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Product Name: ProDentim

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Video Transcript:
Hey y'all how's it going good day everyone my name is Aline and today I'm here recording a video about the pro dentem so if you are looking for a healthier way to brighten your smile to have healthier gums and teeth you did come to the correct video all right because Um pardantum is a perfect solution but guys before you simply purchase it and start using it there are some warnings and precautions that you must take with the prodentum so just pay attention watch this video until the very end because I will be explaining everything and so much more to you guys So basically the most piece uh the most piece the most important piece of information that everyone should know about prodentum is basically where to get it from be on the lookout all right from where you're gonna get it because there are some other websites trying to sell it But it isn't the original prodentum the only place that is allowed to sell the original prodentum is their official website so that's why I will be leaving the link to their official website below this video here in the description box making your lives easier so you don't Have to suffer any problems with it afterwards okay so prodentum is a all-natural very healthy oral supplement and it has a unique blend of 3.5 billion probiotic strains and nutrients to promote teeth and gum health do you know how many probiotics that is basically that will simply do a whole Cleanup in your mouth it will look like as if you went to the dentist every single day and it's going to get rid of yellowness of flakes it's going to remove sensitive gums and teeth you know if you're one of those persons who can't drink something too cold or too hot Because of sensitive teeth or gums it is going to completely finish that it's going to remove that for you so to experience all of the prodentum benefits all you need to do is chew on one tablet every day instead of chewing on gum two on prodentum all right the probiotics in It for teeth and gum is really effective to restore your oral health and get rid of bad breath and also brighten your smile I personally know how expensive it is to go to the dentist um I used to wear braces on all of that and go to the dentist every day almost Every month or so but um per dentum is actually this revolutionary supplement that is here to give you a bright smile fix up your breath if you have stinky breath guys you know protentum is really here to help you out so every men and women out there giving the pro dentum a Shot is having great results with it you know you can read them on the official website like their feedbacks to see if you can relate to a story or two it's pretty cool how this supplement has changed people's lives out there but it is pretty simple to do your treatment Just two on one tablet every day so that was already enough to you know to let go of this 3.5 billion probiotics in your mouth and to start doing that full cleanup and also it gives you a warranty so after 60 days or within 60 days if you are unhappy with prodentum go Back to the official website ask for a refund and you have your money back and it is that simple guys per dentum is here to help you all right so give it a shot and I promise you that you will not regret it the official website is just Here waiting for you have a great day everyone have a great week see you guys next time bye

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