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Video Transcript:
Hey y'all how's it going what's up and welcome to this video so guys today I'm here to actually talk to you about your oral health now if you are a person who lacks going to the dentist because you can't afford it or because you don't like it some people actually have phobia You know but that's completely normal so today I want to talk to you about the pro-dentum protentum is such a great oral health supplement that is here to help you restore the health of both your teeth and your gums not to mention that it will help you maintain a fresh breath So if you really want to know about prodentum because you need to take care of your oral health as well today I actually want to get you guys into some precautions and alerts you need to take not to mention that if you do want to know everything about it because every Single minute it will be very informative stay here until the very end guys also if you are looking to purchase per dentum you need to know that it is only available on their official website so that's why I left the link to their official website just below this video In the description box for you guys you can thank me afterwards for that but you know I'm here to help you out so why not give you just one more hand right it's here do not forget about it now um as I was saying the prodentum it's a Oral health supplement and it was created for people who basically don't like to go to the dentist or you know don't have the time to take good care of their oral health or basically have other worries guys Pro dentum it's really cool because actually it is a Tablet that is 100 organic so it has no GMOs it has no allergens no toxins no free radicals no contradictions and most definitely no side effects what makes Pro dentum really great is that it contains 3.5 billion probiotic strains and once you start chewing on a prodentum chat tablet actually these Probiotic strains are going to be let loose in your mouth and they will be starting like a full cleanse you know so it's not just great for your oral health as as well as your gut area these probiotic strains they're basically going to remove out the bad bacteria and Fill your mouth with the good bacteria so yes you are going to prevent cavities tooth decay you know that yellowness on your teeth and it's like a cover a yellow cover it's gonna go away little by little your teeth will become whiter not to mention if you have like those um Tarts on your teeth you know those yellow thingy way up there close to your gums for a dentum it will basically begin to break those down and you're going to see as you go through the months using prodentum every time there's going to be less and less of it So prodentum will give you a lot of great benefits and even for your gums guys I mean if you're a person who has sensitive gums and it's always like bleeding or it's always irritated because you can't have a meal or a beverage that is either like really Really hot or really really cold because it hurts will go to the root of what is causing that and fix that up for you so you are going to get a lot of great benefits out of prodentum if you if you use it correctly but you know this is Like a really great way for you to take care of your oral health because our oral health is just as important as our overall health guys and you know prodentum it's like so easy to use it's a tablet that you're going to be chewing on and it has like a Fruity extract I think it's strawberry and it's so easy and harmless to use that anyone can use it so just remember once you do purchase your kit chew on a tablet every day uh finish all your bottles you know do it correctly and then once you you look at your teeth Properly you're going to see how wider they have become how the cavities have gone away or maybe you know become smaller so give it a chance because you are actually backed by a 60 day money back guarantee if you are upset with it so you can have all your money back Within 60 days you know just give it a chance you have nothing to lose guys check out more about prodentum on the official website and if you still have any questions or doubts leave them for me in the comments below but honestly though give it a chance I mean there's So much you can get out of it not to mention that it's so much more cheaper than going to the dentist all right guys thank you for watching this video I hope you have enjoyed it have a great day a beautiful week and take care see ya

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