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Video Transcript:
Hello I'm Anna and I decided to make this video today to share with you all some information about this product called protentum I'll tell you everything you need to know about prudentum but before I start I need to make an important alert there is only one official website selling productive Now please be careful if this comes out there because I've seen people buying it through the non-official website not receiving the product nor the money back okay so be careful and to help you I will leave the link to the only official website here below the description of my Video okay uh I know that there is a lot of informational there but this is my experience and my personal review most of us are always concerned about our mouths health and hygiene right we have to be really careful with the bad smell because of the bucket area we all have So that's why I'll talk to you today about pronentum but what is prudentum and how does it help it is a unique blend of probiotics and nutrients that is designed to keep the teeth and gums healthy the supplement contains about 3.5 billion probiotics nutrients strains plant-based ingredients and minerals That are scientifically proven to have properties that can add in enhancing your teeth and gum health it is gluten free does not contain any artificial stimulants and is created by using advanced technology in an FDA approved in GMP certified facility in the U.S prodentum is in the form of soft Pills and one bottle contains Turtle pills the primary prodentum ingredients are a combination of natural ingredients uh vitamins in a few probiotics such as lactobacillus pacarase lactobacillus HRI einoline and some others that you can check on the official website so you can see them all in detail because I'm not an expert on This area according to the manufacturer's recommendation you need to take one pill each day with a glass of water or juice something of your preference in the mornings so they can the results can be seen this since the first weeks with a brighter smile and a fresh breath to have better Results it is necessary to have a complete treatment so it's recommended the 180 day supply because you have twenty dollar discount on each bottle free shipping in the US and two I said two amazing balances so hurry up to get yours I'm pretty sure you won't regret But if for any reason you do so you can always claim for your money back with a hundred percent guarantee for 60 days you can also check the refund process on the official website uh this is what I have to say about prudentum I hope it can help you to have A brighter smile and if you have further questions feel free to leave it on the comment section below this video thank you so much for watching and bye bye

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