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Do you have tooth decay cavities periodontitis gingivitis or sensitive teeth and you want to find a way to fix it well don't worry because today I'm going to tell you all about a great Dental supplement called prodentum my name is Luke and I'm a health researcher who is very passionate about finding the Best supplements out there I spend most of my time looking through books magazines blogs YouTube videos research papers and talking to experts to find the best supplements for all types of animals there are a lot of supplements on the market that make all kinds of claims but not all of them are true That's why I do research to separate the best supplements from the bad ones and make sure you can get the best one I do this for two reasons first it's obviously to improve my own health and second is to help my family friends and you viewers because we need to be Careful of supplements that will do nothing or even worse damage your health so make sure you stay until the end of this video I'm going to talk to you about everything you need to know about momentum what is it how does it work is it worth your money the ingredients who Should or shouldn't be taking it my final conclusion of Weber prodentum is the worth the money or not and everything else that you need to know I know this is quite a long video but I promise you it's worth it we'll be covering everything you need to know About prodentum prodentum is a dental supplement made from herbs with 3.5 billion probiotics that help clean your teeth and respiratory system and keep you healthy in the long run it does this with the helps of herbs like pepper government Ireland malic acid before we talk more about productum you should Know that because it's so popular people are making dummy websites that look like the real one but they won't give you the products they'll just simply take your money to help avoid all of this and these bad experience and these websites I've left a link to the official Prodentum website down below in the description and pin to comment of this video so you can avoid all of these bad experiences and dodgy websites now let's get into the ingredients of prodentum because let's face it the ingredients in the supplement make the difference in its Effectiveness so let's take a closer Look at the powerful ingredients in podentum that make it so effective in improving your dental health there are so many amazing ingredients in prodentum but let's talk about the ones that do most of the work the first one is lepticantitis parasizing this helps the sinus your breathing and the health of Your gums then we have lubricant this rotary which helps mouth environment and your respiratory system then there's blo4 which can do a lot of different things it helps your respiratory system it keeps your mouth healthy and makes your immune system stronger we've already talked about some of the other Ingredients like violin which helps your respiratory system we have malic acid which helps whiten teeth and calcium triforosate which helps with teeth the immune system and keeping the mouth healthy of all these amazing ingredients you might be wondering how rodentum actually works so a spring Harper study Found in the spring nature study they looked at people who had good bacteria in their teeth and people who add bad bacteria in their teeth and they found that people with healthy teeth had a lot of good bacteria what's the meaning of this people have always thought that bad Oral health was caused by a lot of bad bacteria in the mouth it turns out that's not the case scientists are finding that there's a balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria you can see your teeth are very resilient what happens is with a lot of common or Products off the shelf or toxins however it's used like that when we use them it actually weakens the teeth this being said our teeth can stay good for thousands of years even in ancient pictures people had good teeth but one modern bar of chocolate or one modern Candy bar destroys our teeth and breaks it down so you need something to help you the supplement and the good bacteria in your mouth and maintain that balance that's exactly what prodentum does as we mentioned 3.5 billion probiotics with five clinically studied ingredients that are going to help you maintain good Health yes it will help your oral rejuvenance but also clean up your sinuses your respiratory system help with allergies and strengthen your gut as well by doing all of that it not only provides your teeth with good health but your whole body by balancing that good bacteria and the bad bacteria that's Simply how it works now you might be wondering with all this are there any side effects I'm happy to say that prodentum is an FDA approved and GMP certified facility under the strictest sterile conditions so it's safe effective and clean there are no side effects of this probably thinking okay I Want to try it well the manufacturer recommends taking one tablet orally every morning as you're chewing this candy it's going to have a lot of different effects first it removes the existing plaque from your teeth after doing that it will help rejuvenate your gums clean up any wounds and tighten all Of them and finally it also cements the root in your teeth overall you'll be orally rejuvenated as well as in better overall health the best part is the ingredients then act as a shield to other bad bacteria and help balance out the good bacteria and that bad bacteria What it will do is keep you healthier and help you maintain a nice white smile and get rid of those oral problems without having to seek out a dentist you are trying to find every Dental solution out there from deep cleaning to antibiotics and still seeing the results You want this unique oral supplement is specifically designed to support your oral microbiome by flooding your mouth with beneficial bacteria my final conclusion for prodentum and if it's worth your money you've probably heard all of these promises before and even tried a lot of so-called Solutions out there things like deep dental cleaning And scaling antibiotics fillings and root canals or even gum grafts maybe you even put your hopes into a supplement vitamins powders sprays or herbal teas or maybe you're even thinking about surgery to strengthen your gums or implants that costs a painful amount of money and can put you at risk of Infection and actually has no guarantee they will work whatsoever and now prodentum oral candy supplement is available to help rebuild teeth and gum health from the inside out as many of you know just like prodentum Creator Dr Drew Sutton who is a big terrain Theory versus germ theory in regards to the Mouth from microbiome if medicine is advancing as quickly as they say it is then why are we more sick than ever before this is the organic origins of why Dr Sutton formulated prodentum ingredients a powerful mixture of organic plant extracts and herbs full of probiotics that work as actual solutions To restore dental hygiene once and for all so in my opinion along with its 60-day money-back guarantee there is a risk-free investment into your teeth gums and mouth performing at its peak Health levels just to remind you guys and if you're interested to buying a doctor formulated oral health supplement You should know that because it's so popular people are making dummy websites that look like a real one but they won't give you the products and will just take your money to help avoid all of this and these bad experiences and websites I've left a link to the official prodentum Website down below in the description and pinned comments of this video so you can avoid all of this and these bad experiences and websites I hope you found my review helpful and if you do like it please do that so we can research more people and we can help Them get the full detailed knowledge I wish you the best of luck in your oral journey and your dental health take care

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