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Hi I'm Dr James if you're looking for a solution to improve your oral health with no lies no surgery or expensive drugs today in this honest review of prodentum I'm going to tell you what prodentum is ingredients side effects benefits guarantee and I also have some very important warnings so stay with me Until the end of this video and pay close attention to what I have to tell you and an important point that requires a lot of attention and care because with the success of prevention unfortunately many people are selling the product counterfeit on the internet but this supplement is only sold on the official Site and you will not find the original prodentum on Amazon or any other e-commerce to help you I left the link to the official site here Below in the description of this video what is prodentum a recent study put out in the Springer nature publication found that People who have good teeth have a high population of good bacteria in the mouth as it turns out many common Dental products such as toothpaste and mouthwash contain toxic ingredients that can destroy the microbiome in the mouth this explains why teeth can Thrive for hundreds of years outside the mouth in Fossils while in our mouth they get ruined by something so simple this chocolate protein is a doctor formulated dissolvable candy that brings together 3.5 billion good bacteria derived from five proven potent strains helping to have excellent oral hygiene keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent cavities you need to provide an Environment where gum disease is less likely to thrive and harmful bacteria are less likely to grow and multiply how does prodentum work by melting in our mouths daily the sugar-free probiotic candies containing prodentum can actively support our teeth gums and overall body Health the prodentum tablets are loaded with 3.5 billion cfu Per capsule and also include other high-profile nutrients and vitamins including inulin powder from chicory root and streptococcus salivarius unlike other probiotic supplements which work in the gut the prodentin candy Works in a user's mouth instead of ingesting a capsule you simply melt the candy as you melt it the active ingredients get Released into your saliva spreading throughout your mouth this supports your Healthy oral microbiome but following are prodentum's ingredients lactobacillus paracasiai lactobacillus reuterine b-dot-lactis vl04 malic acid try calcium phosphate peppermint and inulin you can check all the ingredients and benefits on the official website all these ingredients act together to help In treating Dental issues to keep your breath fresh and your teeth white AIDS in maintaining your oral microbiota healthy and it will also help you avoid bad breath and tooth discoloration while keeping your mouth clean protentum is becoming increasingly popular in international locations and presently the manufacturer of prodentum is Providing supplements to a few International countries other than the US the countries are United Kingdom Australia Canada and New Zealand prodentum is a powerful and unique formula that is helping thousands of people in several countries prodentum is safe and has no side effects because it is made entirely with 100 natural Ingredients the production facility in the USA is in full compliance with the strict quality and potency standards set by the FDA and GMP when and how should I take prodentum we recommend you slowly chew a tablet every morning to support the health of your entire body gums in Teeth you will see results as early as the first week of use but everybody reacts differently clinical studies show that it is best to take prudentum consistently for at least three to six months for you to get the best results so it is highly recommended that you Take a pack of three bottles or six bottles the more bottles you buy the more discount you will get another very important thing you need to know is that protentum has a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the supplement then you can request A refund from the manufacturer within 60 days of purchase no hassle and no questions asked this means you have nothing to lose conclusion does prodentum work the answer is yes there are thousands of people who are using prodentin and having a health mouth wider teeth and fresher breath if you Are thinking about buying Pro dentum make sure to take your treatment seriously and you will see the results as soon as possible and remember you have a 60-day money-back guarantee I hope I have helped you with this prodentum review I wish you get the best results and have a good self-esteem just Like thousands of people who use this product I am sure you will have a great day and thank you very much for watching

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