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Hey what's up guys it's Yvonne and in this video we have another case study here for the campaign Pro dentum which is a tooth supplement by Raphael Raphael thank you for letting us use your campaign for this case study I think it's going to be super beneficial not Only for you but to everybody else watching this is a direct link campaign and we've made just about two thousand dollars two thousand US dollars with this campaign and that's how much we spent so I'm looking at the month of February and if you look over here at The total amount spent so this is in Brazilian real so it's roughly five times the amount of a US dollar so I put this number in the 10 685 Brazilian real into here and it looks like we spent about 2 000 US dollars as well so this campaign was Break Even but We did manage to make two thousand dollars in sales which is incredible and that is a lot of data that's two thousand dollars worth of data and so I want to show you what it is that makes a campaign able to make the sales and then Of course we're gonna go over ways to improve it all right we also do have click magic here so Raphael props to you for using click magic that's incredible however it's not fully correctly done and that's what I want to do in this video so we're gonna get into it in a Second as well guys if you have a campaign that has some data has some sales and some costs and you want me to make a case study for your campaign to see how you can improve send me an email to Yvonne with the ID of your Microsoft or Google ads account the Name of your campaign and access to tracking software if you have it like I said ideally it has some sales and some data so we can actually look at the data right otherwise there's not much to look at so we're let's get into this campaign so Like I said it's called Pro dentum we're going to be looking at these three ad groups here mainly this one barely has any spend so these three which has a lot of spent and I believe the difference between them is that one is mainly desktop one is mobile and another is Tablet or something like that I don't remember anymore so this one has the most Spencer we're going to get into this one we're going to click on this this is a direct link campaign so right off the bat we don't have to do anything with the landing page so it avoids that Variable entirely so we're going to look at ads we're going to look at keywords we're going to look at extensions things like that so here is this ad group the first one which has the most spend so let's look at the ads for this ad group and let's see What the website URL and all that looks like so over here let's click on edit real quick I just want to see the tracking so first thing you always want to do is set up tracking correctly right and over here it looks like you do have it set up now However in Click magic we go to click magic and we click on sales and we try to see which keywords and which oops log me out there for a second and we try to see which keywords converted there's not much here and I believe that's because you told me Raphael that that's Something you were working on that you didn't do it correctly at first and as you can see here we have no idea what keyword what query string converted so the way you have it here is correct but the way you had it before was incorrect where I believe you just had one Variable like query string or something like that the other thing is for tracking templates you can do it this way but you don't have to go with the way you have it here if you're using a tracking link you can just separate it out with a slash so you should be able To say frb digital that's your username and then slash for dental official slash blah blah you don't have to go this way so if this isn't working for you if you're not seeing all this data in here then that's why it's because you have to use the slash so frb digital slash Productumofficial slash query string token slash Network slash you don't have to use these okay so that's the first thing is I'm kind of getting into the tracking because that's how you shoot that's how you guys should always start always start with the tracking that's the most important thing You should do and like I said the website is it's just their URL it's it's it's a direct linking campaign so if we click here it's just a direct link campaign there's not much to edit to see the product has been out for a while so we know it's a Profit like it's a successful product that could be sold so there's that so in regards to your ads everything here looks good and just some small things for example the spelling you're saying buy here at 50 off so just double check the the grammar of things You don't want to say buy here at you want to say buy Here 450 off over here you wanna add a little space well I guess there's no space for the space over here which is fine by here yeah so then in that case you won't have Space to fight to to say four so then you can say you can just remove the word here you can say buy for 50 off for example right you can remove the word here things like that location City that's pretty good that's cool I like how you Use the insertion tool safe300 now the issue here is Raphael as I mentioned with all the other case studies as well is if you do it like this look you're not going to have any idea what converted right because the problem is look if we go into view asset details You're going to have a crapload of ads crapload of combinations and you're gonna have no idea what converted so over here look at all the combinations of the ads that you have look at them a ton and you have some Impressions the issue is that you only see Impressions You don't see sales look there's no sales here only Impressions I don't know why Microsoft is doing this and Google I don't know why but you cannot see sales you have no idea so that's why what I suggest you do is instead of doing it Like that where you have just the one ad with everything I suggest instead you click edit you only pick out three of these right so one for uh headline one one for headline two which you don't have one for headline three so this could be a headline too you would Pin it to two for example and then lasts hours this could be maybe headline three right or maybe save 300 or maybe a hundred percent all natural that could be headline three headline three is optional doesn't always show up so I would do one two three pins and Then I would delete the rest delete them okay only have three only three delete the rest these are okay you can just keep the description constant not a big deal and then what you're gonna do is you're gonna click on Save and create another and then you're gonna have another ad With also three variations right three headlines headline one headline two headline three but they're gonna be one of the things is gonna be different instead of saying proton official website you could say this official Pro dentum for example right or instead of buy Here 50 free Shipping is pin two you would have this as pin two okay so only make one change at a time and only have three pins that way you'll be able to tell because then with click Magic over here oh you don't even have ad ID yeah so what you should also do is add Add ID token so you can see which ad converted right so you need to add that token as well the token is called add ID so like campaign ID it's add a d i d add that token as well maybe instead of or maybe over here you defined it I don't know Maybe that's your definition but that's not a that's not a token so you can't use this I don't I don't think that's necessarily correct um but yeah that way you'll have different ads here you'll have add one add two at three and then you'll know what works Right so maybe six to three adds tops at a time and that way you'll be able to tell which ad works best because right now you have no idea which ad works best you have no idea so just to be clear Rafael just to make sure that you that You get this that you've got this correctly and for all of you guys watching foreign stats so what you want to do is you want to take this link look we're gonna oops we're gonna copy this link okay let's open a notepad let me show you how to how to do this then You're going to put slash and then you can say let's say query string you could say slash keyword you could say keyword you could say slash add ID for example something like that right so let's just do this as an example so then we're going to click we're going to enter here And in Click magic let's see if it registered oh well we set the date let's see if we set the date to today we come over here over here you're going to see all the data here see that you're going to see all the data here query string keyword ad ID and you're Going to see them all over here and you're going to be able to know what works when you download the report right now it's kind of hard to read but when you download the report this was the second click this was the first click that we did This is the second click when you download the report you'll be able to see all these variables right so if you I'm not sure if you set it up correctly on your other campaigns but this is the first thing you should do don't do this you don't need that if you're using Tracking links you only have to do this if you're using like an actual website URL so if your website was productive then you would add these okay so for those of you guys watching if you're using tracking links do it this way what I said here this way Is the correct way with tracking links which means if you're direct linking okay so that's that that's the first thing we should fix Raphael is the spelling errors the minor spelling errors your ads and then two the tracking link okay the other thing is your extensions which Is amazing so Props to you on that you have all the possible extensions you need so if you go to the campaign level you have all the possible accessions you have the cycling extensions you have the call out extensions you have this structured snippet extensions you have the promotion Extensions so good job I don't know if you finally you know finally somebody did all the extensions and all my previous what 11 case studies and nobody has done that before so great job I hope you're finding value from those case studies you know and that like you're improving that's the whole point But you have every single necessary extension available so the four extensions that I suggest everybody using every campaign no matter what it is whether it's an app install campaign or call campaign no matter what it is action call out structured snippet and cycling you use these four no matter What you're doing and then in our case you also use the promotion and price which is good you can use those so great job to you for using extensions nothing to be said here so just small changes with the ads the big change with the tracking link now as for keywords You have exact which is okay it's better than having broad but the issue is you're missing out on some terms that could work for example here you have byproductive which is good order productive what about purchase prodentum what about get prodentum what about tripodentum right so things like that They're not going to show up those are pretty good purchase prodentum get prodentum tryprodentum I'm sure there's dozens of others that I can't think of on the top of my head but there's dozen others words like that that could work for you and you're limiting yourself because they're exact so you do have Negative keywords which is amazing so guys always use negative keywords these are that's that that's amazing that you have this but you also have exact match so it's like there's not much variation anyway so if you're using so many negative keywords might as well stretch it out a little bit use phrase So if we look at your Search terms for this you'll see that uh yeah it's mostly it's it's just the exact terms basically right there's no like I'm not seeing get Pro dentamer here's productive purchase uh which is similar to buy yes so because good thing that they changed it this way But you will still expand your reach if you add the actual keyword productive purchase prodentum choose I don't know about that order prodentum yeah so it's good that exact functions a little bit more as broad now with all the recent changes but still you could try phrase and it Should give you more ideas I would do that especially if you have so many negative keywords but generally pretty good generally keywords are pretty good and that's about it for this now if we look at there is one thing I wanted to point out if we look at your Devices I see here that you completely remove tablet and mobile now that's for this campaign which is fine the other campaign you have I think is mobile but if we look at the data if we look at again the data that that this campaign was running over here our Mobile sales are pretty Good so we got 40 bucks of mobile right plus another 180 220 bucks plus another 100 320 bucks I'm looking at here with click magic so 320 that's about 420 bucks so you have about 420 worth of sales with mobile with mobile you have about 420 dollars Worth of sales okay so this campaign I understand you want to focus only on computer that's okay but I believe this campaign is where you have some mobile and over here smartphones you so you reduce the bid by 30 but you only spent right that's about 200 bucks so Brazilian real to USD that's about 200 bucks and you made 420. so why would you reduce the bid for smartphones or for tablets you just completely reduce the bid I don't know why there's no real data to suggest that tablets don't work or smartphones don't work So I would either remove this or just maybe even increase the smartphone bid by a bit because you're doing very well you made 420 worth of sales and you spent only 200. that's amazing smart mobile is doing very good right so I that's one of the things I would suggest As for the other things for this campaign it's pretty much the same I believe I'm not sure what the difference is like I said I think it's with the devices but the keywords are the same the ads are the same everything else is the same yeah so maybe it's just Slightly different Ad Pro dentum but if you're doing just ad variations you can just have it in the same campaign you don't have to make different campaigns for that over here let's look at this campaign ad group this one's spent the least it's spent uh or maybe even less Maybe 1800. yeah for this ad you spent 200 uh real that's like what divided by five fifty bucks but in total for this campaign yeah you spent about 200 no to that 400 bucks for that yeah so this one looks the same as the other one productive officials say 50 Plus free like I like these ads but if you're only going to be differentiating between the ads there's no need to make different campaigns if we look at devices here yeah so this one's like only computer but why is this one minus 90 of this one minus a hundred it's like If you're doing the same thing you know I don't know so there's not much else to review here because you don't have a website so we can't review a website you have all the extensions the tracking you don't have the proper tracking completely set up right because we can't see ER Oh yeah these are just clicks let's but if we look at sales you're not going to see any sales data so in conclusion I would say great job on a your ads in general they look good extensions great job keywords that looks good what else yeah I think these three Things mainly they look good the things that I would change and the things that I think could increase your results one is definitely fix the tracking right make it like the link that I showed with the slashes do that so that you can see that the actual sales you can see which Keywords and which query strings converted that's what we need is query strings that's one takes the tracking two is make the difference with the ads so right now you have one huge ad with tons of variation I mean you have hundreds of variations you have hundreds If you look if you ask the details you go to combinations you're going to have hundreds of different ads and most of them don't even see the light of day or no not hundreds in this case well let's see let's let's put 50 and yeah so more than 50. yeah so maybe 70. 70 or so you have bad variations right so that's a lot at least it's not hundreds but 70 AD variations dude like no professional company will have 70 AD variations running at the same time as far as I know I don't think so that's just way too much Right like even five is too much two or three tops so that's what I would do is I would just create different ads instead of putting everything in one here I would have different ads so that's two that's thing number two thing number three is fix the device you're making good money with Mobile so why would you completely remove mobile so that's thing number three thing number four is with keywords I guess I'm just a little again confused about why I have the three different campaigns so I would maybe put them all into one right I started from scratch and as for keywords I mean there's not too much to say I was thinking making phrase um just to expand your reach a little bit because as long as it has the words prodentum you should be fine and then once you see the click magic data you'll be able to add negative keywords for words that Don't work but I think if you have Pro dentum in there I think phrase is okay maybe you want to add review though as a negative keyword as well so that's thing number three or four let's just keep it at three and then the fourth and final thing I would say Is you want to try and have your own landing page so if you go into this two things you can try actually two things one is you can try a different page overall a different sales page you can try a sales page or a video page I Think they have a video page you can try that and two you should do your own landing page because for me landing page is actually converted better believe it or not it seems like it's an extra step between the sales page and what people are typing in because you're thinking well People are typing in prodentum by Pro dentum they just want to buy right and that's fair however for some reason my landing page converted better when you have something in between and I I say for some reason but I think I know why there are two reasons why that's the Case I have a video on that on why a landing page performs better I'm going to put a link in the description in short there are two the two reasons why is because one is people commit so when they go on your landing page and they click a button they're committing Psychologically so they're more likely to buy and the second thing is that you're able to frame the people so you're able to say hey there's going to be a video upcoming expect the video or hey there's going to be a page where you can buy here on the next page right so You're kind of your framing people to expect something as opposed to just throwing them onto the sales page so that's why for me at least I think that's why for me landing pages have always done better so I think if you do these changes and if you have your own Landing page check out my case studies I have profitable successful case studies I have about 13 case studies or so so far including some of my own some of my own campaigns that I try not to reveal too much including some of those you can see How a landing page looks better and you can see what a landing page could look like so I think you can turn this campaign around and right now you have 2 000 bucks worth of data that unfortunately we don't know which keywords work what work but you can turn This around and this is good that you're making sales you can actually be profitable right because it's good that you're break even it's good that you're not losing money that's amazing usually when you first start a campaign you're going to be losing a lot of money Together the data but in this case no that's not the case the other thing is maybe you want to consider adding other locations as well so the tier one countries United States Canada Australia and New Zealand UK did I say UK United States Canada New Zealand UK Australia yes that's five Consider doing that other than that I think it looks pretty good I don't think there's anything much to say let me know guys in the comments if you found something and if you guys enjoyed this video I do invite you to check out my YouTube Canal at Mana or like I said I have a bunch of different case studies and things like that I have different podcasts cool bits and pieces of information um just in general like like look at these videos you know how like how to use a landing page on Google you know How to make 20K a month in affiliate marketing for beginners things like that if your account is suspended just tons of useful content guys I have about almost 500 actual videos the rest are shorts but I have about 500 actual videos that you can really find Value in I think so Definitely check that out and of course if you want to delve deeper and learn more about certain topics I do have I invite you to check out my training courses you can click on any of them and learn what is included of course before you get it there's a whole syllabus and I update the course so if you buy it's kind of like a membership because I do update the course all the time and I make changes and if there's a huge major change with the platform I make sure to come in and redo the videos if I have to I have already done that once for Microsoft ads when they completely change their interface all right so that's all for this video hope you guys found value I will see you in the next one

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