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Hi guys uh so my name is Luke and I've bought and used the lean biome and in this review I'm going to walk you guys through my personal experience of using lean biome for around four months now also I'm going to talk to you about my before and after pictures uh the bad Things about this and also the good things and lots of other stuff that you need to know so you can make an informed decision on whether or not lean biome is something that you would actually want to get and use for yourself so to start I put the link to the Official website of lean biome in the description and pinned comments of this video and yeah I'm 100 sure that this is the official website because it's actually where I went and bought my own supplements from so I'm gonna walk you guys through my own personal story and experience with a Lean biome and also my before and my after pictures so that you're going to be able to decide if this is something that you would actually want to get and use for yourself so first of all I heard about lean biome when I was browsing on Facebook I saw a Facebook ad it was an advert which was displaying tasty breakfast juice which deserves 62 pounds of wobbly fat and for me that was really interesting so I clicked on it because I was actually desperate to see if I could actually find a solution to lose weight I confess I've tried so many diets such as keto paleo and so many different pills but for me nothing seemed to work so I clicked on this advert and I went over to the lean biome webpage and I watched through their whole video on their page and to be honest I was pretty Interested but I was still a little bit skeptical at that time so I went to search reviews on YouTube and I watched a few of the reviews which really motivated me to try this supplement so I decided to try it for myself just to see how it works for me so just keep Everything short it was really amazing because I personally lost 60 pounds in four months of constantly using the lean biome supplement you guys can see my pictures before and after as promised on the screen right now so what you see is me at 215 pounds and on the other side Me at 155 pounds so yeah the product does work if you take it consistently and on a regular basis and I love the way I look right now all I had to do was take one lean biome capsule with a big glass of water every day before I went To sleep I will recommend that you do need to take it every single day in order to get those results for your body and as you know there's no magical supplement that if you do take lean biome constantly I'm sure you're gonna get these unreal results so yeah the Product works perfectly but you have to make sure that you're getting it from the real and official productive supplement website as I say the link is in the description below and when you make your final decision you can just go ahead click over there to make sure you're actually making a secure transaction So now I've walked to you guys through my own personal experience and as I said my before and after pictures is Promised I'll now walk you through both the pros and the cons when it comes to the lean biome supplement because everything that has benefits we all know has some Disadvantages to it right I'll be guiding you through these now so that you can consider all of the factors and choose whether or not to use lean biome but before I get into that I'd like to ask you simply give this video a like so that we can attract more viewers who are Looking for the real and productive reviews so guys let's start with the benefits of this supplement which I experienced then after that we'll talk about the bad sides too so let's start with the good sides so the first thing I would love to mention is the fact that I Didn't need to drop most of the those Foods I love eating I don't have to go on a strict diet or do running for hours and hours although in my daily routine I did add a 30 minute walk after my dinner every day to see those results a little Bit faster second thing I'd love to share is that my face started to reduce I can even notice that my face is way thinner than before and I can see that my art double chin is slowly fading away the third thing that I really love was The fact that lean biome actually has a 100 no questions asked six month money back guarantee the fact that it has this money back guarantee policy just makes everything risk-free for people like you and me because we can try it and just get our money back if any reason it Doesn't work for us so definitely inspired me to try it and today I'm so happy that I did because my results are great so now let's talk about some of the bad things or the downsides so I'm going to tell you guys about the bad things about this product so you can Weigh both the pros and cons up and decide whether or not that lean biome is something that you would want to use or not so the thing that I would like to mention something that you probably might not like that to be honest most people do not like about lean biome is The fact that the results do vary so I have to say this because I've seen some people complain that it took them two months to start seeing some results and I still see some people saying that it works very very fast and they started seeing those great results in about a Month it took me about 2 two to four months to start seeing amazing results which I shared with you it took me four months to lose 60 pounds but for me that is well worth the wait so yeah lean Byron worked perfectly but it might take a little bit longer for some individuals And a little bit less time for other individuals so all you have to do is use it consistently and just see how it goes for you it works for me so I really don't know why it shouldn't work for you too honestly secondly lean biome can only be purchased at the official Website because personally I'd rather buy from Amazon but it's not sold on Amazon or Ebay or anywhere for that matter but it was no big problem because I still got my lean biome delivered in less than 10 days here in the UK so now it's left for you to weigh it out decide Whether or not you would actually want to use the lean biome supplement but just to conclude this review video I would strongly recommend that anyone looking to get lean biome to just go ahead and do it because it worked for me personally and I don't see why it Shouldn't work for other people as well I was also really comforted to know that if I didn't see visible results in two months I could simply get my money back so it made it a complete no-brainer for me but also please please please remember that if you're going to decide To use the lean biome supplement then you should make sure that you're going to that official website which again I put the link in the description and pinned comment of this video so well with all that said I still want to remind you guys to please just leave a Like on this video so that other people searching for reviews will find this video and finally if at any point in this video watching this review you still have any question that relates to the lean biome supplements just feel free to ask me in the comments section Below as I'll always be around to answer those questions so thank you guys for watching and have a great day

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