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Hi my name is Megan C and that was back when I weighed over 400 pounds this is me now barely recognizable to my family and friends or even myself whenever I look in the mirror because after years of punishing diet fruitless exercise and soul crushing failure I finally received The answers to my prayers the discovery of the human body's hidden fat loss switch helps me Melt Away nine pounds of ugly fat in a matter of days drop 48 pounds in the first four months 75 pounds and a little over six months and a massive 240 pounds in total Best of all I've kept it off ever since my transformation has been featured in local and Global media outlets and I even appeared on the talk show red table talk with Jada Pinkett Smith where I stunned the team and the audience with my weight loss added to that I'm now a Qualified personal trainer having been certified by the National Academy of sports medicine but it's not just my body health and life that's been transformed thanks to this ivy league discovery of the human body's hidden fat loss switch I feel amazing this is incredible just wow been a long time Since I felt this good it's just crazy I love how easy this is this is insane I lost over 33 pounds and I feel amazing I just feel like me again finally Megan thank you I've lost 29 pounds and I feel like I can take on the world again I've Dropped four dress sizes already and I'm not finished yet this is has been so exciting to actually find something that works I've lost five or six inches off my waist my Cravings are gone and my skin is so much clearer now I'm not having to go on a diet or change Anything at all I lost 21 pounds already and I haven't been to the gym because I hate the gym I haven't changed my diet at all because I hate dieting I've literally been eating whatever I want and I've been dropping pounds pretty much every day Megan thank you I've lost 32 pounds for the first time in a long long time I feel more confident and happy with my body I have shed 27 pounds and when I hit my goal weight last week I stood in front of the mirror and I honestly cried I was so happy it's been A long time since I felt this good on both the inside and the outside what more and more ivy league scientists now believe to be the real root cause of belly fat and unwanted weight gain the swamp which as you're about to discover has been forcing you to consist Instantly eat more calories than your body needs crave fattening foods like their class A drugs store more fat while icing over your metabolism so you burn fewer calories every day so how did I find out about all of this well let me tell you a quick story which will explain everything I was lying in bed unable to sleep because I was so stressed and anxious about the situation it was 2 am and I've set myself down one of those YouTube rabbit holes desperately searching for Help Now call it fate divine intervention or just a much needed slice Of luck but I stumbled on a video of Dr Robert Knight a professor of microbial ecology at the University of California San Diego Dr Knight is one of the world's leading experts on the human microbiome the trillions of microbes or bacteria that live inside our gut or to be more Precise the organ we all know as our large intestine in fact this organ houses so much gut bacteria that if you took them all out they'd weigh as much as five pounds and the microbial cells inside us outnumber human cells by at least 10 to 1 meaning we're actually More microbes than human but I had no idea just how important they were to my weight until Professor Knight said this just by looking at the microbes in your gut scientists can tell with 90 accuracy whether you're lean or obese compared to 60 if you go by DNA in other words he Was saying the bacteria in my gut were way more important in determining my weight than my genes this was a real eye-opener for me and I wanted to know why so over the next few weeks I began to research everything I could about the gut microbiome 12 week double-blind randomized and placebo-controlled study The gold standard of clinical trials Japanese scientists recruited 210 overweight volunteers and divided them into two groups the first group drank fermented milk which included a specific strain of gut bacteria called lactobacillus cesari which as you may have guessed can be found in fermented foods the placebo Group drank only the milk fast forward just 12 weeks in the lactobacillus gassery group have lost an incredible 8.5 percent of belly fat for the average American woman weighing 170 pounds that's a loss of 15 pounds of belly fat in just three months doing nothing else added to that they also significantly Reduce their overall body weight as well as the amount of dangerous visceral fat around their organs and their BMI and waist size crucially the control group who didn't take the lactobacillus gassery showed no changes at all even better when the lactobacillus gasere group stopped drinking the milk the fat Loss stopped too and their weight began to climb again proving how effective this strain was at draining the swamp regulating appetite cravings and metab herbalism but there was more in another study in Canada scientists gave 77 overweight women a different lean bacteria strain called lactobacillus ramnosis the other half received a Placebo at the end of the 12-week study the lactobacillus ramnosis group lost an average of 9.7 pounds of fat twice as much as the placebo group and in another clinical trial a third lean bacteria strain called lactobacillus fermentum produced a three percent drop in body Fat in just 43 days compared to just one percent for the placebo group in other words lactobacillus fermentum tripled the level of fat loss in just six weeks of course the discovery of these three clinically proven lean bacteria strains explained why those supplements I tried at the beginning of my journey failed to Work because they didn't contain these three lean bacteria strains and even if they did they wouldn't have been included in anywhere near the quantities needed to make a difference in my way spine or yours by the end of our research my team and I have discovered nine clinically researched lean bacteria Strains in other words the most effective strains at draining the swamp and helping regulate appetite and Cravings store less fat and fire up the metabolism for quick healthy and sustained weight loss with this I knew I had the final real world proof I needed to take the final step on my journey the Creation of a natural health and wellness company which I decided to call lean for good because that's exactly what I intend to be now and that's what I'm confident you will soon become and it's here at lean for good that my team and I consisting of doctors nutritionists personal trainers and Medical researchers has spent the last 12 months formulating the only weight loss solution that tackles weight gain at the source the swamp and we condensed it into small easy to swallow capsules perfectly designed to deliver these nine clinically researched lean bacteria strains straight to where it matters how Much is a lead and healthy body really worth to you well thanks to lean biome's unique research back formula the retail price was originally set at 199 dollars for a 30-day Supply and you know as well as I do this price is already a bargain but here's the thing as you've seen my Own battle with weight gain left me struggling to move breathe and function normally and almost cost me my life sure I don't expect you to be in the same desperate situation I was in back then but if you're experiencing even a fraction of the misery frustration and weight related health problems I was Then I'm determined to make sure that lean biome is within your reach because the last thing I want is for price to be a factor in your decision and all the team here at lean for good agreed with me they told me the best way to do this Would be to make lean biome available online only in other words we bypass the stores which means we cut out the metal man and pass the savings on to you the downside is that means lean biome is only available through this website the upside is it's allowed us to slash the Price on a 30-day Supply to just a hundred and twenty nine dollars but wait a second because it gets better as you've probably realized the last thing on my mind when I began this journey was making money and it's certainly not an incentive now my goal is to help you Enjoy the kind of transformation I experienced myself to feel happy and confident in your own body again and be the best mother father wife husband grandmother or grandfather you can be because that's what really matters in life that's why I pushed our finance team again they said we could Offer a further discount but as long as it was only temporary and as long as the biggest discount was only for the folks who needed it the most so if you look below you'll see that for a limited time only you can try a 30-day supply of lean biome at an even lower Price that works out at less than a cup of coffee a day and for those really needing the support of lean biome you can stock up on a three or six month supply at an even bigger discount we've done this for two reasons first because shipping to you in bulk rather than Sending out just one bottle at a time reduces our cost and then we can pass those savings on to you but more importantly stocking up on a larger supply of a lean biome will ensure you achieve real long-lasting fat loss and that's what we want but if you can see All three money saving options below it means we do have enough bottles of lean biome available to ship right now so I recommend you take advantage of the special discount pricing now and make sure there's no break in your progress over the next few months because Remember this is a limited time offer we simply can't afford to keep it going much longer in fact there's a fair chance that if you come back tomorrow you'll have missed out on these bumper savings also let me assure you this is a one-time payment there are no Subscriptions or hidden charges of any kind and you don't need to worry about the ordering process either when you select your savings you'll be sent through to our secure ordering page which uses 256-bit encryption technology this same technology used by Amazon and the world's biggest banks so you can be Completely confident your information is a hundred percent safe and secure and listen if you're still unsure whether lean biome will work for you I completely understand so I'm not just going to promise this life-changing fat loss I'm going to guarantee it with our industry-leading six month Empty Bottle Money back guarantee regardless of the package you choose I'm so confident you'll be Head Over Heels thrilled with the results you get then I'm giving you a full six months to try lean biome for yourself completely risk free

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