into a stronger type of fungus the meds you've taken so far have only made the fungus stronger and this has led to anti-fungal resistance which makes it increasingly impossible To get rid of the fungus therefore to maintain the health of your nails and skin you need to kill the fungus completely and that's where care Essentials comes in yeah but what is care Essentials and what's the difference care Essentials is a new nail and skin Health product that promotes killing Fungus for good using an advanced formula created by experts in the USA this is possible because care Essentials is the only product in the world with an extremely potent combination of skin support oils and vitamins specially developed to permanently kill fungus a proprietary bespoke formula of four high Quality special oils along with a powerful blend of nine oils and minerals all of these ingredients which are natural work together to support the health of your nails and skin unlike anything you've ever tried able to maintain a fundus-free life promote a healthy nail plus don't worry about Itching and bad smell never again an important point of attention is to be very careful about the authenticity of your product due to the success of care Essentials unfortunately many people are selling counterfeit products on the internet so please know that care Essentials is only sold on the official website and you Will not find it on Amazon or any Marketplace to help you I left the link to the official website just below in the description of this video so check it out later care Essentials is safe because it has an FDA registered and GMP certified facility in the United States under strict clean conditions Care Essentials has been laboratory tested and is non-GMO gluten-free non-addictive and stimulant free of dangerous toxins as it is a natural product all this means that there are no side effects and no contraindications today care Essentials is distributed in the United States Canada New Zealand Australia Ireland and the United Kingdom But how to use care Essentials care Essentials comes in the form of an oil that you can apply every day after showering each bottle lasts for 30 days the correct way to use this product is simple just apply it to your nails every day to say the health of your nails and skin However you need to take your treatment seriously because if you don't you'll likely get frustrated so remember that every body reacts in a unique way and the ingredients in care Essentials are scientifically proven to have its greatest effect after three to six months so it makes a lot of sense To start with the three or six month packs if you order three or six bottles you'll get two free bonuses and what's more it's important to know that you have a 60-day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with care Essentials or if you don't notice any Improvement within 60 days you can get Your money back no problem no questions asked so does care Essentials work well many people are using care Essentials with great results and no reported side effects so yes it is a reliable product I really hope I helped with this review don't forget to access the site through The link in the description of this video thanks

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