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I noticed tonight that people are searching on Google for Lux keto ACV gummies scam all five of those words in a row and I want to figure out why because I have some expertise I've done some reporting in the in the past for keto gummy scams CBD gummy scams CBD oil Scams and keto oil scams I've seen a lot of what's going on in this industry and I want to figure out what's happening specifically with this product here so let's do a Google search here on my screen Lux keto ACV gummies and you can actually see several suggestions pop up Almost immediately here so if you look here the first one's reviews the second one is Shark Tank Shark Tank the reality TV show you know with Mark Cuban Mr Wonderful and the other people who are on the show Lori Greiner Etc and here's why shark tank is showing up here for a Long time number of years and this has been covered before by lots of different Publishers scammers have acted like Shark Tank the investors on Shark Tank endorsed keto gummies CBD gummies CBD oil keto oil whatever but here's the thing Shark Tank never endorsed any of these products ever and there are Articles out there where scammers have taken the you know look and feel the design of big name Publishers Like Us Weekly Fox News ABC News whatever they take the design of what it looks like when you read an article on one of these big name Publishers websites and they've Copied that template the design over onto a new website created by scammers to where it looks like you're on or US Weekly or ABC news but really you're reading from a scammer's website if you look up at the web address at the very top the URL you're Not on you're on a scammer's website and not all people look up at that web address and they might get fooled and that's part of the scam here Shark Tank has never endorsed any of these products Shark Tank never endorsed Lux keto ACV gummies or any keto gummies Or CBD gummies ever next one here is scam ingredients where to buy side effects Reddit people want people at Reddit you know the experts or whatever to weigh in on you know what's going on here with this product near me maybe they want to find them for sale near Them so let's first start out you're searching for Lux keto ACV gummies uh let's go scam which is what people are searching for online in tonight so with a lot of these scams for keto gummies or whatever it may be scammers are using the product name the images of the Product without the permission of the company and also they're using you know different celebrities names sometimes so celebrity images as well you know with Oprah Winfrey and other people who have nothing to do with these products to try to either sell the product or scam people or whatever their goal is and I Wouldn't be surprised if that's what's happening here so if we go past some of the Links at the top to go to what looks like more of an official website there are these ads here keto ACV gummies reviews search facts and more reviews of Keto ACV gummies there's one clear Winner 2022 well it's 2023 now but let's start here Lux keto ACV gummies reviews avoid scam 2023 and this is on Outlook India and anytime I see India pop up with one of these products when one of these scams immediately red flag goes off in my head Lux keto ACV gummies Reviews let's zoom in a little bit Lux keto ATV gummies are one of the Market's most potent and effective ketogenic remedies many have found success by following the strategy to hasten their weight loss so if we scroll down here this was Christmas Eve is when this was Posted and I bet if we scroll all the way down we're going to find out this is a sponsored content article yep right there disclaimer the above is a sponsored post the views expressed are those of the sponsor author do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial Outlook India is what they're talking about and so if we scroll up a little bit more here's a link and there are lots of links here it says official website click here to get Lux keto ACV gummies for the lowest price right now and from what I can tell here at the Bottom left if we click this uh if you look at the bottom left here I'll zoom in it says it's going to go to well-being I'm hovering over the link Lux keto one dash out and let's see if we actually go to the Lux keto ACV Gummies website and I'm assuming that we won't because normally whenever I click on these sorts of links it goes to a different product name which I don't know why it does that but that always to me is another red flag so I clicked on the link and it took us to like I Thought Supreme keto Extra Strength apple cider vinegar keto and ACV and so it did not go to Lux keto ACV gummies I don't know why I see this all the time where you're going after one product and suddenly boom and there's a new one it's almost like there's a new product every Week a new product name I don't know why that is maybe it's because sometimes there are negative reviews out there and there are tons of product names lined up by the scammers or whoever and that appears to be what's happening here and this website is the ACV That's the website address for this website that it took us to through the other website so it redirected from the link that we saw at the bottom left back on Google here let's scroll down see what else we can find I'm assuming we're going to find more sponsored content Articles that wouldn't really here's deck and Harold I see this all the time Tribune India down here so let's open deck and Herald Tribune India and there's Kirkland reporter let's open all three of those so Lux keto ACV gummies this is deck and Herald and it looks Like another Indian website it is Lux keto Shark Tank shark tank's in the title here which is scammy because Shark Tank never endorsed this and this is a red flag for me that that this Shark Tank name is showing up here this is probably going to be another sponsored Content article if I had to guess let's scroll all the way down and find the sponsored content disclaimer disclaimer deck and Herald does not vouch endorse or guarantee any of the above content nor is it liable for claims arising thereof this article is part of a featured content program which means Sponsored content and let's see where this link here goes to it's a similar link it goes to z2xp that's lowercase Z2 XP let's click and see where we go here once again Supreme keto extra string I don't understand and notice here it says CBS News NBC CNN and Women's Health right Here but I guarantee you that CBS News NBC CNN and Women's Health I bet they've never covered this which is really strange why they're including these logos here and also this says it's Norden secured McAfee secured and trustee verified I don't know why all three of those are needed oh also here At the top left GoDaddy site security verified and secure so after deck and Harold I went to the next article which is Tribune India you so keto Lux keto and ACV gummies review should you buy keto luck blah blah so this is going to be another sponsored content article Guaranteed so let's go by the very bottom disclaimer the views and opinions expressed in the above article are independent professional Judgment of the experts are independent it says that the views and opinions expressed in the above article are independent professional Judgment of the experts what what does that mean the experts and Tribune does not take any responsibility what experts it doesn't mention anything about who that doesn't make any sense so let's scroll back up here and here's another link actually we have an email address here for by K let's let's remember that but let me Click on this link here let's see if we go once again to a supreme keto gummies website oh we go to go keto so once again it's not Lux keto ACV gummies it's go keto which is not the product that we wanted and there are these logos here Yahoo finance MarketWatch Okay magazine USA Today I I don't really know that they have recovered go keto so we're back here by let's try to visit that website and see if there's a website there should be because there's an email address here and the the URL is it Vibes with keto Lux so Maybe we'll actually find what we're looking for here all right it's loading I believe I tried to load it nothing's loading let me view the page Source there's nothing here so the website exists because there's an email address but nothing's coming up on the website let's try to search Google for this Website here buy there are some reviews here from scam websites it looks like there's a phone number here according to google for Lux keto ACV gummies if anyone needs a phone number to to call the company for any reason says 844-211-5710 or Care by Like we already saw but there's a phone number there 844-211-5710 and this is January 2nd 2023 whenever I'm seeing this phone number here let's see if there's a cache of this page no I don't see so when we go to the website again nothing shows up So it's a blank page which is really strange but this could be an affiliate marketer it's not clear what this website is and finally here we are on the Kirkland reporter this is going to be another yep it says sponsor at the top here it's a sponsored content Article so someone's paying for these sponsored content articles that don't go to the product that it says it doesn't go here's the photo right here keto and ACV Lux is apparently the actual name of the product but okay so let's find another link here there should be one in Here here we go you can only purchase keto Lux from the official website and what does it say this goes to it detox keto-lux Dash ACV Dash gummies let's see if we actually get the product this time again go keto so I don't know why the Product is not coming up through the sponsored content links that's really strange and that is a little bit alarming and another red flag so I'm on Facebook now I did a search and someone says here if you see ads in your feed where Trisha Yearwood is saying she lost A bunch of weight by taking keto or rather Lux keto and ACV gummies be very skeptical supposedly she partner with Weight Watchers to develop this product and supposedly her Food Network show was canceled because the producers were not happy with her weight I did a little bit Of research these types of gummies have already been on the market for a while her show has not been canceled she's lost weight the old-fashioned way diet and exercise which totally sounds true I'm not doubting that at all I will check it out more if I'm wrong I will Let you know and I did do a video in the past about how Trisha Yearwood's name was being used with scams involving keto gummies or that or CBD gum is either one and she never endorsed anything about it I mean so they're using her image and likeness not this person here but Scammers are using Trisha Yearwood's image and likeness to push this whole scam thing which is probably one of the reasons why people are searching for the product because you know it's is coupled with her name here and we're almost a month later on January 2nd 2023 maybe they're still doing it searching more And more I don't see that much more in terms of people giving like a legitimate review or information I just see a bunch of sponsored content or rather affiliate links here which is a lot of what you're going to see on YouTube other than my video if you found my video you're like Oh my God this guy's real he's actually talking for real he's not trying to push a link and I'm not I'm not pushing a link all right this person here says I paid for this product and I'm waiting for a tracking number but I'm not Getting it I think it's a scam and it looks like they actually found a website here and it's someone commented all that keto stuff seems to be a scam trustpilot or full of reviews being overcharged etc etc they also use stars to promote the product I think one was Don French who had apparently never used the product stay away and so this is the page this is what this is supposed to look like that we were supposed to land on and we could never land on it like I said sometimes these product names like There's a new product name for a very similar strangely similar keto gummies product every few days every few weeks it seems like almost every few days really like um like the there's a new name on a product that had another name last Thursday suddenly and that to me Always seems a little bit strange let's see here this company is a huge scam get your money back scam they didn't even send me the product they took my money no product so you know I and look here someone create a Facebook page Lux keto ACV gummies Shark Tank even though Shark Tank never had anything to do with it uh let's keep going here I don't know how much more we're gonna see has anyone tried the Luxe keto gummies from Shark Tank if so do you recommend and again they were not on Shark Tank and let's let's go 50 comments here never on Shark Tank that's correct Christine keto Lux is a sham do not deal with this company they overcharged me for their product and when I called five times as of this minute customer service you get an automated message that states invalid input and then asks you to leave a Message no one has answered my message I got overcharged as well filed a bank dispute this is ridiculous supposed to be 39.98 in charge 199 eight dollars and I have to say I've heard this specific sort of story over and over and over again of people you know thought they Were going to get a deal for a small amount of money like right here 39.98 and they end up getting charged 198 dollars and then what is your recourse you can call your credit card company and try to reverse the charge you could try to call this company and see what What they can do I've often heard that people are offered a half of half refund so I guess it'd be 100 here 99 instead of a full refund and I you know my my my personal opinion about all of this is that things that seem too good to be True likely are and that this sort of stuff that's surrounded by this many scams is not something that I would put my money toward personally I just got scam two on the phone with the bank now by the way what's the customer service number email them consistently until They respond stay away from this company very deceitful keto Lux yes this is a scam charged me 198 dollars there's the same story again and ask for refund delayed and then said product shipped already garbage same here wanted to try the 39.98 and they charged me 198 Dollars you see you see what this where this is going everyone this is happening to everyone here and then Linda here says there are two phone numbers 855-576-1421 or 844-211-5710 the second number is the one I already found what's the number to call for refund okay we just talked About that there's other there's more and more stuff I could go through here this video is long enough as it is and if you're still watching right now I'm impressed because my videos normally don't go so so long but I I hope that you know some of the context earlier in The video maybe wasn't as helpful sometimes people just come to these videos being like does the product work I haven't tried the product but what you can do is you can search online and um you know I know several methods of what to look at like I went through some of The Indian articles to see what scammers were doing I didn't find out anything other than Trisha Yearwood but they're probably using other celebrities not not you know scammers are using them I don't know what the company's doing but the scammers out there likely in India maybe China or wherever are using Trisha Yearwood's image and likeness and maybe other celebrities and there are just so many different things going on here that are red flags and if you're still after all these red flags gonna ask me about the product I haven't taken the product but don't skip past all the red flags Okay so here's another comment here huge scam on the phone all morning trying to get my money back my credit card companies disputing for me ordered a bottle for 49 and must charge 49 and another charge same day for 198 dollars that's 198 again I would never try Something for 250 losers and this post by the way I will include a link to this specific public Facebook post so you can read the comments yourself it's in the keto and low carb diet recipes group but I'll include a link to this specific Post in a pin comment down below below This video not in the description in a comment down below pin comment so I hope you found this video helpful you know based upon all the reporting I've done in the past about this sort of thing my expertise involving all that I I try to show you everything that I could find Based upon how I would research search this if I was going to be doing reporting about it and so this is all the information I could find and the most valuable information might be what you can add in the comments down below I don't have all the answers I don't claim To have all the answers some people who have who have ordered this product have seen celebrity endorsements that are fake then the celebrities have nothing to do with it people who have had experiences with this product are the people who might be able to help here The most so if you're one of those people please leave comments down below tell us your story tell us what you ordered when you ordered it what celebrity you saw how much you were charged how much they claimed you were going to be charged at first and then Were you able to get a refund did you find another phone number tell us everything because people are going to be looking at my comments they're going to want some help so I hope I've been helpful to you it's late at night it's 10 30. I should probably be getting Ready for bed but you know people are looking up different things about scams and you can't cover all the scams out there and there are new scams every single day but I hope that I could could do a little bit here to help you with this whole thing that's happening with This product apparently so thank you so much for watching like subscribe check out my abandoned places exploration videos much more interesting than these these scam videos and also I've created various New York history documentaries in the past check those out on my channel too and thank you so much for watching

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