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Hey everybody what's up my name is elene and today i'm here recording a video because i want to talk to everybody about the care essentials before you guys come to purchase it okay so watch this video until the end so that you don't have any regrets afterwards Because i will be sharing plenty of important info with you guys that you should know before you make your purchase okay so first of all you should know that care essentials is actually only bought through their official website and it's got an official website and not many People know about that so rather than maybe searching the internet by yourselves i've managed to grab that official website and i'm going to leave it just below this video in the description box and after you guys finished watching this video you can go over there and learn so Much more about the care essentials because there is so many things that you should know about it before you purchase it okay so the care essentials is a supplement that is here to help you with your fungi um toenail fungus as um some of you may already know but not only just Toenails any nails all right so your hand nails and your toenails um it is completely natural so you don't need to worry about using it it comes in a brush like in a brush form you know same as like the nail polish so yeah it comes with a little Brush and all you do is just pass it over your nails it's made up of only natural ingredients so it won't do you any harm okay it's got no contradictions and no side effects um it is completely proven that it works there are so many people who had excellent results with it and Since it is natural it will also help you like with so many other benefits and guys um like i said i left their official website down here and on the official website people talk about their results people leave their feedback so you can go over there and read it and See how it really works okay so yes the um care essentials is a nail fungi remover okay and not only that guys but it will also help you with your skin as well around your nails and there's many benefits to it and they even offer you a 60 day Money back guarantee so within 60 days of using it if you realize that you have new results or you don't like it or you couldn't adapt you can ask for a refund and they will give you all your money back without any questions asked all right so it's like a win-win situation You have nothing to lose okay guys oh but remember once you start doing the treatment you must follow the treatment okay so you must like use it every single day in order to actually obtain good results and remove out all your fungus so please use it every single day per The manufacturer suggests all right guys thank you so much for watching this video i hope you have enjoyed it be sure to go to that link right now see you guys around bye

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