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Welcome to this video my name is Larissa and here I'm gonna talk to you about care essential so guys if you are suffering a full smell and Tall nail itching stay with me pay close attention have important things to share with you about care Essentials I'm gonna be Really briefed with this video so watch until the end because I'm gonna go through only the main important things and I also highly suggest you to check the official website for more information if you need because only there you can guarantee what is the producer offering to you okay so let's Go to the most important thing that I want to start that is an alert where are you gonna find care Essentials to buy guys today this product it's only sold on the official website but unfortunately you can find in other marketplaces so be careful because this Product can harm your body you may not get this product in your home or not get the results and frustrate yourself so to avoid all of that and especially because in the official website you can always return this product product in a safe environment and also you can buy promotions you can See the the details and all the the information about this product check it out the official website that is down below you just need to click and go directly there okay so let's start what is care Essentials does it really work and guys Cara Essentials has been in the Market for very long and the great thing about care Essentials that are 100 natural which means there is no side effects no harm to your body and you can try and see how it works and if you don't like that it's totally fine but it won't harm your body this is really Important this product has been tested and approved by FDA facility and also has no stimulants no habit forming okay so if you're trying for years to get rid of your toenail itching and full smell don't don't think that it's your fault it's not your fault keep in mind that Fungus if at least like even one is still there after your treatment they uh cannot get stronger and just mutate and go back and this is why you're not being able to get rid of it so according to the scientists from U.S centers uh for disease in control uh this is control And prevention they um they could discover that actually the fungus get stronger but why because the meds and treatments that we take such as antibiotics actually they make the fungus strong and they mutate so this leads to a anti-fungus resistance which makes almost impossible to get rid of The fungus once uh it's mutating and get it stronger stronger and knowing how to survive in our body and what can you get with kerosentures I want to read to you some of the ingredients some of the oils you're going to find in kerosensions and Why AI they will help you to prevent uh the fungus and also the side effects that you get having the fungus which is the itching and full smell so you're gonna find lavender oil that protects neocaroting but also supports the nail and skin and fights against strong fungus the organic flaxseed oil both Skin natural immunity helps with your inflammation and superfood for your skin almond oil helps prevent fungus protects against infections and supports healthy males guys there are other oils and other benefits that is the combination to come up with care Essentials but I suggest you to check it out the official Website as I said down below because I don't want to extend this video okay let's go to the treatment treatment is pretty easy you just need to take uh to use two times in the morning and two times in the afternoon use the enclosed applicator to coat uh the nail and also A cotton swab to um better uh spread the the oil on your cuticles and nail okay but keep in mind that the fungus will go away only if you take your treatment correct lots and lots of people complaining they don't see results when they are not doing their part so do your Part you're investing your time your money in your uh Health um in a better life so if you did the first step continue with that for better and faster results okay don't forget that each body in each organism is unique so do not do never compare yourself whatever works for one person Not necessarily we're working the same way two and guys usually supplements take up to 2-3 weeks to start like releasing difference because your body needs to get used and adapt with the ingredients with those natural ingredients uh but uh Cara essential says 60 days money back guarantee guys 60 days let's say really it's really enough time for it to try and if you don't like if you don't see results as I mentioned you can return it it's pretty easy and um but I'm pretty sure that right now you're gonna be able to get Rid of your fungus and you're gonna have a better life okay so guys that's it for today I really hope I helped with this video I really hope that care Essentials can help improve your life that you get rid of your fungus your full smell your Itching and um if you have any questions comments feel free to leave down below

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