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Hi my name is luanna and today i'll tell you everything you need to know about lean biome before buying lean biome i also have two very important alerts so pay close attention to what i have to say due to the success of l e n b o and biome malicious websites are scamming And selling fakes in addition to harming your health lean biome is sold only on the official website to help you i will leave the official site link here be very careful with the websites you see around many people are going through scams selling fake products or simply disappearing with money the only Official and authorized website to sell is the description of my video so if you have questions and are interested in knowing the truth about the lean biome formula if this supplement really works what ingredients are used in the formula what benefits we can have in our lives and if this Product has any side effects i have important information for you researchers have studied people's weight and related complications for years overweight people typically present poorer heart health their blood vessels may often be clogged leading to further heart issues people with weight issues can experience severe aches and pains From nerve damage obesity also has proven links with diabetes obese people experience worse symptoms of diabetes than others while much is known about the effects of obesity little is known about the causes there are various obvious factors like poor diet and not enough exercise but researchers are investigating different underlying factors as well Some studies indicate a genetic component to weight there is some research into how the body processes food as well some bodies may be better equipped to handle certain foods according to experts at lean for good a healthy gut microbiome is key to losing weight that bacteria that can process Foods better and quicker are critical its probiotic product called lean biome has such bacteria it claims that people who regularly use lean biome experienced good results lean biome is a probiotic dietary supplement probiotics have been around for a long time now a healthy probiotic environment in the stomach is Essential people who cannot maintain a healthy gut microbiome often suffer ill health an imbalanced microbiome may cause diarrhea and an upset stomach lean biome is made from completely natural and organic ingredients its special recipe uses 100 vegan components without any additives the formula does not contain any gmo products it is Specially designed to help in people's weight management journey green select phytosum lactobacillus rhamnosus it is also called lactic acia bacillus rhamnosus research into l rhamnosus indicates that it may have weight loss benefits l rhamnosus can help manage some other digestive diseases lactobacillus pericacii it is also called lactocaseobasilis paracasee it is a Probiotic that helps the body in many beneficial ways it can help suppress stomach ulcers it can also have a positive antimicrobial impact on the stomach lactobacillus plantarum it is also called lactoplant a bacillus plantarum it has many beneficial properties making it quite import andy it can help manage Symptoms of an inflamed bowel it has strong antimicrobial properties in the stomach it helps with the digestion of food and prevents bloating bifidobacterium bifidum research suggests b bifidum is crucial to a healthy body it helps regulate the microbial environment in the stomach and keeps it healthy by phytobacterium Lactis b animalis is the parent species of these bacteria it is a probiotic bacterium found in humans by fedobacterium lawn gum it plays a vital role in the gut microbiome it can help restrict the growth of unhealthy microbes the lactic acid that it produces may have an antimicrobial Effect lean biome is a dietary supplement people should always review the ingredients of all supplements with their trusted doctors the dose recommended on the official website is one pill each day users should not increase their dose without consulting with a qualified physician yes lean biome has a guarantee for all Customers who buy on its official website for all customers who buy the lean biome has 180-day guarantee for all in other words you have six months to test the le and biome if you don't like it just ask for your money back if you have any questions just send a message i Will reply by you can replace this text with any text you wish you can either write in this text box or paste your own text here try different languages and voices change the speed and the pitch of the voice you can even tweak the ssml speech synthesis markup language to control how The different sections of the text sound click on ssml above to give it a try enjoy using text to speech

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