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Can change slowly take a step today that's what it takes in this video we're going to be reviewing care Essentials right here all right it's basically a nail and skin formula that is designed to help prevent and treat nail fungus if you have that or you struggle with that I was doing a lot of research on just all the different things that prevent nail fungus and all the different ingredients you know natural herbs and so forth that can do that and that's the great thing about cure Essentials is that it all the ingredients it pretty much includes Everything that has been proven and shown to help in that regard be anti-fungal properties right so it's got lavender oil organic flaxseed oil almond oil tea tree oil lemongrass oil aloe vera vitamin E isopropyl palmitate and some other stuff as well most cases when people are dealing with an issue Like this generally they'll just go to the doctor get prescribed antibiotic um however with myself I'm just I'm really against antibiotic use just because of all the different effects that it has in terms of harm in your mitochondria you know messing up your gut microbiome and personally a few Years ago it was back maybe five years ago I had a sinus infection that I got prescribed a really intense antibiotic that ended up causing nerve damage to my shoulder so you really just don't know what's what the reaction is going to be especially if it's a strong antibiotic That you haven't taken before what the result could be the name of the antibiotic that I took was called ciprofloxacin so yeah I'm just curious if you've ever taken that let it let me know down in the comments if you had any adverse reactions to it I'm curious to Know I know I was talking to a buddy the other day that had the same issue uh he said that he took that and had some some bad side effects so yeah ideally in my opinion whenever possible you just want to go the natural route if Even if it's going to take maybe a little bit longer a lot of times it's definitely worth it because you're going to be getting at the root cause and you're not just blasting yourself with something that could potentially cause a lot of side effects later down the road Yeah so the care Essentials really helped to just clear a lot of the stuff up just the discoloration on my big toe and that was something that I was kind of dealing with for a long time and still until I started using it so I've yet to find a formula that has All the all those ingredients in one convenient blend so yeah it's definitely a solid product I'd recommend it if you deal with any kind of issues along those lines they have a you can see yeah 60-day money-back guarantee 100 satisfaction so yeah definitely recommend trying it out And also if you have tried the care Essentials out let us know down in the comments what your experience has been if it worked for you if you didn't let us know down below but yeah thanks for watching the video guys don't forget to drop me a like down Below see you on the next one alright peace Foreign

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