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Hello i'm stephanie i recorded this video to tell you everything you need to know about the weight loss supplement lean biome before you buy this product pay close attention to what i will tell you next i have two very important alerts to make you about this product The first thing you need to know about lean biome is be careful with the website you will buy because lean biome is only sold on the official website unfortunately there are reports of the sale of this possibly counterfeit product so be careful and for you not to take the risk of Buying a fake product and putting your health in danger i left the link of the official website of lean biome here below in the description of this video for you to access safely okay now i'll tell you what lean biome is and how it works lean biome is an advanced formula to Accelerate your metabolism burn fat mainly in the belly region and lose weight in a natural and safe way after many laboratory tests scientists have identified an incredible formula powerful and very safe which acts on our intestine transforming into a thin gut microbiome which is the most recent Discovery of the root cause of fat accumulation in the body the lean gut microbiome decreases hunger decreases cravings accelerates metabolism and reduces fat stores the formula of lean biome will repopulate your intestine with the right type of bacteria that naturally we should have in our body in the right amount these healthy Bacteria will cause you to lose weight healthily naturally and very efficiently this formula is the first in the world to combine lean bacteria with green select phytosum which is a very efficient and caffeine free green tea extract which is absorbed very well by the body together this advanced ingredient blend Helps to quickly reverse the bacterial imbalance in your gut microbiome which is a newly discovered root cause of belly fat and unexplained weight gain the lean bacteria present in the formula are the following lactobacillus gassery during studies found that this bacterium is able to reduce in a few weeks the fat In the belly visceral fat accelerated the metabolism and reduced the desires lactobacillus rhamnosus showed during studies that it is able to double its fat burning lactobacillus fermentum proved to be able to decrease by up to three times its accumulation of fat compared to people who do not have this bacterium in Their body and who have maintained the same diet for six weeks the phytosome green select t is able to triple your weight loss decreasing your hunger improving your metabolism and burning your fat stores it's much more effective than any other green tea found out there this innovative formula has been Extensively tested and studied by several physicians and renowned institutions to ensure its efficiency and the highest standard of quality i left the link of the official website just below so you can check okay lean biome will speed up your metabolism and boost your body's fat burning even In more difficult regions such as the belly back arms and will help you decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and other overweight related diseases important to keep in mind that lean biome will assist and a lot in your weight loss but you also need to practice some kind of exercise such as Walking or running riding a bike something that you like and is pleasurable also remember to drink plenty of water during the day and improve your diet this way you will have a huge gain in quality of life and health and along with this you will lose A lot of weight and feel much better the recommended is that you take a capsule of lean biome every day after breakfast you will notice changes in your body and well-being already in the first month of consumption but the ideal is that you maintain a regular consumption of lean Biome for at least three months so that you can feel all the effects of the product and your body gets used to it in general at this time recommended above is that people notice the changes and improvements in your body with the consumption of lean biome but it is Important that you know that each body reacts in a way to the treatment so i recommend that you take the test and be surprised just as many people are being transformed but remember to take the treatment seriously and take it every day and if eventually you follow the Treatment as recommended and end up not liking or not feeling all the effects of lean biome just ask for a refund they return your money because lean biome has a warranty of 180 days even if you have already taken all the capsules the producers of lean biome expect your Experience with the supplement to be 100 satisfied so yes you can trust lean biome it is also important to know that lean biome is totally safe even if you have allergies has no side effects or contraindications does not cause addiction is safe and easy to be taken It is manufactured in the usa in a state-of-the-art gmp certified facility and approved by the fda is vegetarian and vegan friendly and free from gluten sugar nuts soy crustaceans and dairy it's also free of mo's paws and is guaranteed pure lean biome really works if you are thinking of using can use Without fear because i'm sure you will have a good result with it do not forget that lean biome is only sold on the official website and i left the link below in the description of this video to help you because there are reports of websites selling fake Products so just access the link i made available to you in the description okay i hope i have helped you with this information and that you can enjoy all the benefits this product has to offer see you later

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